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  • Looks LIKE Monte Carlo.  Doubt it is though :P
  • tea3k said: Proper Porsche physics      Enjoy            It’s all down to the driver... handful!!  https://youtu.be/E-N_fI6htu0      Why do my YouTube links not show as videos???
  • Thanks for letting us all know.  I mean that sincerely  Iv played the early beta.  You are missing out not buying.  Bad luck san... lol Though, if you prefer WRC6 to WRC7, it may not be for you in fairness.
  • P308R said: You are missing the point. The Dirt games have been heavily criticised for their tarmac physics. Now we have a new game and nothing is done to actually take away the previous concerns instead we 'showboat' around as you call it. If …
  • P308R said: The handling on tarmac just looks wrong! Why does it slide around like it is almost on on gravel. Very disappointed  Also you don't get rid of the aweful pivoting of the cars which has been haunting you guys for years . The bonus s…
  • Need a Christmas tree in a hurry??  I know just where to find one... https://vimeo.com/307466543
  • Cockpit view can do funny things also.  You notice Yaw loads more with the cockpit cam.  I bet that run would have looked completely different in bonnet view
  • Hard tyres,  they seemed to come good toward the middle of the stage.  The car looked much more stable through the twisties mid-stage.  Maybe they need to warm up for a few km’s? There’s that, and the fact that Iv been winding Jon up for 2 months t…
  • I haven’t watched the stream, but looking forward to sticking it on while I’m having my dinner. The new trailer looks absolutely fantastic!!