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  • I'm forgetting all sorts these days, particularly things i know, but shouldn't.....
  • AIPacino said: Citroen C3 R5 is a confirmed car in DiRT Rally 2.0 Based on recordings or confirmed listed?
  • Again, you entirely missed the point, and honestly i don't think you've been in gaming long enough to understand how games work, worked and are developed.  You seem to be saying that if something is done, or nearly done, then it should be released,…
  • It's fairly clear you don't quite get this, additionally you're talking about engine development. 1) were not talking about engine development, that's another conversation. 2) a) you have never had anything previously available in DR2.0. b) nothin…
  • People complaining that grpB RX being DLC because it was in a previous game don't make any sense. It's not like DR2.0 is releasing with less content, people keep forgetting that we haven't been told half the cars coming in the base release yet, we …
  • I downloaded them on my desktop last night and wanted to say it was over bright, if it were a real photo it would be over exposed.
  • Ogier is good at consistency if nnothing else, if the citreon is too slow, he won't over drive it.
  • Remember to be clear re "buying" new cars. No one has cars bought when they buy the game, you earn in-game money with which you purchase cars in game, for your use in rallying. As for add on DLC class\packs potentially splitting the player base, …
  • BanjoRebel said: I want to know if the Deluxe Edition of DiRT Rally 2.0 will be released on a physical/retail version in the United States?  Or is it digital only?  C'mon Codemasters, you have to answer me sometime  I don't believe so,…