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  • 1512marcel said: That's a good deal. Unfortunatly not on pc, but that doesn't matter. The games taht matter are already in my possesion  Yea hdoesn't really matter too me either because while I am on PC I own them all already. Or at lea…
  • Senna755 said: I detest Monaco.  Start every time with the best intentions but within ten minutes I'm fed up of it, deliberately plough into the barriers and sail off to Canada. yeah but then I've never really liked Monaco much either an…
  • couger1981 said: Anyone else been having problems logging in today? No but I've gotto admit I've not been logging in on here that much lately.
  • The games I tend to spend most time with are RPG games mainly Bioware's Mass Effect and Dragon Age series. Currently coming to the end of my latest Andromeda playthrough. Planning to start a new Inquisition playthrough when I'm done.
  • RevolvingPrawn said: Has anybody been playing the new Assassin's Creed game? I'm looking at maybe picking it up cos I've got Amazon vouchers so it wouldn't cost me anything. The reviews look good, and most comments on YouTube are people saying …
  • fIsince08 said: EUfkdup said: fIsince08 said: Jiggy said: sjsharp2010 said: fIsince08 said: Hughesy said: Losing the first game of the season 8-2 isn't great, that's me being polite. Still N…
  • must admit I'm finding Battlefront 2 a lot of fun so far.
  • maybe but in my case I tdepends on the features of the game and whether I has anything new I like the look of.
  • yeah ther ca nbe a few nasty what w emight call trolls on forums I just tend to ignore them if I see their username although hI have started blocking a few on the BSN forum I'm a member of. As ther have been a few on there still going on abou thow p…
  • Lukedfrt said: Anyone else picked up the new COD? I haven't had the last 2 due to not having interest in the futuristic setting but damn this one is great! nope I've seen it on youtube but tbh I'm waiting for Star Wars Battlefront 2 wh…
  • tbtstt said: I really rate Grid Autosport, it's the game that Grid 2 should have been. Autosport is lacking a bit of polish (and there are a few extra tracks/features that I would like to have seen), but I think the content is solid and there i…
  • Hughesy said: For me it has plenty of games, even as a PC Gamer. Being able to take it to work and play is a massive plus, I just love the concept, even though I originally didn’t when rumours started coming out. It’s also selling like hot cake…
  • McStanley said: I don't understand what the main theme of topic, this thread is about. Can anyone enlighten me on this, please? Thank you in advanced. McStanley It's just a general chat therad
  • Hughesy said: What could possibly go wrong.... http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2017-10-25-new-amazon-service-lets-delivery-people-into-your-home Thanks but no thanks I'd rather stick to Royal mail
  • Hughesy said: I imagine as he lives in Australia, he was eaten by a giant snake.  It took him a while to crawl back out and then he found his way back to the forum. You mean he was busy playing snakes and ladders.
  • AMS97KRR said: Probably for the best you're not interested in it, can't see EA changing much between now and launch in terms of the multiplayer. Really disappointing what they've done with the multiplayer considering how much potential there is…
  • AMS97KRR said: Battlefront II looks so great visually, and the campaign stuff is no doubt going to be good but the whole loot box stuff in multiplayer is just awful, are you getting it on launch sj? yeah I am I'm mostly interested in the…
  • Must admit I'm really liking the look of Star Wars Battlefront 2's SP
  • StaatsfeindNr1 said: SauloCirineu said: I think you can't have a mid season contract offer in season one. At least, I have never got it. From season 2 on you should get mid season offers. You can! I've got one from Renault in my…
  • Jiggy said: sjsharp2010 said: Jiggy said: sjsharp2010 said: Jiggy said: Lukedfrt said: Yeah they definitely shouldn't have sacked him, needed another 5 games to settle the players in properly. I'm gu…