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  • With Vettel pronounced as Fat Hell.         
  • Max Verstappen gaat deze **** race winnen. I want a Dutch GP so that I can do this too..... Anyway, missed F1, glad it's back, but if Mercedes are dominant again, I'll headbutt my cat.
  • McLaren has basically ruined their top-team status and went the way of Williams. Moving back to Merc-engines is the final nail in the coffin, unless Mercedes AMG decides to leave as a team again which might not even that far off, but they're done as…
  • Hughesy said:                                                    Looks more like an elephant. Check this Also, how is that Benson dude at BBC? I remember making memes of him back in 2011.
  • Well, technically, a Barbie-doll isn't pink lol, also that beats a bootleg West-McLaren livery full of DUDE GREY AND BLACK LMAOOO livery #619
  • Is the pink really that bad, do I need to remind you guys of what they used to have lol
  • What are you talking about Prawn, they immediately invaded the top-3 of my livery rankings-list.
  • 1. Other than Mercedes, which teams will win races this year? Ferrari, Red Bull, Toro Rosso. 2. What will be the best result for Renault? 2nd, Hulkenberg. 3. Which team will score more points: Williams or Force India? Force India 4. Whic…
  • Jiggy said: Title contenders: Mercedes, Red Bull. Might win a race or two: Ferrari, Renault Might get a podium on their day: McLaren, Toro Rosso, Force India Won't get a podium, but won't be as **** as Sauber: Haas, Williams Is as **** as Saube…
  • 1. Hamilton 2. Bottas 3. Ricciardo 4. Raikkonen 5. Verstappen 6. Vettel 7. Hulkenberg 8. Perez 9. Ocon 10. Kvyat
  • VetteIfan said: GoldenColt said: I know it's just testing, but I can't shake off the feeling that Ferrari is the car to beat atm. @VetteIfan must be like: https://68.media.tumblr.com/fec198149ed65676b566d1863134efb6/tumblr_nkgkcywOtB…
  • Remember when I said the Ferrari looked slow? Reverse jinx-powers have come back to me. Also, Alonso hates his life so much. He called it during the presentation though. Everybody was so optimistic and he was the only one who kept saying we should w…
  • VetteIfan said: This year's Ferrari is the most innovative and exciting they've made in years and years. They have noticeable features on the car which are independent to them, and difficult to copy. Adrian Newey said in an interview yesterday …
  • Dude, that would be so awesome. He kind of started doing better and better against Vettel last seaosn, did he not? In all the sudden emergence of MAD MAX, you'd almost forget that I'm a Kimi-fan.
  • MercedesWinsLOL replaced by FerrariWinsLOL VettelWinsLOL will however not make a return
  • I like how McLaren was so boastful during its presentation and Alonso hampered expectations repeatedly stating that they should wait and see.  Zak Brown: "We're really good this time, everybody is saying it." Alonso: "Yeah, whatever, you lied to me…
  • Afrodude, I want to go for year 3 of our partnership. However, I have lost faith in our team-name: Force Afro. In the past, I have advocated for the overwhelming force of the afro in a charismatic style, but I have looked into our performances and …
  • MBKF1 said: Watching a Daytona 500 live stream on YouTube. My goodness, the amount of ad breaks is ridiculous. Literally 5 mins of racing, 3 mins of adverts, repeated. All the on board cameras have sponsors. It's mad! I didn't realise how luck…
  • My livery rankings: 1. Toro Rosso - clean template, chrome paint to resemble the can, three colors to pick from and the right one chosen as the dominant one. 2. Red Bull - matte paint is a continuation of last year's very aggressive look, minimali…
  • Toro Rosso won. Toro Rosso won the livery battle. I've been touching myself since seeing that car.