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  • I was watching the onboard channel and Hamilton is slip-and-sliding all over the place. Everything is twitchy, nervy and he can't get it to go at all. So he'll win tomorrow lol.
  • ImDyingYouIdiot said: Hughesy said: Within the first 5 seconds of P3 Herbert has said  sort of 3 times.....  That's sort of off-putting. Sort of like for sure.
  • Qualifying: 1. Valtteri BOTTAS 2. Lewis HAMILTON 3. Sebastian VETTEL Race: 1. Valtteri BOTTAS 2. Lewis HAMILTON 3. Sebastian VETTEL 4. Kimi RAIKKONEN 5. Max VERSTAPPEN 6. Daniel RICCIARDO 7. Felipe MASSA 8. Nico HULKENBERG 9. Daniil KVYAT 10. Lanc…
  • I thought this was a spam thread. *clicks spoiler* Yeah, that's right. First sentence. Indeed.
  • Same. Either do a canopy or don't do it at all. Now it's just some stupid gimmick because people haven't still left panic mode over recent incidents. Too reactionary to give the impression that it makes sense.
  • AMS is low-key a predicting BEAST. Probably predicted that this post was 6 characters too short.
  • Rare is right, but in terms of wins via strategy, Ferrari is now 2 in 3. Before it was 2 in 33. That's....quite the jump.
  • Hughesy said: @Jiggy And the man himself liked my tweet https://twitter.com/TheRealHughesy/status/853579280865013761 Great race, stupid penalty. I said Ferrari would be quick, without the penalty it would have been a much more exciting en…
  • Alonso can't wait to get to Indy. Kvyat and Palmer are racing like two drivers who already know that they're the two with the biggest odds to get replaced mid-season.
  • Charles Leclerc just had the most amazing tightest GP2-comeback race ever, was 13th with 5 laps to go because he crazily enough gave up the lead to pit for softs and then he just overtook everybody, including leader Ghiotto in the last lap. Amazing …
  • Also, Massa's old ass can **** off, deliberately sped up in his out lap 15 seconds behind just to cut across Max in the final corner before starting the hot lap. Useless old never-was with an irrelevant career.
  • Wehrlein and Palmer were quite impressive too. Don't think anyone expected a Sauber in 13th or Palmer to be anywhere close to the top-10, let alone be in it.
  • Q: 1. Hamilton 2. Vettel 3. Ricciardo R: 1. Hamilton 2. Vettel 3. Bottas 4. Raikkonen 5. Ricciardo 6. Verstappen 7. Hulkenberg 8. Grosjean 9. Massa 10. Perez FL: Bottas
  • Except for Button, who now actually has to drive that piece of ****.
  • Well, that's one way to avoid the **** that is McLaren, even just for one race. Andretti is in charge of things at the Indy. Going to laugh my ass off if Alonso wins it.
  • Ah yeah, a nice classic. Nepotism, it's a beautiful thing, isn't it?
  • Wynterdust said: Is Heidfeld perhaps the unluckiest driver in the series? Or is he the most insane for still trying to race fairly with Prost? Little Prost is as bad as a certain Venezuelan, if not worse. Wasn't Heidfeld on course fo…
  • Jiggy said: Q: 1. Vettel 2. Raikkonen 3. Hamilton R: 1. Vettel 2. Hamilton 3. Raikkonen 4. Bottas 5. Verstappen 6. Ricciardo 7. Hulkenberg 8. Sainz 9. Grosjean 10. Kyvat FL: Vettel I don't even want to count, but I suspect that thi…
  • Hughesy said: It's not crazy, those two are bang average. Bottas struggled to beat Massa who is well past his best. Kimi lost motivation for the sport a long time ago, otherwise he could have been so much more.  #WhereIsDave?  Would…
  • The Red Bull would be below the Williams if Williams had good drivers...