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  • In my opinion it’s not needed in offline but in league races, if you have a practice session before and your doing a race simulation then you’ll want to fuel up for the whole race distance and test a strategy in practice. This is something I want bu…
  • baconbrawler said: I have been saying this a lot this week but Baku is my strongest track but I don’t turn 16 until in between the Baku and Spain qualifying events this is especially annoying because:  [removed image] I know this post won’t ch…
  • FrettyST52 said: I'd be up for it. Been commentating on grass roots for years  Hello, great add me (Benjamin Gilchrist) on Facebook to get you into a chat
  • damilosK said: Hello! I'm interested in that! I really like commentating since I was a kid, so I want to try out myself at it! Hello, thanks for offering. If you have Facebook add me (Benjamin Gilchrist) and I’ll add you to a group chat
  • DeltaNiwaX said: Sorry as well as this what day. If you are UK and it'd be sunday, then I can't as it'd be early monday and I work  Hello, sorry for the wait. This will be uk and sundays at 8pm, would like to know if still interested. Th…
  • They did that in 2014 and looked amazing, should do it again
  • I would like to nominate ThePhoenixCraft (Benjamin) because he plays f1 since 2010 it might be a problem that he's 13 but he does know what needs to be fixed but he is a small YouTuber with 45 subs but in my opinion he is good for his age. For examp…