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  • make that 3 versions, a version for people who do not like to be forced onto the internet whenever whatever happens as happens often (say after a PC crash). #3 buy the game on dvd, download patches and save them onto dvd. I swallowed my pride buy…
  • in the race pause game you have the option to simulate the race, which is probably better than retiring all the time... though I have not done that a lot and you could lose your contract .
  • a nice thing would be some graphics to the right of the settings menu that show, zoomed in, the change in the tyre angles as they are adjusted one view from front, and one from the top.
  • NOT THE NEWS.. FLASH Codemasters F1 2019 special feature - Classics Flat Screens Support!!! But no VR??
  • Also the Steam overlay for fps in game no longer shows for me, despite being set in Steam settings. With my PC crashing a lot these days the game does not handle this very well, it resets those graphics settings every time now when I restart Window…
  • CatPower85 said: TOTALLY  agree ! ! ! and surely the halo would be an ideal place tp put it ? and why is this game the first were we cannot see mirrors in cockpit mode ? thanks, that gives me reason #3 to not purchase this game until…
  • now that's teamwork. Body is 18 characters too short.
  • 2017 for me still - [ is jeff still somtimes saying "rain forecast in 10 minutes" when you are on the last few laps of a race? or often the request for a weather report is "unavailable" even when it is pouring rain? ]
  • Win10 PC too playing 2017 though .. in setting, graphics, video mode, you dont have the ability to manually set the refresh rate? I do in the game itself... I havent checked for replays though which is your problem here. perhaps that setting does no…
  • not wanting to hijack a thread, but it might go in here ok... windows 10 and PC last month the  steam client updated itself as usual without any option to do otherwise. it installed 'friends'. the 'friends' window popped up before the game started …
  • me too, I was thinking of buying as they fixed the race difficulty settings, but this one makes me put it all on hold again as I only play 50%
  • oh well I suppose Charlie Whiting , Muhammad Hamilton,  Fukushima Maximus or Sheila Cantelever is out too then
  • in 2017 that is. peterf1 said: I will never forget being fired from Red Bull by the Lovely Emma (Yuk) after having won the home race in Austria. no explanation, nothing. In 2017 that is.
  • I will never forget being fired from Red Bull by the Lovely Emma (Yuk) after having won the home race in Austria. no explanation, nothing.
  • if it was missing, then at least we know that some code is worked on and recompiled..or hackers got in.
  • there's a thought.. they have government certified animal welfare testers on board of live export ships carrying sheep from australia to the middle east. why don't we have people to inspect our welfare under the tender mercies of Codies? would we …
  • screw the matrix, take both pills. broke: something that makes you think twice before buying a new game at full price.
  • get her to marry that enginner whom I am also sick of making me wait while he delivers his gettysburg address with no option to pass through.. all to tell me there is an update. hopefully they will ride, or drive, off into the sunset together. seri…
    in EMMA! -.- Comment by peterf1 August 29
  • I wont buy the game until this is fixed. if anything being able to change the difficulty was a sort of work around for the inconsistent AI across tracks and between qually and race as people have noted. And it adds salt into the wounds that at pre…
  • F1 2017 last night the beginning of my 5th career season's race 1 melbourne. 3rd last lap starts to rain, all cars remain on their slick tyres, I am skillding around like a duck and they hardly seems to be affected. tyres still ok. just wow., whe…