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  • dwkGravey said: carpa said: VirtuaIceMan said: Roll in F1 and call it: Formula 1 Grid Dirt ...sounds like a driver complaining about starting on the dirty side of the track! GRF1DiRT. GR1T G'D1RT: Australian G…
  • I'm American, what are tunnocks and how do I deep fry them?
  • My input on the current topic: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ More rally games is always good. I wasn't tremendously impressed with Dirt 4 so I'll try not to get excited until after the games are released this time round (sorry, marketing folks!).
  • carpa said: BadD0g said:  they shift gears forever with no top gear just because shifting sounds cool ...b-but then how would you bounce off the rev limiter?
  • JZStudios said: nbates66 said: JZStudios said: In other news, Burnout Paradise is getting remastered with a PC release date being.... some time. I actually absolutely couldn't stand that game, I got it through some humble bun…
  • nbates66 said: Porkhammer said: I personally really like Wales in Dirt 4 though, while some others do not.  Maybe has something to do with how well people are adapting to the cars behavior transitioning between the extre…
  • He says on the website that it could theoretically be made to work with different games that support modding besides AC. Not sure what better options there might be, but I'd be happy to use it with BeamNG
  • bogani said: Yeah that doesn't look to shabby.  I must say though, I really can't stand the engine sounds in Assetto Corsa. They sound so generic and digital  We've been really spoiled, haven't we? The bar has been raised too high. Thi…
  • @davecc Do you think Porkhammer is a dev? The way you type is extremely hard to read.
  • There is no such thing in Dirt Rally. Best way to learn is to hop into some stages in the Custom Event screen and feel it out.
  • RallyGamer said: DiRT4 Custom Livery, Ford Fiesta R2 - Elfyn Evans / Andrew Edwards - Rallye de France Alsace 2011 You can download the custom DiRT4 livery here: http://www.rallygamer.com/dirt4/liveries/page1.php Jeez, that …
  • bogani said: Porkhammer said: MiatakiasGR said: bogani said: Thierry97 said: Yes, but as a sound there is no comparison with dirt 4 To be honest I think Dirt Rally sounds better than Dirt 4. …
  • JZStudios said: Areyouben said: I got a reply on my question regarding the movement of the cars in the trailer. They're saying that the physics in this is not what's in the game and that they'll show real gameplay soon. Yet another dev…
  • What do you mean by "received as a gift from Codemasters?" Are sure it wasn't a gift from someone else that may have bought them from a key reseller like G2A? People use sites like that to sell keys that were purchased with fraudulent credit card in…
  • Don't use photobucket, they break your image links and hold them for ransom if you go over their bandwidth limit. Use imgur instead when linking images to forums like this.
  • Manual sequential is what you want, it will let you use the paddles but do the cluching for you. Although if you have a clutch pedal you might want to turn on the "Clutch Override" setting, this will allow you to use the clutch pedal for clutch kick…
  • After Dirt 4 i was pretty burned out on rally so I haven't been playing any rally games. My friend picked up Dirt Rally on sale and he asked for some tips, so today I reinstalled the game to get back into it, and I had no idea how much I missed it! …
  • gfRally said: BadD0g said: The series took quite the fall from grace this year. It makes me sad too, checking in every day and seeing nothing new and very little community enthusiasm. I don't think we're going to see the major physics …