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  • It's that time of year again where we can review our predictions for the season   AMS97KRR said: 1. Which teams will win races this year? Mercedes, Ferrari and Red Bull - CORRECT  2. What will be the best race result for Haas? 4th - CORRECT (…
  • UP100 said: I feel like Ocon's penalty was too big considering there wasn't that much wrong with the move. I mean Ocon was the quicker driver, (5 tenths quicker if I read the data correctly) but he chose a **** place to try and overtake. I feel…
  • Must have been interesting for him to read his own obituaries and tributes, if he saw them!
  • Glad to see him get a seat, not only because he is also from Norfolk but because talent has trumped money it seems. If I was Ocon and Mercedes had paid for that seat for Russell I'd be fuming, has there been any news on that? Looks like I'm going t…
  • fIsince08 said: Vettel this year is Hamilton in 2011. Crashtastic. Even more so than 2014. Undeniable brilliance with random self-destruction mixed in.  Ferrari need to have a massive talk and reflection on this season, nothing about it…
  • UP100 said: AMS97KRR said: Raikkonen cannot say the same. Yet again he was in no man's land all race, meanwhile Seb was clinging onto the Mercedes for dear life. Well I mean he was only couple of seconds from Seb before the pits…
  • MBKF1 said: Yep, totally agree with Luke. I don't particularly like the team orders, but Mercedes would've been stupid if they didn't do the swap, it makes total sense. I know it's the popular thing to jump on the Leclerc bandwagon at the mome…
  • Was definitely one of the better Russian Grand Prix anyway, shame that Max's late pitstop ended up being anti-climactic. The decision by Mercedes was an obvious one but its a shame, Hamilton probably didn't feel great about the whole thing so I don'…
  • Said it after Germany, Bottas is spineless and has no ambition. 
  • Apparently Wehrlein is now in line for the seat, so Kvyat and Wehrlein with Hatley out the door? Not a bad line up if that ends up being the case.
  • To be honest Vettel didn't have much of a chance to show his pace. In the first part of the race the top guys were all conserving tyres, then Ferrari pulled out another strategy masterclass and put him on the US behind Perez and ultimately because o…
  • Was it a mistake or was it on purpose though? That's not the normal line for that corner.
  • What other options did they have, realistically? I thought they were very limited.  Thing is, I don't think Kvyat is bad at all, he is talented enough to warrant a seat. But like you said Hughsey, if he isn't ever going to get back to red bull it's…
  • Verstappen won't be taking any prisoners into T1 tomorrow. I wonder if Hamilton would fight or just let him by and focus on Vettel? Always interesting when Max gets in the mix. 
  • That was because Vettel was ahead in the standings. Pretty standard behaviour. Edit: I swear it came out later on that Webber preffered the old wing or something like that. I'm not really sure, what did he say about it in his book?
  • Didn't expect Kimi to sign for Sauber for 2 years, expected him to just leave. I do wonder if 2019 is 1 year early for Leclerc but time will tell. Should be fun to watch whatever happens.
  • I wouldn't disagree with the idea that Vettel often had a certain level of preference, but "Number 1 driver" goes a bit far in my view. Red Bull still employed team orders against Vettel in 2013 for example. Webber was allowed to win races and comp…
  • GoldenColt said: I see we're going back to the good old days of writing whole essays about Vettel. Yes, all championship contenders made mistakes in 2010, but Vettel had the best car of them all plus a #1 status at RB, something neither Mc…
  • fIsince08 said: The thing with Vandoorne is, debut aside, he hasn't ever had a standout performance. If you look at the likes of Leclerc, Gasly or further back Hamilton and Vettel or even Webber, they all had good signs early on. Vandoorne has…
  • To be fair that Belgium race in 2010 was full of errors for the top guys, Alonso crashed, Vettel had one of his worst races I've watched, Hamilton nearly binned it in the fashion Vettel did at Hockenheim.  Every driver in 2010 made mistakes, and wi…