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  • Hopefully. Sainz/Vandoorne has to be the dullest McLaren line-up in my lifetime. No race wins or podiums between them, neither look like potential champions from what we have seen. Norris should walk into that team if he lives up to the hype next ye…
  • I do agree with you, there's definitely some obstacles to overcome which is why I don't see them being the dominant form of car any time soon.  The one about the grid being stretched already is the biggest problem, and then as you say, there is the …
  • Hughesy said: https://www.theguardian.com/sustainable-business/2017/aug/24/nickel-mining-hidden-environmental-cost-electric-cars-batteries See whilst the initial extraction may be worse than petrol car pollution/oil extraction, the recyc…
  • Often the fate of a season or driver can be decided by a car failure, so why not have it in game? Adds another element to car development in the early game- fast but fragile or reliable but slower? 
  • No, they can purchase it and then review the game within the first week or two without any potential bias. Those who are cautious to buy can surely wait that long?
  • Hughesy said: Electric being green is bs. The rare metals that the batteries and motors need create a lot more pollution than petrol cars. Then there's the fact that most electricity isn't produced via wind or other non pollutant means. FE are …
  • Hughesy said: Well if Renault didn't think Sainz was good enough for them, then I can't see Red Bull thinking he's good enough for them.  Maybe, but it depends what Red Bull want. A Bottas type driver who can pick up wins when No.1 isn't…
  • He couldn't overtake Bottas because it's literally impossible to pass cars unless you have a large enough advantage. Hamilton had the same issue last season so I don't understand how you've come to this conclusion. And it was Sainz's fault, there h…
  • Jiggy said: The positives: - Lewis Hamilton was faultless. Think he + Mercedes are the coolest combination, which will help them win it all. - Pierre Gasly is absolutely scary when everything goes well for him. Legit scary. I thought he wa…
  • Is Sainz even being investigated?  Too short.
  • Brilliant qualifying session, the Mercedes being 1-2 could make for a really interesting battle at the front tomorrow if Ferrari are indeed the fastest in the race. I just hope it doesn't become an anti-climax where we watch a 70 lap parade.  @MBKF…
  • Jiggy said: AMS97KRR said: Bottas penned that new #2 contract. Disgusting lack of ambition 😂 Nothing disgusting imo. Bottas in a Mercedes for 2019 is fortunate when drivers like Ocon are on the grid, Ricciardo was available and Ru…
  • Fair enough if that's the case. Like you said @Hughesy, it's very easy to go off in such conditions, had he done that a few corners earlier we would have watched the replays and said how he was lucky to get away with it and then continued on, like w…
  • GoldenColt said: But anyway, what a blunder from Vettel. And right in front of his fans. Shouldn't happen to a driver fighting for the WDC, especially with such a beast of a car. Too many mistakes from Seb, like last year. I'm still sure the ca…
  • Bottas was faster though. Today confirms it, didn't even argue on the radio, just accepted his team mate winning. 
  • Bottas penned that new #2 contract. Disgusting lack of ambition 😂
  • I think it was understandable to be a bit defeatist after winter testing. 4 years of Mercedes dominance/superiority takes it's toll. It began to look like 2017 was a blip, a blip which they still won by a mile in the end. Thankfully we and the exper…
  • Would F1 TV be no use to you @MBKF1?  Too short.
  • DiRTKiNG808 said: I'm not sure that a budget cap would really help either because you still need to finish high enough to make the big bucks. I guess it would slow down the development of Mercedes and Ferrari but those teams have so many recess…
  • Jiggy said: Meh, it happened to Lotus and Tyrrell and Brabham and Ligier. People couldn't believe it at the time either because they've known those teams when they were competitive and winning championships. Back then, those were the teams deem…