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  • I get this when I rest my foot on one of the pedals...........
  • Slowish said: PC2 weather / Live-track is really interesting and fun to explore but, many of the cars are just way too stable as is. It seems to suffer from some of the same issues as Dirt4 does in regard to grip levels.  There is no sense of t…
  • LudwigVonMises said: For those of you who have been able get WRC 7 running (no problems here but I'm on console): * Buy a bunch of beer * Invite friends over (real physical friends. Like, in your living room) * Play Hotseat mode Haven't had …
  • griev0r said: griev0r said: Ok so I got the game, trying to use my Clubsport V1 wheel and V2 pedals.  I can't enter the game with any buttons on the wheel, I have the BMW rim.  So I have to hit enter on my keyboard then it defaults to …
  • Dytut said: Now that's disappointing :-/ I thought they said they had made WRC7 with wheels in mind. One very strange thing with it is if you have the PS4 controller set to turn off to save the battery it disconnects the wheel when it tu…
  • Well that was an anti climax, WRC7 drives as crap as WRC6 with regards to ffb on a steering wheel - what a let down, as usual all the YouTube vids by people with pre release copies were a load of ball cocks !!!!!!
  • RallyDriven said: i didn't want to buy any more games this year! edit: as it's released on my birthday, anyone want to buy it for me as a present? I'll send you mine if it turns out not to be up to expectations
  • Smithers1968 said: I'm avoiding it for now because I'm also playing DR and SLRE. I find that if I play D4 too much I struggle to adapt to the others. DNFd last week's 1980's when I tried to save a slide by stamping on the accelerator and instea…
  • Alex310R said: TheKoalaOliver said: I have a problem using my G29 Logitech.  When I'm turning my PS4 on, my wheel ain't turning around, the light on the top works fine, but the wheel doesn't start turning. When I then turn F1 2016 on, …
  • Nope, not fixed yet and probably won't ever be.
  • Porkhammer said: Fiat daily was crap. Focus daily = death. Had a sweet, near perfect setup - which I thought couldn't surprise me. The run was ruined by a late note, which caused a halfspin, and when trying to push to claw back a little time, …
  • Google it?                                                                             
    in cheat codes Comment by madwak August 11
  • ainador said: Hi , i got a problem with my t500 and Dirt rally , it was working before and today i cant get past the "push start button" screen ? I tried everything. Have you tried unplugging the wheel USB while the PS4 is on and then pl…
  • Porkhammer said: Managed to mess up the Stratos daily due to late notes. She can't just call a left 4 over crest when I approach at 180 kph. I had no time to react. The rear of the car touched the roadside and spun around. Alt-f4. Shame, becau…
  • Try using a different car, there seems to be some sort of bug that if you use certain cars the AI hammer you?
  • hooray..................                 
    in RaceNet down? Comment by madwak July 23
  • There is a problem with the servers that CM are aware of, it happens now and then but never seems to get fixed over the weekend - would expect normal service to resume some time tomorrow. @Chreos  - there is no need to keep restarting, just wait 30 …
  • Porkhammer said: It's because they keep setting the camber angle to super positive, like for all cars. Minimizing steering effort, yeah well **** that. It makes so many cars completely undrivable. Talk about the pot calling the kettle, …
  • I've come across a bug in the tuning setup, twice I've overwritten a previous setup with a new one and the tuning skill required is now zero, I just wish I could work out how I did it so can do it to the rest of my  tuning setups????
    in Tuning woes Comment by madwak July 20
  • If you've just bought the t300 then you need to connect it to a PC and download the Thrustmaster control panel program so that you can update the wheel.  https://support.thrustmaster.com/en/product/t300rs-en/