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  • https://abload.de/img/dhgvuewwkaigzkq4sjr0.jpg
  • ImDyingYouIdiot said: Give me a break. As if you guys wouldn't break out the champagne if Ferrari dominated the past few years and are suffering a double DNF. All that shittalk about the Scuderia, and as soon as I'm doing a bit of **** taking …
  • Sänks. ............................................................................................................
  • I doubt Vettel will allow Leclerc to join Ferrari. Old and useless bottle-master Kimi will have to saddle up for yet another year.
  • McLaren's new nose-design doing wonders. Oh wait...
  • Meh. McLaren have been further away from a podium than I have been from dating Rita Ora these past years.
  • VetteIfan said: Jiggy said: As for the driving style-approach, I get what he's saying, it's that style that has served him very well for most of his career and most of his F1-career too. The problem is that when you drive so much on th…
  • Not only that, anyone asking him a question in regards to his all the time-crashing will apparently be given a headbutt. Dude has really inherited his father's dumb genes.
  • Jiggy said: Vandoorne chasing Ricciardo who is in the lead is the kind of stuff McLaren was dreaming about. Just ignore the part where he's a lap down. It's the new nose, I'm telling ya!
  • Max is quick, but unfortunately he seems to have inherited his father's stupid-genes.
  • Grrrrrrrrr... Hamilton... grrrrrrrrrr...
  • A picture from today's testing at Catalunya: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/DdQELoeW0AIjM8l.jpg And, straight from the horse's mouth: http://www.espn.co.uk/f1/story/_/id/23512229/sebastian-vettel-test-proves-ferrari-problems-spain-were-not-due-tyres
  • @Hughesy @Jiggy Stop fighting or I'll unlove you both.
  • VetteIfan said: Mercedes were definatly the most prominent team that was blistering their tyres and the only big team doing so to such an extent (because let's be honest no-one cares if Sauber are killing their tyres). Even if Pirelli would'v…
  • I was just giving you some of your own medicine, Seb. And surprise, surprise, you didn't like it. Merc weren't the only ones blistering tyres in winter testing IIRC. Apart from that, I remember Pirelli saying that they would have changed the tyres …
  • Weird how as long as Merc were struggling with these unpredictable tyres everything was fine, but once that changes for one quali, it's a disaster. But don't worry, they will only use these modified tyres on like 3 circuits this season. For most of …
  • I don't know why but I love this one so much: https://i.imgur.com/r9osN5B.jpg
  • Lukedfrt said: If the Cars look like 2009 again.. I'm out The 2019 cars are supposed to have an even wider rear wing from what I understand. That alone will make them look much better than the 2009 things.
  • DiRTKiNG808 said: GoldenColt said: ImDyingYouIdiot said: Good thing no other team ever does this with their driver. *cough* Bottas! *cough* I don't remember Bottas losing any positions that one time they did it in Spai…
  • ImDyingYouIdiot said: Good thing no other team ever does this with their driver. *cough* Bottas! *cough* I don't remember Bottas losing any positions that one time they did it in Spain 2017. Didn't Kimi lose multiple positions in China …