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  • scottishwildcat said: . (In fact, beta participants get "Drivers" beside their name in these forums uhhhm where do you see "Driver" next to my name then? Was a beta driver last year......
  • marsal79 said: didn`t you stil get access datas ?  oh sorry for you guys   seams you will not get them trolllooolooooo, nice one! If it was true you would probably break your NDA by saying this.
  • i'm NO fan boy! The fact u made a account just for this post is saying more then enough. The language u use would surprise me that the post is deleted soon.
  • I as a designer find it awesome! Perfectly done mate! Only critic of my side is that Max is one of the most spoken person of this season so i can not imagine he is NOT on the cover.....
  • FRACTURED said: Why is this flagged as Spam? * Body is 12 characters too short. cause its the second post with the same story from the same person......
  • these poll's are such a waste of time........ Why remastering when we had a bunch of classic cars in the last game? Just make a good 2018 version and if we want to play classics or something we can grab the 2017 version
  • FRACTURED said: Can't see the link from work but guessing this is the stupid speed/throttle/brake/gear over the halo?  I hate it already To each there own, but its only really going to be useful in one specific view so I can't see them imple…
  • when does the hurting stop!! Last year it was in the back of may..........just wait and see
  • yhose kids these days don't want to spend any money......if you buy 2016 of 2017 you can change strategy
    in F1 2015 Comment by larryl April 26
  • This shines a whole other light on the matter now...... lets see what the reaction is from: @FlamesOfDrago
  • so we all have some invite problems, and yes i'v needed some extra invites many times. But like said here above there is no proof for both sides what happend. So a post like this is a big thing you are saying about CM. I'm not the biggest fan of CM …
  • i would love it if they implement a system like GranTurismo (havent played pc2 or iracing) A ranking system wich is in two ways: 1-Ranking on rating with how good you are 2-Ranking on how fair you are A few hours in the MP and you will never have t…
  • UP100 said: rico2209 said: I hope that everyone can beta test the game. Last year there only 300 players allowed per platform if I remember correctly. What's the point of 300 players per platform to give feedback when you can 10.000 pe…
  • FRACTURED said: larryl said: may i suggest we keep the forum in english. Not all players are English. Web Pages will translate automatically so for a forum that isn't sub divided by language, why not let people post in their na…
  • may i suggest we keep the forum in english.
  • Faya said: Hi @UP100 and everyone! I’m going to declare this the Community Run F1 Beta Mega Thread for the F1 Games section of the forum. I am going to slightly alter the thread title, but other than that, leave it as it is. Every…
  • UP100 said: larryl said: have we all missed this? Why isn't it a official threat? http://blog.codemasters.com/f1/04/introducing-the-f1-beta/ That is not a thread in the forums. That is a blog post. I haven't missed that, in f…
  • have we all missed this? Why isn't it a official threat? http://blog.codemasters.com/f1/04/introducing-the-f1-beta/
  • i'dont think they come back but it sure would be nice to have them back. Would be awesome if they get implemented and get coupled someway with the upgradesystem and contracts from teams
  • UP100 said: Techical assistance category's description is "Need help with something technical? Get technical assistance from your fellow players in this forum." Also I disagree with you on almost everything. Can't really provide arguments thoug…