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  • Just read the news, there is a on/off switch on cockpit cam. Speculation is not nessecery anymore
  • has been anwsered on multiple threads. Maybe you can first check the forum before just posting it.....
  • please do stop with new topics on the same thing over and over again. First look before posting......dont be such a lazy person.....
  • a good and deep damage model would be our cherry on the pie!!
  • there is already a post on this subject, and this one is a lot more of speculation. Why would i think about creating my own team and think about on what filling if we don't even know if its in it?
  • UP100 said: larryl said: the last few years CM was always tied with both hands on lots and lots of rules from the old-fashioned FOM Are you saying they weren't before? I don't understand. I was just talking about the link y…
  • THEHAMZAGAMER12 said: I have a feeling that today were going to get the closed beta forums and maybe codes because she said it will be ready soon which means it is probably not next week which isnt that soon lol, think you don't know …
  • mceci1 said: AxelArvidzon39 said: Hi  uhm its my first time doing the beta test and i where just wondering will the coordinator for all this invite me to the closed beta forums or how dose it work ? Don't worry Axel, this is …
  • UP100 said: Also "This is a first in the franchise" is wrong. Back in 2011/2012(Released in 2012, announced 2011) we had an official browser game (F1 Online: The Game) where you upgraded your completely own car and raced with it against other p…
  • UP100 said: larryl said: UP100 said: No need to speculate. We will see when it gets released. Back in 2011 they weren't at least allowed to do driver changes. It would be nice if that got finally removed. It's no specu…