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  • Well, unfortunately I’m done watching World RX. It’s way to expensive to watch here in America and all I get to see is one driver win every race. Also I wish the tracks were more dirty like GRC. I will definitely watch the free ARX championship thou…
  • YES! Ferrari on pole position! I think Mercedes is putting to much focus on performance and not enough focus on reliability. I can't wait for the race tomorrow! Hughesy said: I'm putting pins into a toy Ferrari car as we speak. @Hu…
  • What about using the Watch ESPN app? You could try that. Also, welcome to the USA. I could say some super cheesy stuff like, welcome to the land of the open road but then I would just sound like a dumb American. What brings you to this side of the p…
  • They are like Robbin Hood. Steal from the rich and give to the fans!
  • I wish the cover art would change as well. I'm sick of seeing Hamilton on the front of the cover. The fans should get to vote who they want on the cover like the other games do that follow official sports.
  • They should add the game to Nintendo Switch. I would love to hear Hamilton complain after being hit with Red Shells.
  • I just want to see some chicanes moved out of some tracks. The last chicane at Spain should be removed so the cars can overtake and reach max speeds down the straights. Abu Dhabi could be a lot better if they rounded some of the corners and removed …
  • I love the TV graphics. Super clean and the animations are slick!
  • It mainly depends of what game I am playing. Sims and pro racing games I always play single player because that is were the racing is the best. But a game like THE CREW is more exciting to play online.
  • Wow, this hasn't been touched in long time. Where is everyone? Croft was absolutely amazing!!! So much action and to my delight it looks like Subaru has finally turned up to the party. I loved watching Ash take wins in race 1 and 2 (sad for Jason, h…
  • Ford just keeps on cementing themselves as my modern day favorite rally team. Love the new look of the car. I think they will be a force out in Finland.
  • I'm not sure that a budget cap would really help either because you still need to finish high enough to make the big bucks. I guess it would slow down the development of Mercedes and Ferrari but those teams have so many recesses and experience that …
  • Awesome race!!! Well done to Vettel and Ferrari. Finally a win in Britain. Even without the first lap incident I think that would have still been Ferrari’s race.
  • So Ferrari are determined to kill Mercedes Silverstone Magic. I hope they can accomplish that this weekend. FP2 looked promising. If Ferrari can put it on pole or start from the front row I think they will have a great shot at the win. Ferrari are a…
  • Through the season I'm ranking all the Grand Prix. 1 being the best so far. Here is the updated list. 1. Bahrain 2. Austria 3. China 4. Azerbaijan 5. Canada 6. Australia 7. France 8. Monaco 9. Spain
  • It was hard to enjoy Kristoffersson's clean sweep in Hell. It just felt meh, like it was handed to him. Bakkerud worked like hell (excuse the pun) to get his clean sweep in 2016, fighting for it every race. I was watching the racing at the edge of m…
  • Reub09 said: DiRTKiNG808 said: Hopefully Verstappen is the next to be axed by Red Bull. Riccardo just wipes the floor with that guy. Just went back a page by accident and eh.. well this is awkward Overall through a season…
  • I am getting so tired of seeing Kristofersson win every event. I miss the rally cross were everyone struggled to win 2 or 3 races. Can someone check to see if VW is cheating? With the electric cars coming and only 1 driver winning this might be game…
  • I don't understand how teams like McLaren and Williams with so much experience can fall flat on their face and never recover. I understand Williams but not McLaren. I mean, if Marussia was back they would finish ahead of McLaren by now.
  • I won in Austria which puts me in the lead!  And yes, I am very much keeping track.