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  • It's funny, because River, my doggy that recently passed was scared of Charlie when Charlie was a puppy, but that only lasted 48 hours. But I'm sure they will  become friends soon enough. I had a much better nights sleep last night, Teddy didn't cr…
  • The only thing Charlie is doing is running away when ever Teddy runs towards him. Everything else is normal. Charlie did go up to Teddys pen to have a sniff this morning and even say next to me when I had Teddy, but as soon as Teddy went towards Cha…
  • How did Hamilton and Vettel get away without penalties. I'm glad they didn't because none of what they did caused harm although Hamilton nearly did, id much rather the race not get ruined. What Vettel did was pure petulance, but I get his frustrati…
  • I'm so tired, Teddy had me awake 5 times in the night, it was really wet and windy outside so I'm sure the noise woke him up. He screams when he wants me, it's like having a baby atm. Once he can hold his bladder through the night I'll have him on …
  • Problem is I can't take him for a walk for another 4 weeks. He has a second vaccination in two weeks  and then I have to wait two weeks after that. I might just take them out and around my car and back. Thanks for the tips though  I've now put Te…
  • Sadly not all humans are like that and get rid of them when they grow up. It's a good job I booked a week off, as every 3 hours I have to wake up and let him out to the toilet. He sleeps on my bed in hid dog basket, but I've put special mats down s…
  • He is, my 6 year old dog doesn't think so, he is terrified of this little puppy They will be fine after a while though. Teddy chased Charlie, I've never seen Charlie run up the stairs so fast, it's hilarious. I won't be getting much sleep, at this…
  • Picture overload of Teddy, I love him so much
  • Teddy is amazing, man he's so cute https://twitter.com/TheRealHughesy/status/1060136324320186370
  • Haha yeah there's going to be a lot of pictures and videos
  • This time tomorrow I'll be picking up my pug
  • Even less than that now, under the hundred hour mark. He has his last inoculation Tuesday, normally they like to wait for 48 hours after before letting them go. But I couldn't wait so I'm still picking him up this Wednesday.
  • Haha I needed that after knocking myself out cold this morning.
  • Booked a week off for when I get my puppy a week tomorrow, so excited. My other dogs already seems to respond to the name Teddy and looks around for him. When these two come together it's going to be a cuteness overload.
  • So at what time is Vettel going to come into contact with a butterfly and spin himself out?
  • If you want to track temps for the GPU and CPU then use afterburner. PC's are designed to shut down when they reach a critical temperature anyway, but they can also crash when they get hot, so if you haven't had that happen then I wouldn't worry.
  • @Lukedfrt Bottas' hydrolics blew it's load whilst giving him a spanking
  • I thought I'd opened the wrong site for a sec, LMAO. This race is showing just how terrible McLaren are, their times compared to Renault are shocking.
  • The level of detail in RDR2 is simply incredible. I was stood next to my horse, having a quick vape and in-game the horse decided to have a massive poo A lot of detail is lost in this photo due to imgur, but still it's the most impressive game I'…
  • Thanks mate. I thought playing RDR2 would take my mind off the little dude, but it's all I can think about. It's funny, when you have something you're not looking forward to time goes fast, but when it's something you're excited about, time goes re…