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  • McStanley said: How was Gran Turismo 5 and 4 unfinished. I enjoyed them both. I still do. I have done over 47,000 miles in total on Gran Turismo 5! McStanley. Most of the cars in GT5 were ported  directly from GT4 because they rushed t…
  • Off topic, but my grandad was a huge model railway collector. He had a whole huge room dedicated to it, it was pretty amazing to see.
  • It was a slight exaggeration, but GT5 was an unfinished game, so between 4 and 6 there was a big gap, even then GT6 wasn’t finished. The online system is great, as it follows/copies iRacing rank system, so if you drive dirty then you will be moved t…
  • Nope and I have no plans to. It has about as much content as GT 5 prologue. For online I’m sure it’s great, but I’m not paying to play a game online, as I already pay for my broadband. Honestly PD have lost it, they were once kings of racing, the GT…
  • Nice I can now record videos on my Nintendo Switch, welcome to the 21st century Nintendo. It’s only the last 30 seconds, but it’s a start. Edit: Not quite 21st century, it’s only supported in a few games, Fifa isn’t one currently, which is a shame …
  • This sounds like a great idea https://twitter.com/dunlopbtcc/status/920665932762157056
  • New e-cig mod. Looks great, but the touch screen is a fingerprint magnet.
  • That sounds fun, although reading the 180 page rule book doesn’t  Well done though.
  • Talking of overrated managers...                
  • Chadwick8505 said: I think Hartley is a great choice to put in full time. He's been fantastic in WEC. At Petit Le Mans this year he did an amazing job. He really is a great talent in those cars. I think with the current F1 regulations, he'll ha…
  • @ImDyingYouIdiot Still want GT Sport?  . https://twitter.com/lewishamilton/status/918460447455612928
  • Bit of randomness. Just checked my blood pressure, it’s 140 over 100, the maximum it should be is 120 over 80. Last time I went to the doctors they said it was high and I needed to come back l in a week, but I never did. After seeing that I think I …
  • Jiggy said: Lukedfrt said: Yeah they definitely shouldn't have sacked him, needed another 5 games to settle the players in properly. I'm gutted it didn't work out, he had a real connection with the fans.. I do think he's a bit overrate…
  • By far the worst thing during a safety car is the restart. If you are mid pack and they all slow down, you turn into a ghost and they all just overtake you. The worst track for it seems to be Mexico.
  • This is an interesting watch. https://youtu.be/tPr5khO86Eg 1: The drivers are all little snitches. 2: Hamilton said something that was actually funny. 3: Hamilton has a single friend, Stroll is definitely his best mate, which is why he’s the only…
  • @AMS97KRR It’s pretty pathetic isn’t it, he had a good reason for being late as his car was broken. 
  • Chadwick8505 said: I think they really need to sort out the Virtual Safety Car. At the last one (and I think the first one too just don't have the numbers), Verstappen was 2.x behind Hamilton, but by the end Hamilton was ahead by 5.x. Had that …
  • Ever since someone posted a picture of Hamilton’s engine blow up from last year Ferrari keep breaking down. As a Hamilton fan I was happy, but as a Motorsport fan I was gutted, as Vettel would have given him a race. Hamilton had some sort of power u…
  • So this is going to be the last race Palmer. Unlike most here I do like him, but his season has been tragic. Renault want to be back at the front, he’s clearly not good enough for that. Formula E inbound, it’s where all the failed F1 drivers go.
  • Jiggy said: Still Stroll's fault. He lets his car drift wide to the outside of the corner while not realising Vettel is passing him on the outside, which was already evident from Grosjean's onboard shot. He turns left, but the steering motion w…