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  • Oh joy I have a dent on the edge of my car door. Went to open it at a petrol station, there was a massive gust of wind which blew it open and I couldn’t hold it, it smacked into the metal part behind the pump.... Nothing is going right for me at the…
  • Even though it’s free, that’s still too expensive, terrible game.
  • How is that true? They had onboard footage all the way up, if it was destroyed then all of it would have been.
  • Loved the first Grand Tour episode, I’m glad they aren’t doing the whole tent on tour thing anymore. The only thing I hated was the celebrity section, honestly preferred celebrity brain crash as it only lasted a few minutes. It’s a shame they didn’t…
  • So a few days ago my  solicitor was going to try one last time to reach a deal with the other party, but as I haven’t heard anything I’m presuming it’s going to court. What a fun day that’s going to be, would have been a nice early Christmas present…
  • He’s what I’d call a militant motorcyclist judging by his Facebook. One of his posts said cars ignore motorbikes and they need to pay attention more. Well if he didn’t ride like a **** and overtake on a road where it wasn’t allowed the accident woul…
  • Edit: Somehow posted twice.                   
  • Yep, ridiculous that it’s still going on. It wasn’t until about 8 months ago I found out it was, as I had a letter from him asking for thousands even though he caused it. The crash was 17th of April 2015... Also I just found the bastard on Facebook,…
  • Surely they have to change the stadium name to Stadium of Shite.
  • Two weeks tomorrow I pickup my new VW Golf Two weeks and one day I go to court to fight off a leach trying to get money for a crash he created 
  • Without him there would be no Sauber,  so I’m ok with it, F1 can’t afford to lose another team, as the grid is already too small in my opinion.
  • They could make the side pods red or something,  but I wouldn’t be surprised if Ferrari told them that was the maximum amount of red they could have Either way I like it how it is. It will look different anyway, as that isn’t a current car.
  • Simply stunning, love it https://twitter.com/SauberF1Team/status/936914310277742593
  • couger1981 said: Santander to leave Ferrari and F1 to focus on the UEFA champions league So thats another major sponsor leaving after Hugo Boss announced their departure earlier this month. Link They probably hated the idea of having t…
  • DiRTKiNG808 said: What about Rubens Barrichello? A little before my time but, I think a lot of people liked him. What about you? I didn’t hate him, but didn’t support him. As a McLaren fan, my hatred grew when Schumacher joined Ferrari
  • If he does then it will be the first time I’ve ever supported a Ferrari driver.
  • If they don’t have Leclerc as a driver then they can bugger off.
  • Seen them in lot of cheap cars in the trailer, so I don’t think that’s correct. We’ll see soon enough, but knowing some of the budget has gone on “celebrities” is annoying. 
  • Damn this game looks good in 4K HDR. Sadly you guys wont see exactly what it looks like on my screen, but it still looks great 
  • I’m still giving Stroll a chance, yea he’s been pretty slow, but at times he has been quick. It was too much too soon, but next year he needs to perform and show improvement.