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  • My first  car was a 98 Saxo, it was like driving a go-kart. I loved it, but at speed it was noisy. I went from that to a brand new Golf, I felt like I was in a van as I was sat so much higher up. The silence of the thing even though it was a diesel …
  • These. Now normally I wouldn't touch Turtle Beach headsets 10 foot barge pole, but the mic is meant to be good on Xbox and doesn't require any cables at all. My Astro A50s have to use a chat adapter plugged into the controller, the one Astro supply …
  • Because he's not part or Mercedes anymore, whereas Ocon is.
  • Nice, wish my Switch was under warranty and that the Nintendo service centre worked. I'm about ready to punch the next person I see, hopefully it's my next door neighbour as I actually hate him lol.
  • It's the first Nintendo console I've ever had go wrong and I've had all of them. Can't see anything wrong with the charging port, so it must be the battery. Saying that though I did have that issue with the right joy-con not showing as connected whe…
  • Yesterday was amazing, today has been awful. My Switch seems to be broken and Nintendo will have to repair it. I thought oh it won't take long, then looked at their site. What a time for it to go wrong. Thank goodness Fortnite is cross play, otherw…
  • Trust me, the roads we we were on if you did 80 you would be dead. There was one corner that suddenly shrank into a single lane and a van was there, if I was going fast it would have been a head on collision. We actually seen a car that was smashed …
  • It was a great day. The only issue we had was cars kept running wide where we were, spraying dust at us and it wasn't nice because it seemed to stick to your eyeballs lol. Ingram drove out of his skin, think it was race 2 where he was like a machin…
  • This was a really nice touch from my vets, shows how much they loved my little dog
  • Too posh to meet us then Matt, they don't let the riff-raff into the BRDC stand. I think @RevolvingPrawn and I did see you leave though, as a helicopter took off I got back just before 11pm and watched the whole race. Perez move on the Williams w…
  • It was so special, as he proved when he tried to hook up another lap. There's so many corners at Singapore and he managed to nail every single one of them.  My only fear is read tyre temps in the race, because the Mercs had to go slow in the warm-u…
  • Wow, that was pure fire from Hamilton! I won't know the result of the race until I get back from Silverstone tomorrow night, but im looking forward to it.
  • All the people they could have chosen, like what is the point, he won't get back to the big team which is what Torro Rosso is for.
  • On a separate subject, I asked my brother to draw my late doggy as I want a tattoo of him. This is what he came up with, I love it, wish I could draw like him
  • Just fitted those leds to my car, actually looks good. I'll post a video of it tomorrow when it's dark. They also react to music, so I have myself a mobile nightclub.
  • The hype is real @RevolvingPrawn ! I went to sleep at 3am this morning as I was playing Fortnite with mg girl for 5 hours, yet still woke up at 7am due to excitement. At least this will mean I go to sleep early tonight. Tonight I'll go to bed dreami…
  • Nothing gets to a women's heart like getting 15 kills in Fornite and winning the game. It's bittersweet though, as I really like her but New York is pretty far from the UK
  • KittyFit90 said: If you're a stickler for historical accuracy in period games then yes Kingdom Come is excellent. The combat system is hard to get the hang of but once you do its very satisfying. Most of the bugs are gone now so the game runs a…
  • F1 should have a street race at New York. Then I could watch F1 and meet the girl I'm talking to
  • No he's just a shih tzu, but he has a wonky jaw. He was my mum's dogs pup and was tiny compared to the rest so always had to be given food on his own as the others pushed him out of the way, which is why I fell in love with the little dude. She's in…