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  • @sjsharp2010 So about when you said I was wrong when I said we couldn't get any DLC for MEA  http://www.pcgamer.com/bioware-is-dropping-support-for-mass-effect-andromedas-single-player/
  • It's literally the only good thing in the UK, everything sucks
  • It is isn't it. I know from my time there, there is a hovercraft that is a lot quicker, hopefully not driven by Clarkson.
  • This is Twitter gold, hilarious https://twitter.com/daveysaddler/status/898846146486878209
  • Just bought my ticket for Silverstone  .    
  • I had an interesting drive home from work today. A storm brewed up from nowhere and about 50 yards in front of me a lamppost was struck by lightning. It's not the closest I've been to lightning, when I was a kid my parents house was struck by it, bu…
  • Many don't get free content, especially the amount this game has got. You may get like the odd bit of free clothing or weapons, but not game changing content. Trust you to be negative about a game though  
  • Most games don't get content after release though do they, especially for free.
  • This may not be popular, but No Mans Sky is finally a really good game. If they delayed the game by a year and released it with all the content it now has it would have done a lot better. When it came out I did enjoy it, but as there was no purpose …
  • All this retro talk, I think Saturday I'm going in my loft and see what old consoles I can find. I wish I looked after my older stuff more, just so I could remember it all. It's why I still have my 360 and also the original fat PS3 which doesn't wor…
  • I still have a Nes, it doesn't work but I still have it If I had a bigger house I'd have one room just displaying all the retro stuff.
  • Finally figured out to fix my old iPhone 5s. My car doesn't support android phones via a cable, only Bluetooth. Two problems with that, 1: Audio quality isn't as good and also you can't use the cars touchscreen or wheel buttons to change songs. You …
  • I do wish Sega was still in the hardware business, I loved the Dreamcast after my mate convinced me to buy one. People always say Nintendo will go the same way as Sega, then they bat something out of the park. My Switch has been a life saver during …
  • Bought Sonic Mania today for Nintendo Switch, great game. It's based on the original games but with some twists and overall improvements. It even has a CRT filter you can apply, which actually makes it look better as there's no sharp edges like you …
  • Uh you will be giving me more as it'll be petrol. My diesel Golf wasn't part of the emissions scandal anyway and it wasn't to do with MPG  
  • Haha indeed, I'll be getting the same mpg as a Ford Mustang Martin will probably back out, really looking forward to it.
  • That guy on Twitter is still arguing with me, but then back up arrives in the form of BTCC driver Mike Epps who agrees with me  https://twitter.com/eppsracer/status/897111729309720576
  • I was always a fitness freak, I loved it, sadly going to fridge is about all I can handle now You're going to increase my fuel consumption with all that timber  jk. Not long now until we go to Silverstone, I'm probably buying my ticket on Friday.
  • Yea well we won 3-2, so the award for biggest improvement goes to us after losing 8-2 in the previous game Still **** though
  • Exactly, he was only having a laugh, he said as much when he came back. Some people are too serious.