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  • If I was Bottas id sign that, because any other drive would be a lot worse with no chance of winning. I think if it were mid race they would have let him race, but with Vettel out it let's Hamilton maximize the gap.
  • I love this place!      The voodoo is real.
  • YEEEEEEESSSSZZSZ                                
  • Ffs Ricciardo takes new bits and still breaks down, nice.... Now where is that rain? I fell asleep after 3 laps, not because of boredom, but because I was up until 2:30am racing Pcars2 in VR and then woke up at 7am.  How did Kimi get ahead? 
  • Judging by this place Ferrari fans are no better, after a few races Hamilton apparently had the championship  Don't throw stones at glass houses. People say stupid things in the heat of the moment due to passion and rage, every fan base is the same…
  • I'm putting pins into a toy Ferrari car as we speak.
  • Turns off qualifying, goes and plays Pcars2 in VR and wait for this to all blow over. Congrats to Ferrari for another win and the championship 
  • I wasn't, my mum was, we laugh about it now because it's the one place you wouldn't expect to get robbed
  • I used to love going to Disneyland Paris, not sure my bro and mum would say the same thing. One time my bros wallet got stolen, when we were in the police station within the park a thief somehow managed to steal my mum's purse, so I was the only one…
  • Woke up today and did 20 laps around Hockenheim in the Formula X car in Pcars2. The sensation is incredible, when playing on a flat screen you miss so much compared to using VR.  Also last night I played Elite Dangerous in VR, it's amazing the diff…
  • It's still the same engine, just updated, they added support to that version and can still. They gave the reason that the ui was hard to do, not that it doesn't support it. Playing Pcars2 in VR and still like wow. My knee is killing me, but I can't…
  • Triple post but worth it. Oculus Rift, wow amazing doesn't do it justice. So once you set it up, you are transported into a kind of matrix. A ball of light appears, you touch it and are transported into like an American trailer with loads of electr…
  • Haha yeah, that does happen a lot with us doesn't it. Edit: Doesn't look like it's going to be an early delivery as it's not out for delivery yet and they normally come from Bournemouth. This wait is torture, looks like I'll have to do more house c…
  • Will do, that's the thing that put me off PSVR, lack of games and the console itself not having enough power. That small box that comes with PSVR is solely to process audio, which seems like a mistake to me, you can't even race full grids or online …
  • Thanks mum. She's up in Scotland on Holiday and I told her about not having enough to get what I've wanted for a while, and then that I got screwed setting up a new credit card. It was just a general chat as she asked about my day, I never asked to …
  • So frustrated. I applied for Amazon platinum credit card which was approved. One of the reasons to get it is it gives you £500 instant spend before the card arrives. First though you have to answer two identity check questions. Just as I was doing i…
  • Already earned enough V-bucks for next season's battle pass. Cross play works, but you only get V bucks for the platform you bought or unlocked them on. So mostly played on Switch as I already had some bucks on it. Completed all the weekly challenge…
  • Well by 11pm I was feeling better. I genuinely thought I was going to need to go to hospital before then. It's on my Twitter what was wrong with me, I really thought I was going to get pneumonia. Anyway about 9:30pm I was burning up, my temputure wa…
  • It's funny that I came the closet to winning when I'm so unwell. Although since that game I haven't done anything but lay in bed, only got up to feed the dogs. My win will come.
  • They literally showed a replay and paused it showing he was miles onside, not sure how you missed it.