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  • The kings chair has arrived, and damn it’s good, so worth the money I paid for it. The only issue is there doesn’t seem to be a way to lock the wheels, which could be problematic when I use my FFB wheel haha.
  • Played Fortnight for the first time, I suck, but for the few seconds I last I enjoy it lol. Edit: Managed a top ten and got two kills, progress
  • Thought you might have, considering how it’s been lately I needed something with a high backrest so I could rest my head, so a normal office chair wouldn’t do the job. I did want to get the new Corsair T2 Road Warrior, but it’s sold out everywhere …
  • Bought another new chair as the last one wasn't working out, it's now going to be my dogs chair lol https://www.xtracing.co.uk/product/xtracing-evo-recliner-racing-gaming-office-chair-gt-esports-desk-seat-omega-red
  • @RevolvingPrawn Hype! Also it’s going to use UE4 so it’s going to look amazing and have great physics like the original game.
  • @couger1981 It's not a bad game if you just want a relaxing game to play. I like the art style as it reminds me of Zelda Wind Waker.
  • Well she deserves it after cheating on my brother. 
  • Nah it was just my bros ex wife getting out of bed. 
  • I needed some money to buy clothes, so I went and killed some bandits. I was then thirsty so went to the pub and got drunk and played some dice and won. I then got on my horse and road home and went to sleep. I woke up the next day, turned on my PC …
  • Whilst drunk last night I bought Kingdom Come Deliverance, probably the best drunk purchase ever. Once I remembered I bought it when I woke up, I was like oh no why did I do that. But now I’m playing it I love it, I read it was badly optimised, but …
  • Anyone here got Kingdom Come Deliverance? I was just going to get it on PS4 Pro because PC specs are so high, but I’m pretty sure it also performs bad on consoles. Damn this is a hard choice, Kingdom Come of The Evil Within 2. I'm swaying towards t…
  • I set my lights to red for added effect. It’s currently £20 on PSN so I’m probably going to buy it. I never finished the first game as a few things annoyed me playing it, but they’ve massively improved the second game it seems.
  • I just had a smart electric meter fitted in my house, now I’m obsessing about the amount of energy I’m using. It’s a good job I don’t have AMD components in my PC, otherwise I’d be using as much as a nuclear reactor  
  • So I'm finally giving The Evil Within 2 a proper chance. Playing the demo on PS4 Pro which is the full game. They just added a first person mode which is awesome. Holy **** @Lukedfrt that first proper scary women with the blades that you run from sc…
  • Just got my pacifist trophy for my non lethal run in Deus EX Mankind Divided 
  • Thanks, but you might want to delete the pictures from your post so people don’t have to look at them twice, as good as they are
  • @RevolvingPrawn Some of my GT Sport pics I said I'd upload
  • It’s the kind of issue you don’t expect to happen on consoles, especially a first party game. Saying that way back when I had an N64 there was a game where the game save constantly corrupted lol.
  • So strange, are you sure you didn’t accidentally login as another user or something? The only thing I can recommend is if a save fails to upload then try again. You’ve got me all paranoid about my save now, especially as I plan on playing Frozen Wil…
  • couger1981 said: My PS4 somehow managed to delete my Horizon save and to make matters worse the console decided to stop uploading my saves to the cloud at level 15 right back at the first cauldron, so thats an extra 10 or so hours down the drai…