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  • I love what people are able to do with Nintendo Labo. This song brings back so many memories. For people that don't get how the keyboard works, at the back is a joycon controller which has a IR blaster, when a key is pressed it exposes a reflective …
  • After playing Fallout 4 free all weekend on Xbox One X I decided to buy it even though I have it on PC. It's one game that really benefits from 4K, it just brings the world alive. Some games it hasn't made a impact on me (going from 1440p on PC) but…
  • It was even better whilst (I can't say on here) but it was definitely a "high" time for NFS. Man I wish I could go back to my teenage years when life was simpler and my body wasn't broken.
  • It was the first game I played in HD on 360. Enjoyed it at the time, I don't know why EA moved away from that formula. Forza Horizon 1,2 and 3 have taken over, but there's no police chases.
  • Thought I'd give PES 18 a proper shot as its available on Xbox game pass. I am actually enjoying it, I still prefer Fifa but that's a preference thing. Still the career mode and menus are still terrible IMO. I'm not fussed about licenses, but give u…
  • Lol so Codemasters are about to recruit a former Candy Crush-maker director as its chairman, nothing says ambition like hiring a candy crash dev as your chairman....
  • If you watch F1 before they had blue flags it ruined multiple races. Most would get out of the way, but there was always one that wouldn't. I remember watching one who decided to race the leader and ended up taking himself and the leader out. They s…
  • So I just installed Forza Horizon 1 on my Xbox One X, the disc was still in my 360 as it was the last game I played on it, so the disc was in it for years haha. It plays at 4K on the Xbox X and looks pretty stunning. It just shows that they were abl…
  • Again. Last time for a video of Indy 500 crash, this time for comparing a Villa fan to Paul Chuckle  Thankfully it's mostly likes at the moment, so it's not spreading like wild fire, but at least you also get annoyed by the notifications. For any of…
  • PES died in 2006 for me. It just feels old and clunky to me, lack of licenses doesn't bother me, but the gameplay isn't for me.
  • I loved RAGE, the new one does look good so hopefully it is.
  • *Cough https://twitter.com/wbuxtonofficial/status/996463559382044672
  • Wow what Microsoft do with old games on Xbox One X is really impressive. Currently playing Red Dead Redemption at 4K and it looks amazing, it's crazy that it still holds up to today's game when you consider the hardware it was running on. Currently …
  • Hey there good looking  I'm now 100% a console peasant, with Nintendo Switch, PS4 Pro and now Xbox One X. The Xbox X is so small which shocked me considering the power, it's also silent somehow compared to the Pro. I had to get Sea Of Thieves with…
  • https://twitter.com/wtf1official/status/996101224981237767
  • You can if you want, but as I don't follow you it won't matter. You say you're not upset, but it certainly seems that way, it's not that deep... You seem to like giving it out on Twitter and violating the rules, but can't take a tiny joke that isn't…
  • Jiggy said: Perez' halo wingplate-thingy looks floppy. Hughesy said: Jiggy said: Hughesy said: Nah he's on course to get that Ferrari seat. That one took longer than I expected tbh. I did it just for…
  • Jiggy said: Hughesy said: Nah he's on course to get that Ferrari seat. That one took longer than I expected tbh. I did it just for you, because I know much you love it
  • Nah he's on course to get that Ferrari seat. In all seriousness that could have been a lot worse, as the smoke covered everything, Hulk literally did a Hulk smash.
  • Man I love Alonso, what he's done for that little kid is amazing and will stay with the kid for the rest of his life. Also Ferrari had issues with the tyres, as well as Red Bull and Mercedes, so you guys are arguing about nothing.