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  • Koekenbakker28 said: Like @issueskid said earlier it is also down to how playtesters perceive the sound. Whilst a completely authentic sound might work for some it can be a huge turn off for others. I remember in 2016 there was a really high pi…
  • KiLLu12258 said: thats so awesome that you guys who working on the sound are give such infos to us. too bad that the other codie guys are not that active here. There are so much questions about the safety car and so on and nothing get a resp…
  • @CarmineRock97, downshifts have certainly been something we've been looking at over the last 2 or 3 games now and we know this is something the community want us to nail too. We hear ya and we'll keep improving these elements
  • @path1337, yep, as Dave sound we've done a lot on the engines this year. I guess you'll have to see for yourself if it's the improvement you're looking for but we're all certainly happy with our progress this year.
  • Cap10 said: well I don't since it unrealistic for the Ferrari engine.  issueskid please elaborate on this have you indeed used some old audio from honda 2016 to get that rumbling growl into the Ferrari audio mix? The Ferrari 2018 i…
  • "The tyre skidding effect when cornering." This depends on whether you have assists on or not. Our skids / scrubs are actually based on what the traction / wheels are doing so if you've got assists turned on the car won't be acting naturally and you…
  • Naeemali007 said: Yep Agreed , Sound has been weak part of the game , which is disappointing , as F1 is all about sound, I am aware from 2014 , Hybrid sound is weak but I went to Austin both in 2014, 2015 and 2016 , when at Grandprix they still…
  • Worntoathread said:  It would be great if we could one day see some 'behind the scenes/dev diary' footage of how you guys do the recording with the teams on track and how you actually turn that audio into something that's playable. The one p…
  • @LilBrown47, thanks for the feedback - we will go through these comments as always When you say "car flooring sound" are you referring to the car hitting the rumble strip or bottoming out or something else?
  • @LFSwicked, No problem - we do try and interact with the community and we want the audio to be great, just as you do. We're never going to please everybody but just know that we are passionate about making F1 and I genuinely believe we've made huge …
  • Hi all. Just to clear things up without giving away too many details. I can confirm all engines in game are authentic and every year we attend test sessions and work directly with F1 teams.We record engines on board use similar mics and mic placeme…