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  • It has happened to me as well, but it seems that this only happens in Career. In other modes i'm able to move the camera without any problem.
  • Rubelio said: obrigado pela dica! audio em brasileiro tá muito chato! Eu também acho!
  • Tente mudar o idioma do console para o inglês
  • Wynterdust said: Why have they not been improved on the performance update? Since the summer break they have been regularly in Q3 and in the speed trap they have shown to be about the same as the Saubers while at the same time running more down…
  • Joethe155 said: Not related to this but does anyone think the orange on the McLaren looks fairly dull in-game? It doesn't have the same brightness and vibrancy that it does in reality. The driver number can be tricky to see as well. T…
  • The thing is: their chassis in the game is nowhere near as good as it should be, compared to their performances in real life. Engine is terrible, but even still, they can reach Q3 quite often due to their good aero package. So why in the performance…
  • FRACTURED said: 11 retirements and 2 DNS on top of 150+ grid penalties. Ford DFV is scared. So i guess you understand that their problem should be reliability and not on track performance...
  • I can't believe that they didn't even touch in Mclaren's performance. They are still bottom of the grid fighting with Sauber in this new patch! What is this??Have you guys at Codemasters seen the real life's Grands Prix?
  • Raalte said: This is a known issue. There are multiple topics about this bug  Thanks mate.Hope they fix this in the next patch
  • Yeah, i realised that now. Kind of strange isn't it? So does that mean that Hosts can't earn XP? Because when you join a public lobby, it's basically a custom game,right? Btw i play on PS4 as well
  • likewise said: PS4 Pro. I have looked everywhere to create a public lobby but I can only create a custom lobby? Is there an option that I am missing or is the public lobby created by the game itself? In a public lobby you gain XP and level up w…
  • You can only choose your team mate at the start of your career.
  • I agree with you, you can't even see your friends' stats!
  • I have this problem as well. And the worst part of it is that my xp's don't count after the races because my stats rarely appear to me in the multiplayer screen. So it's like i've never played online enough, even though i have at least 7 victories, …
  • I can confirm this is not true. I always play the whole practice and in the first laps you can already see that you're "too slow". I created a thread about this in 2016 and still is the same thing. Have a look if you want to http://forums.codemaster…
  • s00zster said: Do you use "flying lap", "return to garage", "exit session" or fast forward time in the pits? If so, there's a bug involving simulated AI being too quick, and it also affects qualifying. By choosing to "drive out", lap, and the…
  • Most of the time the stats don' t even appear for me in my screen. Already played 15+ races, won at least 7 and i'm still level 1 apparently.
  • roberto28 said: Agree, with Toro Rosso practice 13th and 15th place, qualifying 8th place, race 6th place So what I do is increasing AI before qualifying and race, however this issue should be fixed!! That's exactly what i need to do eve…
  • mceci1 said: ToxicWarriorF1 said: Well, it seems that that remains an issue for F1 2017, seeing the recent youtube videos. F1 2017 has realistic team performances and the youtubers are racing where the team is at, Force India, R…
  • It doesn't really start at dark in real life but i 100% agree with you that it starts way darker than it starts on the game, which kinda looks like Abi Dhabi, and it shouldn't.