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  • Prob doing all the other stuff first, but there is talk of a big goings on so not sure if that means we are going to see another 2015 basic game for a 2020 huge game? Would be roughly the time the next big consoles come out. But it would be a fun ad…
  • 1512marcel said: To me it seems quite weird to change the AI difficulty settings in between sessions. Of course there is difference between practice, qualifying and the race but it seems to me that the difference in AI performing shouldn't be s…
  • JJLehto95 said: ChironTheseus said: Thank you Codemasters for the new improved difficulty option setting, as of the latest patch we can now change difficulty (and a few others) between every session. That means even between Q1, Q2 and …
  • I have had warnings in slippery USA race before, got only a 2 sec penalty after 2nd warning, my safety rating is still going up. But it depends if you are cutting corners every race, you will get a consecutive penalty for it so I have heard. Ther…
  • I will enjoy not being sat on at the grid start Haha good fix!
  • Yeah its odd, wondering how much is on different systems? Singapore for me is pretty easy too, Monaco is a beast to try to finish on the AI strategy for sure though! Still unsure on AI aggressiveness.. I think they aren't as assertive as the very be…
  • On a 1 hour 37 min video you may wanna put time stamps on those.. Pretty sure no one has time to watch the whole stream to find a bug somewhere lol
  • I just raced in Azerbaijan. Got asked to change my strategy again and said no, pitted as my own strategy, on the outlap asked if I wanted to change strategy, the change was to pit on that lap I had just pitted lol! Something went wrong there lmao!
  • I've seen it say SC and VSC before but never a driver number but it makes sense, when even backmarkers can be racing just as in Singapore so they know specifically its them that needs to move over. Only devs will be able to answer that for sure. Bu…
  • Might be a new thing? I've never noticed at least numbers being shown, only the blue colour, maybe this was because he went past 3 blues without taking action so it was a more severe warning specific to him?
  • Since 1.07 the engineer asks me if I want to change strategy every race again like in 2017. My tyres are good and can be much faster staying out so I know its not that issue. Its just a generic thing they say, can you switch it back off again please…
  • No but since 1.07 they tell me if I want to change strategy every race even though my tyres are good. I really enjoyed not being asked that every race tbh.
  • FRACTURED said: UP100 said: FRACTURED said: Who exactly are the lapped cars racing, one lap down, on lap two, in a freaking 5 lap race? OP never said anything about 5 lap races. 95% of lobbies are 5 lap races fro…
  • I think it should remember any penalties in that said race and if you were clean have no penalty for quitting, sometimes conn breaks or family issues arise. But if anyone tries to wipe their bad performance by quitting on a race they should get a bi…
  • As for the reason why in the first place, this is to mix the grid up, keep it fun, instead of racing the same grid every single season.. Also double whammy! So you have something to keep adding in R&D if you choose to stay with only 1 team throu…
  • Talk about a rush on! You have to pay more to make alterations to make the parts legal due to the change. Staff don't pay themselves you know
  • 69 err. No need for reasoning really I'd say. I'm kidding, probably.. 24 has always been a good number for me, would say lucky but I'm not superstitious. Just don't ask me about 13..
  • I see what you mean now, thank you for the enlightenment Flynco. Yes I agree the view is rather off on that perspective. Been too used to just seeing it that way in gaming!
  • Sometimes a group of players are together and help one to get the win, seen this a few times. They gun for everyone but one guy who gets through unscathed every lap. Sometimes its a guy who gets hit unintentionally and then goes on a big killing spr…
  • Since when have penalties in real life ever been consistent?