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  • @Hoo - I think that the reason for GPU clocking down is not self-protection but energy saving. If I understand correctly that's how Nvidia GPU Boost works in adaptive mode. It boosts power within given limits when there's heavy load and when it dete…
  • Thank you Hoo for adding the graph. If i've understood right, the PerfCap allways gives some code. Code 4 means that the card is operating at reliable voltage level. Code 14 means it's idling because there's no load. I'm quite sure there was no ot…
  • I followed pretty much all the tips given in OP. Still no solution on stuttering issues. It happens both offline and online and visual options don't matter. Limiting fps lowers CPU and GPU loads and temps but doesn't stop stuttering. Stutters/frame …
  • The only gamemode I play is 100% distance online championship with one friend, so these opinions are based on those experiences: Like - Overall handling model is the best so far (with wheel) - Weather transitions are good, there's actually some win…
  • Similar problem here. My friend and I play online championship mode on pc. I have Logitech G27 wheel and he has Logitech dfgt wheel.  Sometimes it feels like accelerator is not at 100%, making car slower. This didn't happen before Japan gp, where b…
  • Yes we had the same thing happening on our similar coop. We had to start new championship after that because points were all messed up so it was no fun anymore.  We changed damage from simulation to full, to reduce the possibility of both of us ret…
  • Thank you Lozzy for response    We didn't delete any saved games but it vanished on it's own. We'll continue our championship hoping it was a random glitch that save game went missing. We'll try save it everytime it's possible and I'll update here …