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  • Awesome news. Hoping Ogier stays with msport now. Should be some intense fighting between the teams next year.
  • From my understanding msport and ford are having a meeting soon which could be a sign of things to come.
  • They should do a second snow rally in Canada or northern usa. Do it after Sweden and go to Mexico after.
  • griev0r said: Ok so I got the game, trying to use my Clubsport V1 wheel and V2 pedals.  I can't enter the game with any buttons on the wheel, I have the BMW rim.  So I have to hit enter on my keyboard then it defaults to Xbox controller, doesn'…
  • @griev0r So after some more playing I think I jumped to a conclusion. While it says it's a button it does seem to act as an axis now that I've tested strictly for it. I think i was to tired last night to really control the throttle properly so it fe…
  • LudwigVonMises said: @Scyy what you are describing is exactly what was mentioned in the video and he got it working. Please see my post above (the one right before yours): http://forums.codemasters.com/discussion/comment/302299/#Comment_302299 …
  • There are definitely issues with multi input. It lets me map the throttle and brake to my csv3 pedals but only sees them as a button and not an axis. I'm to tired to care or figure it tonight so gonna try again tomorrow.
  •  I'm wondering how they are going to afford Ogier considering it seems like their funding has really dropped off in the last few seasons.
  • Looks like I'm definitely gonna give wrc7 a look. I'm still probably gonna play more dirt 4 though, especially once leagues are implemented.
  • F2CMaDMaXX said: Remember who mentored Meeke, backing off, even when the car will bite you, will not happen. Pretty much, he's to much like Colin for better or worse.
  • dgeesi0 said: Scyy said: You definitely get bogged down being in to high a gear. well its not actually right.there is no " one way " of doing anything. i mainly short shift on windy roads. you will hear many say its wrong but…
  • You definitely get bogged down being in to high a gear.
  • It's overview of the first two heats than full coverage of heat 3 and on.
    in FIA WRX 2017 Comment by Scyy September 1
  • mesa said: I'm tired to read paid comments about how D4 is better than Dirt Rally I will switch to WRC 7 / pCars2 soon, cause this game has no future Is that really how you think? "They like something I don't. They must be shills!!"
  • DiRTKiNG808 said: I think it would be cool to get a round of the WRC over here in the states. About Meeke though I think we will still see him next year. There is no way a huge player in the sport will just leave the championship. Probl…
  • I've been playing some old classic games the last few weeks. Just beat kotor on the xbox. Started playing again the last few days and have to get back into it as I'm definitely lacking speed after the break but I still enjoy the game.
  • Operator1 said: Ferranis said: Man KevM... can't you just leave it be? Just don't play D4 and be done with it. The constant complaining gets annoying. I think constant defending is more annoying than "constant complaining." W…
  • I finally had a good set of dailies after a good streak of rage quitting from my own stupid mistakes. Could have gone faster in both of them(especially the maxi on Sweden) I felt but still midway in the top tier is decent for me at this point.
  • Dytut said: Awwwwh, I'm just trying to resist the hype of the Oculus sale since I really want to wait for the next gen before hopping on the VR train. But dayum, I kinda want one now. It's totally worth it. The one real negative is the…
  • Dytut said: Sooo.. keeping busy with my no restarts campaign runs while waiting for CM to get clubs done. Looking forward to the competition, just looking at the leaderboard times after campaign runs I know we're going to have a good time :-) I…