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  • I also have this issue with the new Ryzen 1800x. The game will launch with only 8 cores enabled, once I put it up to 16 threads, it fails to launch. This is a very annoying issue. I basically won't play DiRT 4 until this is fixed as it's a ridculous…
  • ewfegage said: It's still UNBELIEVABLE that you didn't fix the issue that people with CPUs with 16 cores and more can't even launch Dirt 4. An issue that has been around since Dirt 3. Dirt 4 just doesn't launch with 16 CPU cores or more. Isn…
  • ewfegage said: Could please more people with high-core CPUs post here that Codemasters gets our attention? I have a Dual Xeon system (Xeon 2697 v4), the CPUs alone are like over €5,000. I don't want to limit the numbers of cores via msconfig…
  • jorgenhs said: On the steam forums, I saw a suggestion that the game cannot handle large numbers of CPU cores. I personally have this issue (i.e. it shows the "DiRT" logo, then crashes), and I have 12 cores. The workaround seems excessive (invo…
  • The 1.04 patch did nothing to fix these issues.
  • mac19 said: Hello People, I had the same issue with game not launching at all. I have solved it disconnecting the Steering Wheel which is not supported device for this game. Then the game started without problem. Check if your devices are c…
  • I can't even start the game, like many others. This is such a big disappointment, being a long time Codemasters Rally fan ever since Colin McRae 2.0. I can't believe there hasn't been more attention to this given how many people are affected. Most p…
  • I have the exact same issue. I've tried everything suggested on the Steam Discussion boards and nothing has changed. It just goes to run and disappears after a few seconds on Steam. This is really disappointing and I'm convinced it's not even a loca…