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  • It's                                                         
  • That was bloody incredible! In a rather last minute decision, my Dad decided he wanted to go and see the race (he hates the cold, and every time we go to Silverstone it seems to be windy and chilly), so he thought this was good a year as any weather…
  • Thanks Mike, you got it.                
  • I was trying to think last night but I can't remember for the life of me, so maybe one of you lot can help. Who was it that McLaren signed around 2 years ago, and was literally at the team for about 2 weeks? He was in a pretty top position, but lef…
  • I'm in such a love-hate relationship with Verstappen. I found it so hard to like him after his reluctance to change his approach early in the season (which you can't deny did hurt him points wise, he lost out big time on wins and points when you loo…
  • I'm not a football fan, I've not watched a full game in years, but I watched the entirety of that Spain v Portugal match, and I was really entertained! Might watch a few more after that!
  • I know we joked about it when it was suggested before, but I do think we should maybe introduce a minimum spend for submissions to this thread... Don't get me wrong, I love knowing that you got a Lucozade Sport Orange 500ml, or a Greggs Sausage Rol…
  • Well my McLaren podium prediction spectacularly failed lol. Was a bit of a long shot anyway! Don't expect Alonso to be in F1 next year, especially after the last two races. He knows he's got no more chances at any wins, let alone championships. I e…
  • I know I'm just another armchair expert, but if I was Chase Carey and had supreme reign over the rules, this is what I'd do. - Reduce FP1 and FP2 to 1 hour each, and FP3 to 45 minutes. - Keep Qualifying and the Race exactly as they are, no changes.…
  • x1 pack of ham                          
  • Hey xx                                                    
    in The Stuff Thread Comment by MBKF1 June 6
  • Pretty much. We all loved vBulletin and the new forums had a lot of teething troubles. Ahhh, good fun.
    in The Stuff Thread Comment by MBKF1 June 3
  • When I see a McStanley post in this thread, I can usually guarantee it'll be either one or more of the following: - Greggs Sausage Roll - KFC - Lucozade Sport drink - Hornby - Lego 😂
  • Can't post much right now because I'm being charged for data for some silly reason (I thought it was included in my usual allowance), so posting from a cafe with WiFi. But oh man, what a weekend. I'll write a full report when I'm back home at the w…
  • 1x pack of 100 black cable ties 1x length of twisted nylon rope 1x roll of black duct tape 1x set of handcuffs 1x leather belt
  • It is indeed the man who goes by the name of Bean.
  • Pirelli get so much stick. They have such a tough job deciding what tyres to bring to each race. There are so many variables, and they're never going to get it right every time. Some races you will be able to push, some you will have to conserve. It…
  • Lukedfrt said: MBKF1 said: 1x box of Kleenex tissues                 I hope You've got a cold!               Uhhhh yeah, of course!
  • 1x box of Kleenex tissues                
  • Pack it in will ya. Average race, but that was to be expected after 3 brilliant races preceding it. Ferrari with another strategy sh*tshow. Amazing how 2 races can change everything. Now Lewis is ahead by 17 points!