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  • Hughesy said: @Lukedfrt Explain to me what happened here lol. On my screen I couldn't fire my gun when I landed and on the replay, well you'll see. I was raging as I was having a good game and the people left seemed a bit rubbish https://twitte…
  • KittyFit90 said: At least you weren't involved in the writing off process, I can still remember clearly the day I crashed my Mini. I was 19 and totally convinced I was a) invulnerable and b) could drive like Schumacher. I was wrong on both coun…
  • Hopefully it gets sorted soon mate! Touch wood, I've never had a problem with a Nintendo console so far 
  • You sure you don't mean Haggis?            
  • McStanley said: Sorry to read about the Clio getting written off. The Polo could be cheaper on insurance for a few reasons. It could be newer than the Clio and safer as well, for passengers inside the car, for when it is involved in a crash. …
  • Lukedfrt said: Alonso podium, you heard it here first.         Well he effectively won, considering Mercedes, Ferrari & Red Bull may as well be in a different series haha.
  • After my Clio got written off whilst parked outside my house one morning I now have my second car.. A Volkswagen Fox, seems like a good little runner so far! Bigger engine and cheaper on the insurance than the Clio too. 
  • Hughesy said: Just fitted those leds to my car, actually looks good. I'll post a video of it tomorrow when it's dark. They also react to music, so I have myself a mobile nightclub. They do sound cool, i'm tempted to get some for mine now…
  • KittyFit90 said: I'm waiting for the new DLC for Kingdom Come: Deliverance as well as the expected playable Beta for Mount & Blade Bannerlord. I was gonna pick that up at some point! Would you recommend it?
  • Alonso podium, you heard it here first.        
  • I hope you managed it haha, i went to bed about that time and didn't get up until 10:30am 
  • UP100 said: Lukedfrt said: Why on earth has Kimi joined Sauber? Maybe they are going to get even closer to Ferrari now. like a proper b-spec team. Can't imagine he's gonna be happy scrapping over 10th place.. He joined Sauber be…
  • Hughesy said: Without warning they have disabled recording in Fortnite on Switch, just when I really needed it. I played a whole game with 0 shields, there were 5 of us left, I took 3 out and then the last guy got me down to 1hp. I just spammed…
  • I will pick it up at some point, but there's so many games i want atm.. And i'm working my way through all my old games still haha.. Currently replaying Uncharted 4.
  • Why on earth has Kimi joined Sauber? Maybe they are going to get even closer to Ferrari now. like a proper b-spec team. Can't imagine he's gonna be happy scrapping over 10th place..
  • From the gameplay I've seen, it looks awesome.
  • Ahhh, just seen he's injured I can't wait for the Ashes over here next year, Edgbaston should be quality haha!
  • This thread is a very good read! Bravo everyone involved Going back to Bottas (And Raikkonen).. obviously they're both there because they're both very good #2 drivers, but it's so gutting to think Alonso is leaving and Ricciardo can only get a dr…
  • Who needs the Big Bash, when you've got the Caribbean premier league!! Featuring players such as Steve Smith 
  • Vandoorne should get another shot imo