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  • Remember having gfuel an eternity ago, damn it’s good stuff. Think it was a blue one but not a special flavour or anything
  • So.. I take it that you’re new around here..
  • Woohoo, while I’ll still be doing the majority of my gaming on PS4, yesterday I purchased a Gigabyte GTX 1060 3gb graphics card for my PC as that was the main part that was lacking in it. I was annoyed it sold out on amazon while I was still ponderi…
  • Didn’t he try and force a move out of the Red Bull scene before they loaned him out to Renault, because if so I can’t see Red Bull taking him on. In saying that it is unfortunate his timing entering the sport as at Torro Rosso he was completely over…
  • From Aarava’s video I’m not sure if it’s just the audio settings but why does the audio just cut out as soon as the car goes past? Why is there no background noise, every time the camera switches it has no sound then a neoowww and then no sound agai…
  • I hate that glitch, big high speed section before bus stop at spa is literally just driving in darkness
  • Much better                                            
  • While I agree it is not near visible enough, the Hungary F2 race is a terrible comparison as the level of rain is nowhere near the same
  • I remember on my first game F1 2012 where I played on a laptop with keyboard I always won that race driving buy myself because my game was glitched so that every driver smashed into the wall at turn one over the course of the first 3 laps hahaha- pr…
  • ^Doubt it because Force India are a great team with fantastic potential for whoever picks them up whereas Manor were simply racing to stay alive, seems like they never had a direction coming into the sport. Just competing to try and make a quick buck
  • Dude it you managed to find a way to work this with a wheelbase I would genuinely buy one of these! Looks awesome, keep it up
  • Rule changes sounds interesting however... maybe sort of like Motorsport Manager
  • Don’t know how nobody has brought this up yet, but I have been playing this game frequently since learning of the following. If you switch to the Thai Appstore and I believe the Phillipenes Appstore also works then you can download F1 Mobile Racing …
  • Yes the gloves finally look real and baggy, not skintight hahahaha also in that clip of the tyrewarmers on the McLaren that looks photorealistic
  • Some people will reply to this thread saying oh I just skip cutscenes, which is fair enough I do sometimes too but most of the time it is because I have got the exact same one or the same commentary sequence in the previous round of the career I’m i…
  • Hughesy said: So originally I was just saying it's coming home as a joke, didn't actually think we would. But now I do believe. Next round is very winnable against a aging team who have gone through two extra times, so will be tired. @Reub09 I…
  • Although I have a G29 if I still used a DualShock I would definitely invest in these as even looking at them I can sense they would give you much more control over your turning
  • Guys I’m just dropping in here to tell you.. that the only thing that’s coming home, is the French with a World Cup trophy in their hands. while I am Irish and the only English teams I will ever cheer for are Man United and Red Bull Racing (who are…
  • I bet it will be some useless **** like - ‘oh well of course we have all the official teams, drivers and tracks’ and then Lee waffling on about clouds for 4 minutes and 29 seconds
  • I actually caught that on the broadcast too and I thought that that was an old practise from the 90’s or something, this would be really helpful as I find that I personally am very hard on my ICE and gearbox