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  • I just find it quite ironic how the games main selling point, the interviews that will help us 'make headlines' still has no footage circulating. How do you expect us to be sold on something if all you do is tease. I mean personally I don't see how …
  • f1fan0543 said: When a f1 driver losses the rear wing driver normally retires the car same goes with the diffuser. the rear wing barge boards diffuser aren't quickly changeably. i know older games had full damage but games would automatically r…
  • Edit: just realised they didn’t retire the car
  • FRACTURED said: Once they are revealed I'll let you know. Dude you’re not immortal, I mean.. these features could be announced very, very soon.....
  • Vroom vroom lets go Le Mans woooo               
  • Why do people feel the need to publicly announce they are not buying it, I mean good for you but no one gives a flying fanny. That’s like going to the supermarket and announcing “I WILL NOT BUY THESE BISCUITS BECAUSE I DON’T LIKE THEM”- Literally no…
  • http://www.thrustmaster.com/products/tflight-hotas-x https://www.x-plane.com/ Spent all day modding this haha, tedious because certain addons need other addons and so on! But it’s worth it for sure really enjoying it.  The joystick has a newer versi…
  • @Mexicola My management office is getting dusty mate, I remember when I had hope of winning.. oh well
  • While I have not read you’re full post, this idea is maybe overestimating the scale of the games customers. While F1 is a popular sport not everyone buys the games and a smaller margin again play online.. not saying online is a waste of effort becau…
  • @McStanley   Saw this and I had to haha https://instagram.com/p/BjwpSl9Avds/
  • I mean they introduced it in the IRL broadcast feed so possibly but I agree that there’s probably no space for it..
  • Hmmmm, can’t decide between The Crew 2 and xPlane 11? Anybody have xPlane by any chance? I’ve been thinking of getting it for a year or 2 now but always got scared off by the technical side as an aviation noob that’s eager to learn Looks pretty coo…
  • ImDyingYouIdiot said: Reub09 said: ImDyingYouIdiot said: Dogville on DVD Both John Wick flicks on 4k Blu-ray And Snatch on regular Blu-ray (only noticed recently I'm missing that gem) Just topping up my collection. Jw.…
  • ImDyingYouIdiot said: Dogville on DVD Both John Wick flicks on 4k Blu-ray And Snatch on regular Blu-ray (only noticed recently I'm missing that gem) Just topping up my collection. Jw... why not just stream movies? Do you not only watch …
  • To clarify, as someone who personally don’t believe has received a code, Codemasters don’t give a single toss about your leagues, your skill or your Youtube channel or whatever. They want a wide, varied range of players to ensure their game can appe…
  • McStanley said: x1 Greggs Sausage Roll McStanley          Is it weird that I know what it is going to say every time I see a notification from McStanley
  • Weird though, because it seems they made a point of displaying it in the F1 2017 trailer...
  • @RevolvingPrawn They are super comfortable and the ski-goggle like suspension band is adjustable. Honestly you forget they are on your head after a while!  Especially since the band helps the rest of the headset sort of float above your head. Audio …