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  • Zachrulez said: Yeah, the fuel upgrades are actually not useless in this game. Dunno how I feel about it simply being impossible to not put enough fuel in to finish a race without fuel saving though  Well, they're only allowed 105kg in r…
    in Fuel Comment by TAKIINOUE April 18
  •   I've started a number of career modes and this keeps happening. Hard to believe that it's just bad luck and not something coded into the game. It really doesn't rain THAT often in F1. Sure, there have been some seasons where the rain has appeared …
  • Zviko0 said: They could make it transparent. They should in cockpit cam atleast purely because of how our eyes work. Drivers see through halo when driving but you can't implement that in the game unless you make it transparent.  For T-CAM you c…
  • I find it almost impossible to drive with those silly setups that people are topping the TT leaderboards with. But yeah, it would be nice if the setups reflected reality.
  •  Yeah, that's a tricky corner for traction. I rarely get purple on there, but usually manage the rest of the circuit OK.  But I agree with your general point. Something isn't quite right with the speed they expect you to take certain corners.
  • kevinkirk said: Operator1 said: I'll never understand why anybody cares so much about what optional settings everybody else uses in video games when it has absolutely zero effect on your own in-game experience.   It locks the …
  •  I've not encountered this bug yet. I suppose it's something I need to look forward to..
  • It means this: Their crack team of experts are on the case:
    in any news Comment by TAKIINOUE February 9
  •  Nice one. I'd be happy if I could break 1:22 lol.
  • tarrantino said: Well they are bunch of yes people to get a free copy.  Absolutely. I watch some of their content, but always remember to use Adblocker
  •  So if EA buy Codemasters, we can guarantee that the yearly iterations will continue, despite many on here thinking it's not such a good idea.
  • The rain in Bahrain falls mostly on the plain... But no, not seen any yet. I'd actually like to see some rain there as I think it's an achievement if you get rain in one of the "desert" races.
  • LilBrown47 said: ‎https://news.sky.com/story/amp/f1-games-publisher-codemasters-on-pole-position-for-250m-float-11219711 We have seen from time to time that this could go either way, on the one hand it's great news for the company to finally …
  • FOneFanatic said: The Mercedes has more power and if driven correctly will outrun the SF70H anywhere. But with the right skill set and I mean skill set, the Ferrari handles better and if driven correctly could, and I mean could, have the edg…
  • I prefer driving the Ferrari in game. The only tracks where I'm faster with the Merc are the likes of Monza and Spa. I just find the Ferrari better to drive. In real life, Mercedes was better at most tracks, but there were tracks where the Mercs we…
  • I like the F1 2012 music, that's about it.
    in F1 Music Comment by TAKIINOUE January 23
  • Senna755 said: I can't even be bothered trying in wet sessions any more.  It doesn't always affect the AI cars and they can frequently put in dry lap times UNLESS I watch them from the pits, then they do more realistic times. Pretty much given…
  • 1henryw said: It drives me crazy. Especially as I’m not very good in the wet so it’s like bam there goes my objectives for this session Yeah I know how you feel. I don't get rain every race, but it happens far too often. I'd imagine it …
  • My reputation varies from team to team, so I can't say I've seen this bug yet.