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  • warpengage said: Jack4688 said: Early access: DiRT Rally 2 Full game: WRC 2019 problem solved Problem not solved. What if the WRC Promoter says only current cars (no classics) or no non-WRC locations? People will expect those ki…
  • Again I'll mention how some games do a fuzzy focus effect on the dashboard/in-car, as you go faster (NFS Shift/Project CARS) it's possible they could use that sort of approach to blur the halo a bit, as though you're looking past it?
  • Are semi-detatched trousers in the process of tearing or slipping down? Or are they attached to another pair of trousers?
  • Automobilista has halos you can turn on or off, here's how they look:
  • I always thought they should split content and engine, and offer an F1 engine with content packs for each year. Then they can boost/evolve the engine but still offer older season packs on it. And we could go from season-to-season without having to l…
  • LudwigVonMises said: As a rally fan I buy everything off-road I can find but I know I am in the minority. I doubt many of my fellow PS4 owners own all of these games (I have other racing games, these are just the ones with off-road content): …
  • So there's still the BTCC, although from many past discussions, it sounds licensing it is difficult, convoluted or expensive. Assetto Corsa Competizione is focussing on the GT Blancpain series, so that's a single-series game. It'll be interesting t…
  • Roll in F1 and call it: Formula 1 Grid Dirt ...sounds like a driver complaining about starting on the dirty side of the track!
  • lol those tracks are so wrong! Definitely a legal case though; Automobilista and MiniDrivers had to re-livery their cars to look less F1 in the recent past... and using names that abbreviate to the same as real-life F1 drivers is just cheeky!
  • Does the F1 license only allow the current season to be included in a game? F1 2015 had the 2014 season too I recall. I just wonder if a product like EA's F1 Challenge 99-02 might ever be possible, where you can play through several years. Or wheth…
  • Who else has BigBen worked with, racing game wise? Milestone (when taking over WRC4) and Zordix AB (on Switch titles at least). If you haven't heard of the latter, they made the "wannabe Hydro Thunder/Arctic Thunder" games: http://store.steampowered…
  • The issue might be that the WRC games Twitter, which was set up when Kylotonn took over, mentioned the number 8. It might be that the WRC games Twitter is managed by BigBen (rather than Kylotonn), in which case they might still have the rights and s…
  • This explains the concept, which is unusual:
  • RallyDriven said: VirtuaIceMan said: we'll have to w8 and see. ha. #sobaditsnotevenfunny That was an awful pun. I h8ed it m8, I know you h8 to w8, but it's getting l8. This is starting to gr8...
  • we'll have to w8 and see. ha. #sobaditsnotevenfunny
  • "crunchy" relating to crunch period of game development? "Squeaky skin"?! #overthinking
  • WRC8, out in October? This gossip is 19 characters too short. Hopefully not just on Apple, lol!
  • Currently covers: - Pitstop II (1984) - Pole Position (1986) - Grand Prix Circuit (1988) - Pole Position II (1988) - Ferrari Formula One (1989) - F-1 / G.P. Formula 1 Simulator (1991) - Mario Andretti's Racing Challenge (1991) - Grand Pri…
  • Update: the first post on wrcthegame Twitter feed awas on 1 Oct 2013. Either they cleared any old Tweets before then, or it was set up around then. BigBen acquired the WRC license around 24th July 2013, which implies that that Twitter IS just for th…
  • WRC4 was published by BigBen though, anything from WRC3 or earlier would have been published by Black Bean Games, so if there's any old posts about that it'd be more interesting. I guess BigBen (if they run the WRC game Twitter) could sub-contract …