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  • I actually think there never was a real issue with WRCars in racing games. I think Codemasters most likely didn't want to put them in DiRT 4 to be totally safe. Microsoft and Ubisoft can afford a lawsuit, Codemasters probably can't.
  • I personally don't think anybody who thinks the Persona 5 UI is bad should be allowed to talk about UIs.
  • Also, with Ekström taking out the competition, it will be a long time before Kristoffersson stops winning.
  • dgeesi0 said: grid 2 UI system was horrible.dirt rally had it best of reccent games. simple works ! Dirt 3 wasnt great either. some things were actually hard to find through the menu system even after 100s of hrs of use. just have a few bo…
  • Darhour said: Well if it is GRID Autosport, they better be changing those cockpit views.. It's backwards compatibility, they don't change anything about the game, it's just ported to Xbox One.
  • Not stopping in time at the marshall after the finish counts as a recovery.
  • Bck.Cmpt means backwards compatibility, so it's just for Xbox, probably GRID Autosport.
  • JZStudios said: So in completely unrelated news, I spent the day at my brothers place yesterday and downloaded a demo of Gravel. Thought it was pretty ****. Just for poops and giggles, anyone think of anything fun for the next DiRT game? Sub t…
  • I'd rather have them release the game around september or october so that we don't have the previous WRX season this time.
  • What if they got the WRC license but did exactly what they did with the F1 games, and added older WRCars as well as modern ones, R2 and R5?
  • Maybe it's simply because Ubisoft has more money to defend itself in case there's a problem with the license.
  • Honestly, DiRT Rally isn't massively different from other DiRT games IMO, so I don't think there would be any difference between DiRT Rally 2 and DiRT 5, other than the name DiRT Rally 2 maybe being less marketable.
  • bogani said: Yeah, I just don't think enough people would pay full price for it. Maybe 29$ or something like that? I could see it sell for 60€ if it's got all the championship's tracks (plus Lydden Hill as it's already made), all the …
  • carpa said: Barcellona, Hockenheim and COTA all have to be present in F1 2018 so they already have the environments, but you're right, Germany is hosted in Estering this year. But the new WRX circuit is in Silverstone which is already include…
  • Whatever happens next, I hope that if they keep the WRX license we get all the tracks this time. COTA probably wouldn't even be that hard to implement, they already have it modeled for Grid Autorsport.
  • They're only available in China because they're a product placement for that market.
  • I just saw that the first ARX round will be at Silverstone along WRX. That's a bit surprising.
  • Anti consumer because you can't put a hat on your character?
  • Onrush doesn't have much to do with Motorstorm. It's not even a racing game.
  • Codemasters is focusing on racing games now.