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  • I just saw that the first ARX round will be at Silverstone along WRX. That's a bit surprising.
  • Anti consumer because you can't put a hat on your character?
  • Onrush doesn't have much to do with Motorstorm. It's not even a racing game.
  • Codemasters is focusing on racing games now.
  • I came here to say that. With Kylotonn working on V-Rally 4, another studio has to tackle WRC 8, and it could be Codemasters. That may also be the reason why they haven't said anything about DiRT 4 for so long.
  • Those European supercars driver are insane. 3 wrecks in the semis, one in the final.
  • So this round's livestream in particular is unavalaible in Belgium...
    in FIA WRX 2017 Comment by Oscar97 May 2017
  • KickUp said: human1101 said: @KickUp  i was just watching the new deepsilver twtich, and it brought up a concern for me, the ai was ramming the **** out of him and didnt get in any trouble, if that happened in a read rallycross event…
  • versedi said: So you'll have the package but won't be able to start it from Steam  even if you are living in Murica? Side note, AC gameplay with Celica - sounds nice, the handling also seems nice. But the spectators are...static to say at lea…
  • What about rallycross touring cars? They're the only modern RX class that isn't in the game.
  • Is there a way to delete posts that I'm not aware of?
  • adroduke said: Plus, how do you know they're not in the game? Unless they have mentioned it somewhere, correct me if  I am wrong, i know for a fact that Joyride is one of the multiplayer modes in the game though. But, I kinda see where he is …
  • zissakos1 said: I really hope DLCs will be created. This game has so much potential. If there's one thing I'd like to see in DLC, it's hillclimb. Would be great with Your Stage, although I don't think the algorithm can produce good m…
  • F2CMaDMaXX said: Just because we don't have those, doesn't mean they can't get those..... Remember a lot of choices are budgetry, it's still possible. Especially brands that are already in the game. Citroën or Toyota seems to be out …
  • SimVansevenant said: One more thing, what is the 'Competitive' mode about? I couldn't finish watching the stream/video because of loading issues. Did they play that? Is that where you beat Solberg's and Meeke's times or is that more a Hot Sea…
  • Didzis said: RyuMakkuro said: KingOfCoins said: And it doesn't have any of those stupid homologation rules like the WRC cars  I wish the old homologation rules would come back, the ones that allowed manufacture…
  • Thierry97 said: The car may be the skoda fabia r5 or it will certainly be the opel adam r5?  It's probably a Corsa instead of an Adam. I think the Fabia is confirmed not to be in the game.
  • Sad season for Bakkerud so far. I'm glad Ekström didn't win once again though, it was starting to get boring.
    in FIA WRX 2017 Comment by Oscar97 May 2017
  • nystedt88 said: This is a MUST as dlc.. cant have an RX licence and not have the champion in it? would be amazing if CM could add a winter rx circut as dirt3 had.  They already talked about that, they couldn't get the license fo…
  • bokimoto said: Game Music ... i hate it, it's always terrible, and I want to hear what the car and tires are doing, anyhow As long as I have the option to turn it off, I don't mind that a game includes it for folks who like it. I also can't w…