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  • there is nothing wrong with Ken Block or his style IMHO.I met him few times at rallies and hes super approchable and cool,and displays no pompousness. Great driver,sportsman and founder of a great shoe line.He just has fun, and some people resent t…
  • WOW nice shots !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I would have loved to see those cars
  • ALSO...................you will never see a true sim ,that caters to a small group of enthusiasts ,like us from a big game studio.Grally has hopes ,but still way toooooo far from it.Again, a small group of people. Back then, smaller budgets,crews a…
  • RBR was in 2004.The best still.If someone could just port it into a new game engine
  • ASS is an animal lmao !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • SLRE is unplayable for my 51 year old ass................lol.And the sounds !!!!!!!! wow maybe ill fire it up again.I tried to really enjoy Loebs early FWD cars ,but besides some decent looking country road sections on some few stages ,this game d…
  • VR4, its going to be an arcade game , nothing more .I will get it for the fact that its rally content in it, but it wont be a Dirt Rally 2
  • plus if you include WRX ,ERC and American Rally X ,Rally America etc . into that , trust me the rally fan base is pretty big.
  • lol , we really wanted to hear about a rally game not F1 , but thanks for your thoughts !
  • yeah this may be just proof for more RX comtent fro next installments ,and hopefully a new sim with improved Your Stage etc
  • yeah **** ? i hope he didnt have to find out that he has no job ,by reading Twitter 
  • at the end of the day , dlc and packs show commitment to user base and customers  and guarantees the games future for longer than a year you dont " have " to buy anything , but if you have the money and committed than go for it. "closed" up unsuppo…
  • the formula nowadays is the way RR and Iracing is doing it.Thats if you want the same game to last with support. Now if its a **** game ,forget it . If its a good base sim ,then why not just build on that and realase content yearly or smaller pay  u…
  • RR is awesome and its great to pick up a new car at will off an on and for pennies many times .Keeps it fresh .Plus they keep releasing new stuff all the time .
  •  i know it probably wont happen , but really its such a no brainer from a consumer standpoint.Release the sim in its infancy, slowly build it with customer feedback and everyone is happy as "we ' all created it .Tack on DLc on top of the "base" game…
  • im in for EA also .Would be lovely, just like last time
  • so i fired it up , after a bit of fiddling i was able to play it .NOT without bugs ,so if you cringe $3.99 game with bugs ,dont do it. I just hope the modding/building community will take notice and the physics model is moddable. Right now , it driv…
    in Grally Comment by Madhun1967 May 22
  • ^ i thonk that guy is dead since , and was an awesome driver who dared .Jeopardizing a lot of lives ,but was cool to watch.
  • lot of bugs , if you watch Sim Racing paddocks stream..........................almost unplayable after 8 years in the oven
    in Grally Comment by Madhun1967 May 21
  • thats a no brainer for any rally related stuff  for me 
    in Grally Comment by Madhun1967 May 21