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  • versedi said: enamel said: Haven't even looked in there, those sorts of threads are like watching an old married couple argue. Few old married couples on a big family meeting arguing about politics. The politics of simu…
  • In DR the overcast setting could make a wet stage with no rain in some locations without a rain stage preceding it.
  • Haven't even looked in there, those sorts of threads are like watching an old married couple argue.
  • versedi said: Generally negative reviews started flooding in after one video from popular channel on YT ranting about D4. Yeah, the review system is used more as retribution for perceived slights than any reflection of game quality th…
  • There has only been one time I needed more than a single engineer, and I completed the GRS. I would really like the option of a more realistic damage system.
  • MidoriAcorn said: Sim/Gamepad I keep procrastinating on a wheel. I think it's main due to when I was young. I played a racing game (NASCAR series maybe lol, I'm not sure) or the PS2 or PS1 on my brothers steering wheel that he had gotten year…
  • versedi said: I was down on IGC all the time... weekly reward + daily = 750k. lol 47 hours and I've just found out you can buy perks for staff... Is Ford a GB or USA origin?  Wait, you can buy perks? Hah Ford is listed as US in the g…
  • 25 hours in, GRS champion, Fearless mode unlocked. Still really loving this game!
  • Why would you replace them instead of extending their contracts at no cost?
  • I agree with limiting licensing. The removal of games like Dirt 3 and Alan Wake from sale just shows what a bad idea non-perpetual licensing is for games from a consumer perspective. But hey, it moves boxes I guess.
  • Hah, just had a "why is that word censor- oooooh" moment.
  • "These anthropomorphized consoles are girls with an array of personalities and ****" 100% a game I would buy in a steam sale, when drunk, based off that line then never play.
  • Hell yeah I want a safari rally! Not sure if the engine will do it justice tho tbh.
  • Disagree, I think the current implementation adds a lot of realism and I am really glad they made the change. When it's go time, it's go time, the stage clock waits for no one.
  • So far the Fiesta R2.                           
  • I had a huge jump on one of the career stages in Australia. Pitched me nose up and all I say was sky for ages.
  • I like fast cars when they go vroom vroom But when I hit the tree all I hear is boom boom Now I have to drive five miles down stage On a punctured tire and it's making me rage
  • Have the devs even *seen* a youtube video of someone driving a rally car?!
  • Porkhammer said: Cue the pirate metal!                                                             10/10 would die off the 'ol scurvy for the cap'n thrashin metal lycks on the ukulele
  • I thought this was going to be a pirate themed thread. I find the lack of pirate based content extremely disappointing given the expectations from the promising thread title. TIME FOR YE TO WALK THE PLANK MATEY! YAR!