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  • This is exactly my plan too, have a handful of "best of" stages that I can sprinkle into my roadbooks, but mostly rely on random stages.
  • I put it away until clubs come in to avoid coming into clubs with the burnout I had after running DR events for two years. I want to be excited to run rally championships, and a break has gotten me back there.
  • CMMcBabe said: It's for positive reasons Awesome, can't wait to see what you guys have cooking.
  • Man, that's a lot of positions open at nearly every level of game development. If I were to take a guess, this is anticipation of a big churn cycle driven by a large amount of employees no longer having the work visas needed to be employed in the UK…
  • Not yet, but it is in active development, they have mentioned it in the last two road books.
  • Blast from the past.                                      
  • Never was planned, and no recent announcements. The only statement I saw was that VR support in DR was dependent on the popularity of VR use in Dirt Rally. Since VR ownership is at around 1% of the market on any given platform, and racing games appe…
    in VR support? Comment by enamel August 2
  • Gotcha, thanks for the info.                
  • Just curious about the Windows Store return process and have a few questions: Was this on Xbox or Windows? Were you aware of and/or did you try to use the new self-service return feature before contacting support? How long did you own the game, and …
  • Dirt 3 was removed from sale from all platforms due to licensing agreements expiring.
  • I can verify the certificate error. The certificate is for codemasters.com and not dirt4game.com and thus the browser treats it as invalid. A workaround is to add an exception in your browser for the certificate.
    in RaceNet down? Comment by enamel July 26
  • I would save yourself the money and make due with the chief engineer only unless you are really having issues getting your car fixed at service.
  • I gave up on the FPS genre years ago, but DOOM made me realize that I didn't grow out of loving FPSs, it's that the modern FPSs just aren't very good in comparison hah. Easily my favorite FPS since like Unreal. Definitely worth the $15, fantastic ga…
  • Check out the latest road book, there is a lot of info in there on what they plan on doing in the ratings: http://forums.codemasters.com/discussion/53495/dirt-4-road-book-16-06-17
  • versedi said: enamel said: Haven't even looked in there, those sorts of threads are like watching an old married couple argue. Few old married couples on a big family meeting arguing about politics. The politics of simu…
  • In DR the overcast setting could make a wet stage with no rain in some locations without a rain stage preceding it.
  • Haven't even looked in there, those sorts of threads are like watching an old married couple argue.
  • versedi said: Generally negative reviews started flooding in after one video from popular channel on YT ranting about D4. Yeah, the review system is used more as retribution for perceived slights than any reflection of game quality th…
  • There has only been one time I needed more than a single engineer, and I completed the GRS. I would really like the option of a more realistic damage system.
  • MidoriAcorn said: Sim/Gamepad I keep procrastinating on a wheel. I think it's main due to when I was young. I played a racing game (NASCAR series maybe lol, I'm not sure) or the PS2 or PS1 on my brothers steering wheel that he had gotten year…