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  • Hughesy said: I know Ferrari don't sign young drivers to the team, but they really should sign Leclerc up for next season. I'd argue Ferrari HAVE to sign Leclerc next season, otherwise they'll lose him to someone else.
  • MBKF1 said: I'm not a football fan, I've not watched a full game in years, but I watched the entirety of that Spain v Portugal match, and I was really entertained! Might watch a few more after that! Football's like F1, you get some fanta…
  • f1fan0543 said: couger1981 said: If Red bull does go with Honda next year then Red bull may be a midfield team for a year or two before Honda produces a winning engine.  If Redbull do decide to go honda I think Redbull will benef…
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  • As promised, here's the video I took on the pit wall at the TT!
  • To be fair, Ericsson is one of the least worst pay drivers we've seen.
  • I've kept an eye on Leclerc for a while, he's fantastic. They need to stop getting utter donuts of celebrities to do important parts of the race though...
  • I would actually stop watching if they screw with the format. I don't mind some changes to practice and I'd survive with qualy format tweaks, but adding other races is the straw that will break the camel's back.
  • Hughesy said: You were inches away from having kids with Jodie? Quick work my man Oops typo 😂
  • Without realising it, I was just stood next to Jodie Kidd's husband on the start line here. She came over to kiss him, so I was only inches away from a kids off Jodie Kidd!
  • Spent yesterday's practice in parc ferme, then today watched all the riders leave from the startliest and stood on the pit wall as they came past at 180MPH, which was terrifying! I've got a video I'll post when I get back.
  • Took a while to find this thread again! I'm going back to the Isle of Man TT on Thursday, again spending a week in and around the pits and paddock. Can't wait, but I'm not looking forward to getting up at 4AM!
  • That was actually a really good race! Brilliant drive from Ricciardo but I suspect he'll be getting a gearbox penalty at the next race. Awful direction throughout though, you can tell it's not the FOM director.
  • McStanley said: The very rare coupe Impreza 22B is nice, however, I do prefer the look the 2nd generation Impreza over the 1st. The best of the 1st generation is the coupe model. Somebody around the corner form me used to have an coupe. McSta…
  • fIsince08 said: One of my friends has a green Mk I Impreza estate. It's not a WRX or anything but it sounds glorious and has bucket seats. And I went for a ride in it today. White knuckles...
  • Lukedfrt said: A hoover that drinks excessive amounts of alcohol?  That'd be Australian surely? A Scottish hoover blows into its bag and makes a god awful noise.
  • One of my friends has a green Mk I Impreza estate. It's not a WRX or anything but it sounds glorious and has bucket seats.
  • I've been to Rowan Atkinson's hometown. It's not a mistake I ever plan on making again...
  • I don't think there has ever been a season of just two tyres. Back in the 80s the range was A-D, Bridgestone had 4 compounds as well but no one really cared as they always marked the softer one with the stripe. It's just Pirelli have gone overkill a…
  • I got the Arkham trilogy (not Origins) cheap on the PS Store a while ago, they're a great set of games but Knight is by far the best one.