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  • Hughesy said: How is that true? They had onboard footage all the way up, if it was destroyed then all of it would have been. I hadn't watched it when I wrote it, but I did read that the footage was destroyed in the wreckage, maybe the c…
  • Hughesy said: Loved the first Grand Tour episode, I’m glad they aren’t doing the whole tent on tour thing anymore. The only thing I hated was the celebrity section, honestly preferred celebrity brain crash as it only lasted a few minutes. It’s …
  • Jiggy said: Speaking of Sunderland, I saw a tweet of a kid in the stands who was having a ****. Someone actually took a dump at the Stadium of Light. In the crowd. Took off his pants. And dropped a deuce. Apparently he has serious issues and m…
  • couger1981 said: Hughesy said: Oh no The Grand Tour is having actual celebrities this time, that was the worst section of Top Gear. I honestly don’t care about their lives, or how fast they can drive a car. At least as I’ll be streamin…
  • fIsince08 said: 1. Other than Mercedes, which teams will win races this year? Ferrari and Red Bull - Correct 2. What will be the best result for Renault? 3rd with Hulkenberg - Wrong 3. Which team will score more points: Williams or Force India?…
  • Absolutely cracking video of Coleman celebrating with the fans after our WIN today! This is what we want, a manager with passion who really cares and can actually manage a team! We've been missing it for a year and a half and it's good to have it ba…
  • Qualy: HAM VET BOT Race: * HAM * VET * BOT * VES * RAI * RIC * OCO * PER * MAS * SAI FL: HAM
  • Jiggy said: Majorly surprised that Coleman actually risked his good name by stepping into a job like that. I would've stayed far away from Sunderland if I were him. What's he got to lose? If we go down it's Grayson/Short's fault. If he k…
  • He only really needs to sort the defence. Our scoring record is up there with the teams in the playoffs, just we've shipped way too many easy goals.
  • EUfkdup said: fIsince08 said: Jiggy said: sjsharp2010 said: fIsince08 said: Hughesy said: Losing the first game of the season 8-2 isn't great, that's me being polite. Still Norwich lost first game of…
  • We were testing a new rev counter at Formula Student today, it turns out bouncing a bike engine off the rev limiter hurts when you're standing right next to it! And we still need to increase the rev limit by another 2000rpm 
  • For crying out loud, we must be the only club in history to have their caretaker manager walk out to join another club!
  • Qualy: HAM BOT VES Race: * HAM * VES * BOT * VET * RIC * RAI * HUL * MAS * OCO * PER FL: RIC
  • As far as I'm aware there isn't a way to ignore a user, but pop a mod a message/hit report and we'll take a look at any issues.
  • Hughesy said: Coffee machine broke this morning, so had to make a trip to McDonald’s to get one, was served by a really good looking woman, every cloud and all that...  I hate living in a hard water area though, it ruins everything. I mig…
  • I'm not actually that keen on the new Fiestas, they look a bit like a gormless fish. I liked the old ones though and nearly bought one.
  • Felipe Massa to retire at the end of the season. Again. https://twitter.com/WilliamsRacing/status/926785919172136960
  • Get in! Not a great race but the title is the title! We'll never know what happened at the start but it didn't look deliberate to me.
  • https://twitter.com/siddellc/status/924529305622806528
  • Jiggy said: **** off Vettel, bottling it all season long and suddenly he delivers when absolutely nobody cares about the championship anymore. Vettel bottled Azerbaijan, Ferrari bottled the rest of the season.