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  • @Lukedfrt I've just seen Lee Camp's "effort" at saving that free kick yesterday. PHAAAHAHA!
  • Jiggy said: A friend of mine is convinced that electric cars aren't the future anyway, but hydrogen-fueled cars are. Just putting that out there, in case someone here feels inspired to drop some knowledge on that, I have no idea about stuff…
  • Jiggy said: Ocon is ****. Or is Perez ****? Or is Bottas ****- nah. I've seen a journalist on twitter (can't remember who, I think it was either Ben Hunt or Mark Hughes) say that Perez is close to the new consortium, so he expe…
  • Lawrence Stroll has bought Force India, which is great news for the team but equally means Lance Stroll is driving there for the rest of time.
  • Well, for the first time in ages, I actually went to the match with excitement and expectations of a win. For once, I was not disappointed! I thought the first half was dire, but we grew in confidence as the game went on and a last minute winner is…
  • The best part of the race was Christian Horner's commentary on the Riccardo crash. ''I hope he doesn't understeer" *Bottas understeers* *Silence* "F***"
  • Hughesy said: He always seemed like a nice bloke when interviewed.  He only went for shoulder surgery and died from complications, no idea what though. A lot of sources suggest he was a heavy smoker and during the operation he developed …
  • One thing about Vettel going off - it shows exactly why more tracks should have gravel traps.
  • What a mental race! Can't believe Hamilton did that, brilliant! Pure unluckiness for Seb but swings and roundabouts.
  • Driving down here is weird... No one waves thank you or stops to let you through...
  • It was the design competition today, our chief judge was Wilhelm Toet, an ex F1 chief aerodynamiscist!
  • Well I'm watching the match from the pavillion in the national paddock here at Silverstone, there is actually a Croation team here too 
  • I'm now down at Silverstone! Can't wait for the formifo student competition 
  • It's the Formula Student competition at Silverstone next week. The opening ceremony was supposed to start at 7:15 on Wednesday, but they've just announced they're moving it and showing the football instead 
  • VetteIfan said: fIsince08 said: For crying out loud, it's a sport, chill out - there's no need to get abusive because you're happy. Gutted for Lewis but it was a great race and it's fantastic for the championship. Oh come on. I…
  • Celebrate Mercedes DNF all you want, it was your attitude to Prawn I took issue with. It was also a warning to the whole board, not just you.
  • For crying out loud, it's a sport, chill out - there's no need to get abusive because you're happy. Gutted for Lewis but it was a great race and it's fantastic for the championship.
  • Leclerc has a 2 year contract at Ferrari according to c4
  • Hughesy said: Yes with our B team mate.......              Against Belgium's B team...
  • Hughesy said: I know Ferrari don't sign young drivers to the team, but they really should sign Leclerc up for next season. I'd argue Ferrari HAVE to sign Leclerc next season, otherwise they'll lose him to someone else.