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P308R Wheel Nut


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  • My small tribute to my favorite carbrand 
  • RallyCross: 505 roc turbo 4x4 in 1987 and 1988
  • Fedemaisonnave said: I think this poll says, please codies in the next game don't waste money in H1/'60 cars, I would much prefer in my opinion R1 cars, than those slow old cars that are really really boring to drive, but for RWD '70/H2 please …
    in DiRT 4 Cars Comment by P308R 8:06AM
  • KickUp said: P308R said: It looks beautiful! The footage so far has really impressed me and I also like that the driver and codriver have gotten a serious update. That hurts man     I meant visual upgrade 
  • It looks beautiful! The footage so far has really impressed me and I also like that the driver and codriver have gotten a serious update.
  • Africa rally  " * Body is 27 characters too short."
  • I'll add m'y wishlist as well  - Mountain range for hillclimb évents- New Zealand - Keynia / Safari - Alsace - Argentina
  • @KickUp In several videos I've seen of Spain there were a couple of junctions that had gravel but those were not in the trajectory of the main stage. May I assume that your team is testing with mixed surfaces for YS? Or do I see things that are no…
  • @KickUp  the game has gone gold and there is being worked on the day one patch. You are promoting the game atm. Is there already a roadmap in place with différent scénarios for the months ahead? If I can make a request....It would be very nice to s…
  • There seems to be a lot of variety within YourStage. I remember the stagecreator from V-Rally 2 and for that time it was great. Technology has come a long way since. Can't wait to create my own set of stages. 
  • carpa said:    New screenshot of the Peugeot from an Italian preview article That's pretty old picture was shown on blog couple of weeks ago.
  • I like the R2 a lot but hearing that 306 maxi revving to 11.000 rpm puts it in a league of its own.
    in DiRT 4 Cars Comment by P308R May 24
  • Wasn't sure where to post it but since @KickUp said they shortly looked at Mont Ventoux I'll leave this here as a wish (dlc) but also for you all to enjoy. That 405t16 that shows up halfway sounds so good  Here is more of that 405! Such a flame…
  • MaXyMsrpl said: I'm wondering about the point of this poll and who cares about OP preferences. Really. Makes me wonder that when you don't even care, you took your time to read and even post in this thread. Yes, I simply created this…
  • michellem said: So, in that video at about 00.13 seconds, looking at that black bar where the countries are listed, is the space at the right for an additional surprise location, or for the rally school, or something else, or did Codies just l…
  • Short tracks with medium complexity is what I will be using mostly for my offline play sessions.  To take a few snaps I could use all kinds of settings. In Dirt Rally I played (exception Pikes Peak) mostly the short tracks which suit my time I can p…
  • Thanks for your excellent answer @RyuMakkuro I agree with you on the rallycars part where they drift around hairpins and tight corners. The difference with a Hillclimb car is that those rally cars produce around 300 BHP and weigh 1000+ kg while th…
  • Didzis said: Played a bit of Sebastien Loeb Rally EVO (bought it a few days ago), it wasn't as bad as I remembered from the demo Anyone else think that Pikes Peak is super bumpy there?  It is very bumpy I agree and I found it much…
  • Rygar86 said: I only managed to catch the last 5 minutes of the stream, does anyone know if it will it be uploaded to Youtube soon? You can watch directly on their Facebook now without the need of an account! @KickUp Watched 5 minut…
  • urgaffel said: Live stream: https://www.facebook.com/dirtgame/videos/1492784610794102 It is impossible to watch without a facebook account!