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  • Accro2008 said: Welp I know what my next purchase is. This handbrake/sequential shifter is 3 characters too short. That’s awesome! I’d love that, shame more brands don’t make handbrakes or sequential shifters!
  • I went to see about upgrading my account to all live, I was a bit hesitant as they haven’t been overly clear about what we will get in the package. I literally pressed one button, expecting to be taken to a payment page, but instead I got ‘congratul…
  • Had my first rally of the year at Brands Hatch on Saturday! Very wet, and we didn’t have any wet tarmac tyres, so we ended up doing it on gravel tyres! Andrew Coley was commentating, he seemed to find it pretty funny, but it worked surprisingly well…
  • Wow, I’m going to be watching a lot of Rallying this year! one thing I noticed on Toyota, the Microsoft logo on the back is gone. I’m sure it’s probably nothing, but it still seems a little odd that it’s just disappeared and left a blank white patc…
  • Porkhammer said: RallyDriven said: Hyundai already revealed their car earlier https://twitter.com/hmsgofficial/status/951017222905966593 Im a bit disappointed as a Hyundai fan, was hoping for something completely different, as bar…
  • Hyundai already revealed their car earlier https://twitter.com/hmsgofficial/status/951017222905966593 Im a bit disappointed as a Hyundai fan, was hoping for something completely different, as barely anything has changed with the livery since the fi…
  • Jepsertti said: Just found this on Facebook... https://www.facebook.com/gamersboard/videos/1846838708683152/ @Rallycameraman so apparently you’re a pro rally driver now, eh? That was doing the rounds a few months ago, kept popping up…
  • SergeyTokarev said: RallyDriven said: No mine seem to be working fine, maybe they don’t have active championships? Hint: try mine - https://www.dirt4game.com/clubs/club/30463/michaels-league although I forgot to put service breaks in th…
  • JZStudios said: How have I never seen this? This is brilliant. By far my favourite ever top gear sketch! The rest of it is just as hilarious too as they go on to take the **** out of Peugeot drivers
  • dotmartin said: Nice to see that stuff is happening again. However, I cannot see any clubs with any active championships in them. I have joined one or two but they do not appear in-game. Anybody with a similar problem? No mine seem to …
  • So, League is back up for dirt 4 for those still playing, and now on PS4 and PC too. Forgot to put in service areas for this week, so good luck! 
  • Hmmm, just had my Xbox crash twice whilst trying to view the championship standings screen for my league from the main menu. 
  • https://www.dirt4game.com/clubs/club/30463/michaels-league Cross platform should be working for anyone interested, most players are from Xbox version of dirt rally
  • Jus quickly had a go at setting up my old dirt rally League on my phone (Michaels League for any PS4 and PC players) and that’s a very good and easy to use tool!
  • Cross platform leagues! Awesome! Who’s setting up a dirty gossipers league? (Not me, I’m too forgetful)
  • Could be rockstar: ‘Releases autumn 2017’ - 5 months later: ‘delayed to spring 2018’ - 5 months later: ‘releases June 30th’
  • Looks interesting, I do fancy a new racing game, but I think I’ll prefer all the customisation if forza 7. wasn’t too keen on pc1, plus I’ve got Dirt for Rally cross and quattros!
  • Groove14 said: There it is https://imgur.com/a/dBRhy Pizza is 3 characters too short. Great, now everybody’s lives feel empty again.
  • You can save a stage to my stages then load it back up in free play. No one online, can’t really help with that one
  • There are a few things dirt 4 did great, such as going airborne, the weight of cars, tarmac, and how the 4 wheel drives feel through the quick sections when they really bite into the ground. Unfortunately it’s overshadowed by the game’s flaws, with …