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  • LutzM said: Bicester = Bista (spoken) ?  (I‘m german  ) I’ll give you that! More ‘Bister’, but most people always by ‘by-se-ster’ There’s quite a few odd places around my area, like Towcester (another £1 on the line) On topic, those …
  • My brother used to teach at the London rally school, it looked pretty fun. He basically got paid to mess about in lots of different rally cars. Never knew why it is called London rally school when it is in Bicester though (£1 to any American that ca…
  • Julo264 said: JorritVD said: A video, almost nothing visable: https://scontent-ams3-1.cdninstagram.com/vp/651c2ba0ff941b6825ae9ebd5d6313dc/5C49AA1F/t50.12441-16/51030805_289365098405183_1197016858633365164_n.mp4?_nc_ht=scontent-ams3-1.…
  • Also right at the end of the same video it looks like a bmw
  • Thought the blue car was an alpine to be honest
  • Also looks like the fulvia on Jon’s Instagram, but it’s a very quick glimpse so I might be wrong
  • I just hope wreckfest finally comes to console, it’s been delayed so many times! As I said before, I love contact motorsport and I really want a proper racing game that replicates that.  After rallying, screaming V8’s and big hits is my favourite t…
  • JZStudios said: urgaffel said: Hey now, Dirt Showdown is quite fun as a mindless party game thing It's... okay. I actually like the trick rush and smash whatever. The physics are... meh, dunno why they were changed, I kept wa…
  • LutzM said: Great, if that means that every car is completely designed and saved on it's own in the cars' .nefs-file it could be easier to use more edited liveries for the cars as in DR1 !!!!! Great great great Cries in console
  • The AI are way over powered off the starts. If you get a perfect start you can just about match them
  • AIPacino said: If they manage to increase each stage by 5Km of the old ones, for example Route de Turini, that would be awesome. I mean, one of the few things that I wanted to see in DR was the ability to cross turini's top. But given how the s…
  • urgaffel said: I was going to write a long reply about things but... I'd probably get into trouble so I'm just going to get me some popcorn Get into trouble! We’ll have your back, we promise!
  • Monte is so unpredictable. It can easily be won on a good tyre choice. I do feel Ogier has the best chance though.
  • Dytut said: tbtstt said: The symbols on the left page look similar to the code that is partially visible on the right? Is that something?  Notes in the right shows alphabet following code 191 and forwards in the extended ASCII t…
  • CMMcBabe said: RallyDriven said: I’d be happy with either a 50/50 split between rx and rally or 4 rally and 2 rx. But to be honest I’m just happy we get dlc You DON'T want the return of the Knock Out tracks from Showdown? …
  • I’d be happy with either a 50/50 split between rx and rally or 4 rally and 2 rx. But to be honest I’m just happy we get dlc
  • Apparently I can’t maths as it is £69.99 at GAME, so it’s only £5 more expensive digitally. But it’s the same for most games, red dead was £10 more for digital than it was in store, I don’t understand as there’s no manufacturing/shipping costs. I’ll…
  • So it’s finally up for pre order on the Xbox store. £75 for the digital deluxe edition seems quite steep? £15 extra than the physical version from GAME. I never understand why digital versions on the Xbox store cost more than physical
  • I’ve got a bit of a problem, I downloaded DiRT 3 because my brother wanted to play split screen and now I can’t stop totally uploading clips to YouTube In other news, I’m excited to see what video(s) we are going to get this coming week!
  • I don’t fully agree with you, but I’ve always said that there’s parts of dirt 4 that felt very good. When you’re flat out in a 4WD and go for a fast corner you can really feel the car bite down into the surface. Also going through dips you feel the …