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  • The next season is about to kick off on 22nd November. This time we're covering the 2000's and 2010's, each round again celebrating a WRC victory. Round 1: 2010: Monte Carlo: Mikko Hirvonen - Fiesta RS Rally Round 2: 2018: Sweden: Thierry Neuv…
  • RodgerDavies said: Playing Devil's Advocate for a minute, it wouldn't surprise me if they are currently doing the last part as you suggest. However, they wouldn't be able to make this public and of course saying "we'll do it" publicly would co…
  • nbates66 said: GreatApe said: once the headsets go mass market, the market for driving games could easily multiply 5, 10, 20 or more times. As much as I like VR's potential, how do you figure this? 5, 10, 20 more times, really? …
  • Why VR matters. I've been a great fan of motorsports since I was a kid and James Hunt won the F1 world championship, I've raced karts (as a total amateur) for over 25 years, I've played racing games pretty much since they began, I even did a little…
  • Another No VR, no buy from me. Before the VR upgrade I'd had DiRT for quite a while, but rarely played it. Trying to drive a realistic rally car sim on tricky narrow stages was just way too hard when you're doing it looking at a computer screen…
  • This bugs still there, just hit it on today's Dirt Daily doing Rallycross around Hell, I checked the replay and the Joker entrance looked perfect, nowhere near missing it. If you're still looking to fix it and can grab some telemetry out of my run …