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  • The only thing to do is change your password.
  • So fyi there's been a huge data leak from many places including passwords and emails. You can use this site to check if your emails have been affected. If they have then scroll down and it'll show from which sites it has. One of my emails was and it…
  • Samsung S9+. No phone matches the quality of this screen. Problem is it makes me wish I saved for a 4k HDR oled screen, it's so nice to have blacks that are actually black, if you haven't seen a oled screen then you wouldn't notice.
  • You couldn't make this up. So I was playing Fortnite, got 3 kills at Tilted Towers and didn't push my luck so left the zone. I went up a zipline, just as I got to the other side I knocked my Nintendo Switch off, as it was docked. I was using headpho…
  • Last night I caught the Ark bug. I looked at the time, it was 10pm, the next time I looked at the clock it was 3am and I had to be up at 6am to go to my nans funeral. In the end I didn’t even go to sleep, so I’m living off G-fuel and coffee. This is…
  • Because that's when I was diagnosed with my medical condition, being in pain 24/7 isn't fun. It's why I got into gaming so big because I couldn't be active and I use it as escapism. Like not every year has been super bad.
  • Well I'll bring the mood down then, the last good year I had was 2009.
  • I’m really getting back into Ark now, after already clocking over 1000 hours in the PC version. It’s cool that on Xbox I now have my very own server that I’m not paying for, as I’m using my old Xbox One as a server and then playing on Xbox One X. Al…
  • Yeah well our manager said he's was a legend and could walk into any football league club, Google Yeovils league position. He also said our fans know nothing about football. We get knocked out of the FA Cup to a non league club, next day the manager…
  • I won't bore you with the details, but a girl I was friends and played Fortnite with was called Bunny and she totally ****** with me. I forgave her and then she ****** with me again and so that was it.
  • Anything with the word bunny in I instantly hate, @RevolvingPrawn and @Lukedfrt understand why.
  • The look on my mum's face when she opened the iPad, just pure joy in what has been a tough time for her, not just her lung condition but also her mum died last week.
  • I should get drunk more often..... That wall placement at the end so he blew himself up was just perfect. Most fun match I’ve had in a while https://twitter.com/TheRealHughesy/status/1077298026216128514
  • Just bought another iPad, this time for my mums Christmas present as she had the same iPad Air as me. It’s kinda a joint birthday and Christmas present, as it’s her birthday today. I said to her and made it seem like a joke does she want a iPad for …
  • You've never heard of them? Linux is a open source OS for PC's. It's not plug and play like Windows, but if you know what you're doing it's a great OS. 
  • I prefer iOS as it’s so much better optimised in terms of performance. But my phone is Android, I have a Samsung S9+ and I love how much you can customise Android. Apple just make the best tablets imo, but if the Tab 4 was a similar price to this iP…
  • Teddy climbed the stairs for the first time today, now Charlie has nowhere left to hide lol. On the subject of iPad, I think I'm going to get the normal 2018 iPad rather than the pro. So much of the Pro I wouldn't use so it would be a waste. I'd lo…
  • Credit card limit has been upped from £500 to £1400. Like @RevolvingPrawn planned, think I might get a ipad Pro as my ipad Air 1st gen is getting old. I might go for a gaming laptop though as you can get a pretty decent one for the price of the Pro. 
  • They've been for a few walks together but it's been wet a lot and Charlie doesn't go for walks when it's wet as his fur acts as a giant sponge and is a nightmare to clean. But when they have it hasn't been too bad as long as Teddy doesn't jump up …
  • McStanley said: @Hughesy and @MBKF1 OK, I'm sorry and I'm not on drugs. McStanley Meant my dog, not you lol.