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  • Agree, in D4 when set to manual wipers you still get that intermittent swipe which is a distraction.  Have the stage begin with the setting off and let me turn them on when I need them. 3 speeds only please: Intermittent, normal, and fast.  Also, p…
  • I’ve got the chance to get a PSVR headset at discount from a family member that works for Sony, but if there was no discount I wouldn’t bother yet. Too pricey, not enough games supported, there’s the chance it’ll make me ill, and I already have enou…
  • This has probably been discovered by one of the DiRT-o-philes already, but I just realized why the ‘95 Subaru and Stratos have their odometers set to ‘8768’. 68 for the year Colin McRae was born, and 87 for his first year in WRC.   ‘8568’ would ha…
  • I have my own “COME ON” moments too.  Like when you graze a bush or something with the Delta in cockpit view and the hood (or bonnet) obstructs your view. And then, it’s still attached to the car starting the next stage. Why doesn’t someone pound it…
  • Maybe poor Grist was knocked unconscious or is dazed and confused from the multiple rolls.  That kind of driving would result in a DNF anyway, but hey, it’s just a game.
  • Surprised that nobody has asked Kylotonn if they are planning on DLC.  Maybe that’s where the Audi and Subaru models are hiding.
  • D4 ‘Your Stage’ really comes alive when mixing up the times of day and weather conditions. Arrange a Rally where all the stages head directly into the rising or setting sun.  Or create a Rally where the weather gets progressively worse as the event …
  • Got the ‘Sweaty’ trophy achievement several weeks past.  I wanted to mention that 25 events came more quickly than I would have thought. I have a suspicion it requires completing 25 stages, not necessarily 25 ‘events’. Does the number of stages per…
  • Sepponaattori said: cjr3559 said: BorisTheFrog said: mkgamernfs said: I'm not playing D4 anymore, I went back to the old CMR and WRC games which are miles better. There's no point in playing the game after you beat th…
  • BorisTheFrog said: mkgamernfs said: I'm not playing D4 anymore, I went back to the old CMR and WRC games which are miles better. There's no point in playing the game after you beat the triple crown series anyway. You could have a …
  • DiRT 4 could be my first PS Platinum ever, but the ‘Complete 25 Events in Pro Tour’ achievement is kicking my butt.  Not even sure how many I’ve completed (maybe 5 or 6?) but the long waits are killing me. Otherwise the mode is fun.  Not as much c…
  • I’d like to create stages in Freeplay or Clubs that have wet conditions but the sun is shining; i.e., conditions in which it appears it just rained.  There are stages like this in the career mode, why can’t we have them in Your-stage.
  • Julo264 said: I read this article and got a big **** in my mind. Until it gets to the DiRT Rally part, it's critical but somehow in small percentage, accurate. But then author starts writing about DiRT Rally: "It was before Christmas 2015, whe…
  • er185 said: Bigben has said this about the next WRC game Hi there. As you know, the Kylotonn Team has grown a lot in the past few years, even opening a second studio. They are able to handle different projects at the same time, but for 2018, l…
  • I’ve wondered if ‘boastful’ is a positive or negative trait. Are they confident or cocky?
  • I use whatever configuration that came with the car and call it a day.  It’s not always possible to be 100% accurate, but you won’t catch me paddle shifting with Fulvias and H-shifting on Fiestas.
  • Monkeyman707 said: Woo it's finally official. Been expecting this announcement for quite some time. I'm so excited to see the generated stages in competitive play, it just seems like a great fit But man it starts in like a week. Gotta go get p…
  • This could be the inspiration behind having Michigan as a rally location in D4. https://youtu.be/9JZ6zWCFD6c https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Press-on-Regardless_Rally
  • Semi recently the DiRT 4 website seems to have a formatting issue. Not sure if I’m the only one that sees this. I use an iPad mini.   Unfortunately I can’t upload a screenshot.
  • I had the same issue on the Group B weekly event this week. Resulted in DNF.  The other weekly and the dailies have been fine. Haven’t started the monthly yet.