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  • Roggenbr0t said: Sorry if this has already been answered, but I just took a look at 2.0's pre-order-stuff and am kind of confused. What's up with the part about the Opel Kadett? Does it work like with the Porsche in that you can't access the c…
  • bogani said: Will the 'day one edition' only be available at the beginning or will that be available later on as well? If it is I really see no problem.  Its only For Pre-order and realase date, after that, only way is to buy separatly P…
  • bogani said: No livery editor at launch according to Jon on Instagram!  That Does Sound, like, Livery Editor will give much more Freedom this time, thats very good news, for Us Console Players
  • Great, the list of Cars seems to be like Dirt 4, with few new additions.. Dirt 4 had 55 Cars, minus Landrush (3) vehicle = 52  In first Stream Show, they said there will be  Crosscar RX, Super 1600 RX , Rx Lite and Supercars Rx  I assume there will…
  • tbtstt said: sqdstr said: dani211212 said: intresting, in Live stream, They said we will have one or two Colin cars, i was wondering wich one?  Now that we have Cossack Escort, i think most likley we get Subaru 555 (confimed S…
  • Snaky115 said: Wait, stream, where? Ah poo, i fell asleep forgetting about it. Its older stream. here link at 18:45 is that part
  • intresting, in Live stream, They said we will have one or two Colin cars, i was wondering wich one?  Now that we have Cossack Escort, i think most likley we get Subaru 555 (confimed SUBARU 1995) and Ford Sierra rs (or they caunt it as Jimmys car?) i…
  • JorritVD said: Could 12 rallies be like different seasons? Like Michigan being both gravel and snow and Spain having Tarmac and Gravel rallies. Seems for me an effective way to get more rallies, but with less resources. I like the Idea, …
  • Job3k said: Looks very noice  Rating it 9/11. Gameplay pls 🙏🏻🙏🏻 @ChristinaMc may i ask, is this livery made by hand, or its new livery pattern from myteam?
  • Cool , there will be some Village section in some stages confirmation by @ChristinaMc https://www.reddit.com/r/dirtgame/comments/9nm1d2/i_have_an_important_question_for_codemasters/
  • https://twitter.com/dirtgame/status/1054749287723102208
  • Sadly this time not Car, just confirmation from Ross for   R2 Class.. https://www.redbull.com/gb-en/6-professional-tops-to-help-you-succeed-in-dirt-20
  • @tbtstt here is video with Ford Fiesta r5 for reference
  • Argentina looks incredible, can someone recognize car (or livery) from video
  • Now that @Kickup is not here around to answer questions.. i dont know who to ask. About career mode, will we have teammate this time? (for team championship points) and second about Livery editor, will we have more freedom? or if its same system, at…
  • @tbtstt Here is post with pic of  Opel Manta 400
  • Now that we know Ryan Champion is involving in Dirt Rally 2.0 Hope Codies have Scaned His Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX or The Lancer WRC 2005 if He still got Him,
  • sqdstr said: RodgerDavies said: KingOfCoins said: I don't mind fantasy cars as long as they adhere to the homologation rules of the class and seem realistic. I sort of want an Ibiza R5 after driving the RX version in DiRT 4 …
  • Lawstorant said: From the sith axis interview: Argentina’s a good one, New Zealand, Poland and Australia are what we’ve got for loose surfaces Noice. So USA and Spain will be mainly Tarmac.  Or the USA will be Snow stages?
  • new Road Book http://blog.codemasters.com/community/10/dirt-rally-road-book-05-10-18/