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  •    https://www.stuff.co.nz/sport/motorsport/109370937/no-world-rally-championship-ride-for-kiwi-driver-hayden-paddon-in-2019
  • Would be amazing to have some unrestricted modern rally cars, like the AP4++ 680hp spec i20 of Hayden Paddon - 'better than WRC spec' with no licensing issues https://www.facebook.com/paddonrallysport/posts/here-he-is-barry-20-680bhp-hyundai-ap4-wi…
  • Yes, those sprays of strange metal/plastic during impacts in Dirt4 are really annoying and shout GAME! every time I see them...the bits that fall off in Dirt Rally are much nicer, so I hope they go that way in DR2
  • no helicopters, replays, external views or VR in my version please - don't use any of that stuff. thnx
  • Day One edition of Dirt 4 had the Hyundai R5 which can be purchased on Steam for $2.99, so presumably the Porsche will be something similar... so pre-order is a saving, not an exclusive. And the deluxe version includes the first 2 DLC's which again …
  • Totally recommend for DR and D4 https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/simhub-diy-sim-racing-dash.10252/ Great use for a spare Android or iPhone as just uses web browser for dash. Will even display a map of the stage in the dash
  • F2CMaDMaXX said: No, the info so far says it's not real time. However, i only saw one place mention 3 states, and the producer didn't seem to say that to be the case. this interview with Ross Gowling describes the 3 states based on runn…
  • JZStudios said: Dytut said: F2CMaDMaXX said: I think there are going to be some nice surprises on the car front and i'm sure that the handling will excite people the way it should do Are you implying.... Toyota? …
  • JZStudios said: F2CMaDMaXX said: LOL So, Scion is (was) the "trendy" brand of Toyota, think Lexus being the luxury version of Toyota. The BRZ exists because it was part of the engine deal Subaru has with Toyota for the FRS. It's bas…