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  • dwkGravey said: Fedemaisonnave said: Toyota will win Manufacturers and Drivers next year with ease sadly. I wouldn't rule out Ogier in the C3. At this point I wouldn't rule out Ogier on a bicycle TBH. Mads have shown tha…
  • Evans has been miserable tbh, yea he has given up places for Seb, but he hasn't been near podium places  anyways. Only Mikkelsen has been bigger disappointment this year. Evans only chance is that no one else will show up with big wallet and snag hi…
  • At this point, looking current pace of our drivers- Ott will miss title by 1p (including 5p from PS and as Toyotas, Citroen and Hyundai drivers are all faster than Ogier) I woke up my wife with my yelling when I saw Breen accident live. I hope the  …
  • Dytut said: https://www.autosport.com/wrc/news/140050/hyundai-gives-neuville-19-engine-for-title-bid Gaaaaaaah! Please don't let it be decided by an engine failure. For either of them. It's a suprise isn't it, couple of weeks ago I was …
  • Aparently Huttunen was testin i20 WRC today, possible rounds in 4th car next year? Also Gus Greensmith to MSport? Is Wilson going back to training youngsters for other teams? 
  • #NoLiveryeditorNoBuy ?                              
  • Dytut said: Just because I want to be silly during silly season. Peugeot leaves WRX for 2019. Loeb wants something do to but gets tired of PSA. Malcolm sneaks in and offers him a drive at M-Sport for 2019  As much as I would like…
  • Toyota is most dominant team in 2019 tbh, I just hope, these three can get along in the same team. I really want to see Breen and Paddon in Ford now - maybe they under performing is just their old team car not suitable to them. Same to Kris 
  • quite disappointing that Tour de Corse is still in and Japan will not happen, imo thous mountain roads are awesome there and Tore de Corse is weakest and most boring round of current calendar.
  • kellemann said: juu1ius said: so what are you guys arguing about exactly ? My point was, that there was a hint, that D4 failure was thanks to VR implementation  for Dirt Rally and that's not clearly true.  And you know this how?…
  • so what are you guys arguing about exactly ? My point was, that there was a hint, that D4 failure was thanks to VR implementation  for Dirt Rally and that's not clearly true. 
  • SirPhilMcKraken said: RallyDriven said: Anyone else having trouble logging in via mobile? I accidentally signed out of my account and it wont let me sign back in! Yeah I'm having this issue on mobile, can't sign in at all. Also …
  • Official support came later, thats true, but it was WORKING before, that means most of the development was done long before the official release and from day1 it was working perfectly.
  • Dirt Rally had VR support quite early, I can't remember when exactly, but if I remember correctly, it was even before Finland was added, Oculus CV1 release was months away. So it wasn't clearly nothing to do with implementing VR to DR and Dirt4 deve…
  • anyways, it's not homologated, so there's a chance for Opel's R5, but has that car ever competed anywhere?
  • I'm not sure how Mitshubishi Mirage R5 licensed in D4, but isn't there's possibility for Opel R5 also? Afaik Mitshubishi haven't homogolated that car?
  • so another rumor - https://www.facebook.com/mwmsports/posts/879718102227794 Breen has offers from M-SPort 2+1y or Toyota, interesting choices. I would go for Toyota i guess - fast car, great budget and even better possibility to over come disappoint…
  • Tbh, there are some examples who are quite toxic against pro-VR, that's all. All the meme's and hinted jokes when thing have calmed down. I get it, it's internet, but I haven't noticed this kind of behavior here in past. I hope most VR supporters ar…
  • Aaron Kaufman & Krista Skucas at Olympus Rally 21st May 18
  • JZStudios said: I've tried VR and I wasn't that impressed by it. It certainly didn't make me feel anything much more than my triple monitors do, except I don't look like an idiot sitting at my desk and my face doesn't get sweaty. When I'm driving…