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  • Addressed some issues with sharing ADSL line connections Thanks!
  • A little update. Going to try printing this version at the weekend!  
  • Good to know this is being looked into. We tried to play again over the weekend with the new patch and its not any better yet. We end up giving up and playing something else.
  • Matchmaking is still a bit sketchy and can fail forcing you to either restart the game or return to the menu to reconnect. It does seem a lot better in general though. It would be nice to be able to still leave matchmaking after it goes to game fou…
  • I do agree with what you say about the online competitive side of things. Relic fell into the same trap with Dawn of War 3 by simplifying it and turning it into a MOBA style game. You can see the backlash from that just by looking at their blog and …
  • The problem is there are multiple races going on at once so it can not pick a track to suite a particular person. It does not seem very balanced though as I played the workshop one 5 times in a row. One solution might be to have the track selection…
  • AI in all online modes is one of the great things about this game. So many games I loved over the years are unplayable because they go for the online match making model and there are no players. The fact AI is there means you can still play any mode…
  • Hi I have had the same problem. I am not sure if it is two PS4 on the same network or just the party mode in general. The whole game is unstable online at the moment even when playing alone. We got round this by just picking the same mode to play …
  • Good * AI. They are really good and challenging in both race and battle. * Graphics. Look good and do the job. * Battle mode is a fun break from racing * Hungry Hippos * Online play is fun when it works. Bad * Online stability. Currently very bad…
  • I think the single player side of things needs fleshing out the biggest problem is there is no championship mode. The AI are pretty good in this game so adding a championship mode should not be too difficult. There are only 10 tracks with a lot o…
  • Yeah this needs to be patched in ASAP. Who thought taking you back to the menu each time would be a good idea its just a waste of time.
  • What I found so far The core problem is online play in general is buggy and unstable. * Online play often does not connect after finding a game leaving you stuck waiting to join a game that is never going to start. * The sever went down completely …