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  • Looks like there will be some new gameplay showcased in Milano this weekend :  https://twitter.com/ESLItaly/status/1072793181538856961
  • RodgerDavies said: Someone suggested earlier that 28 is likely 4x per location, because reverse stages need their own pacenotes. Which would make 7 locations, which sounds about right. I think the french (belgian, in fact) codriver didn…
  • Safari Because there is no african rally in the game yet. And Safari would be different.
  • floriansimonin said: I don't know if this information has already been shared but Stéphane Prévot (Belgian co-driver) announced that in an interview :  "La société Codemasters m’a contacté pour traduire et dicter les notes pour le nouveau jeu …
  • edgenz said: Onboard footage is starting to come through from the Raglan Rally over the weekend. This video shows the Whaanga stage (in reverse based on the gameplay we've seen). Would love to see the camber of the corners in game increased - y…
  • Yup, I'm posting suggestions that can be made with just a few programmers. If they released 4 whole new tracks, then they cans do that too (except if these tracks have been made for a future canceled DLC by the original team). So another thing that…
    in Onrush 2.0 Comment by toninus October 10
  • 2 are confirmed, but they say they have plans for more if the game is succesful.
  • True, a lot of websites said tracks, so I tought it was tracks. But it's even better if it's locations ! So seasons 3 and 4, 1 rally + 1 hillclimb ?   
  • Yup, and probably 2 more in the first 2 seasons, and all the championship if seasons 3 and 4 happen. Which means the 2 other tracks of the DLCs will be 2 stages in a new country to rally on. And also that every country will only have 2 tracks (+ sp…
  • The devs were fired, that's right. But some people at Codemasters are still working on the game. And aside new content, I hope they will also rething the way the game is played. Adding a main game mode that is FFA and race (not deathmatch) based wou…
    in Onrush 2.0 Comment by toninus October 3
  • Am I the only one who prefers the way trees were rendered in Dirt Rally than in Dirt 4 / DR2.0 ? In DR1 the lighting was softer on the leaves. In D4 / DR2.0, its kinda sharper and make the leaves look weird especially from some distance... Except m…
  • Road gravel on New-Zealand tracks should be black / dark grey, but not brown.
  • Counter says 7 miles wich is 11 kms. If each country has 3 or 4 tracks like this it will be great ! On Gamestar they say the DLCs will bring countries back from older episodes. If the tracks are new then it's cool, otherwise... Not only fans should…
  • jeuvideo.com has some gameplay preview too (in french) http://www.jeuxvideo.com/videos/gaming-live/929804/dirt-rally-2-0-on-fait-le-point-sur-les-sensations-de-conduite.htm
  • I'd be happy with 50 kms in every 6 locations (not counting reverses and sprints). + 3-4 new countries as DLCs. Michigan Lake superior rally with actual bright autumn colors (not brown boring trees like Dirt 4) + mixed surface would be fun !
  • Then let's go for Austria (snow + asphalt), Japan (asphalt) and Morrocco (gravel/sand/asphalt) Morrocco is really beautiful, with these red rocks and palm trees : 
  • If Monte-Carlo isn't possible, they can replace it by Austria :  Michigan under snow would be sweet. Poland on asphalt as well. I hope Spain will be both asphalt and dirt.
  • I'd love to see one new track per existing country as free additional content. But I'd also like two or three new countries as DLCs (reasonnably priced, not half the price of the existing game which has 6 countries + more). There are some kind of t…
  • I'd say main priority is rally, one more country (Safari or Indonesia / Malysia : something with real mud !) and a 3rd long special (with reverse and shorter variants) per country would be nice. of course 2 more countries would be even better (Austr…
  • My feed : BUGS :  - Sometimes the menu is not responding and I have to kill the task VISUALS :  - That's pretty nice overall, nothing revolutionary from the previous Codemasters games, but it does the job. Would like some more specific elements in…