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  • peekabooicu123
    I have been having a huge issue with the force feedback on this game.
    When the game was released the force feedback was the best i have ever felt on any f1 game.
    On release i was using 100 ffb and 85 wheel weight but over the last few months i have noticed the force feedback has become terrible.
    The feedback from the road i.e bumps is still perfect its the feedback through corners that is really suffering.
    I have now had to turn my ffb up to 150 and wheel weight at 100 and still very light.
    Ive updated the firmware for my wheel and even sent it back to thrustmaster to make sure everything is working correct which it is.
    Ive even used my friend wheel and he has the same issues so it is 100% a fault in game.
    Could you please tell me if there is something coming in the future to rectify this issue.
    Its frustrating that i have spent over £500 on my wheel and setup and game feels terrible to play when you had it perfect on release.
    January 5
  • mlbc1
    Hi, would really appreciate some feed back on ffb loss. My self and 2 other friends are on Xbox one F12017 using thrustmaster tx. We have all experienced massive loss of ffb. To the point that it is unplayable. We are literally hanging on your response to this. Please we need a fix.
    many thanks 
    January 4
  • DamienChrustek
    hi @jennyannem 
    sorry to bother you, FOM has blocked a video that I was doing the commentary for a league site. 
    Is it possible to get this video unblocked please, I would really appreciate it if this is unblocked, thank you. There is my POV:
    December 2017
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    Thanks for sticking with us for 2 years.
    December 2017