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jennyannem Community Manager


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  • willian2011
    Good morning Jennyannem, codemasters can put REPLAY in online mode? thank you.
    November 13
  • emiack76
    Well it’s pretty disgraceful that you haven’t even acknowledged the enquiry!

    Unbelievable that you actually use the title of manager on your description as you’ve managed to do nothing. 

    Many thanks for saying nothing as it’s encouraged me to return your broken game and claimed a refund. I’ve been a codies fan since the toca touring car games but never imagined that there employees would act in such a disrespectful manner to customers who ultimately pay your salaries. 

    So great work in managing to drive customers away. 

    November 6
  • RhinoCharging00
    Hello, Jenny.

    I'm assuming, or rather hoping, that you are very busy and simply haven't got to my message from yesterday?

    I don't think you would ignore me, so I'm left waiting I guess?

    I am still invisible to the forum as of 8.30 p.m Friday 3rd November '17.

    It's been at least 4 days now.

    I hope you can shed some light for me, or can pass it to someone who can?

    Thanks again.
    November 3
  • emiack76

    Hope you’ve had a coffee today? 

    Anything in the way of an answer today. Go on it is Friday? 

    Will anything change with the MTC? Revert back to pre patch 1.9? 

    Just a response, yes or no but not both. 
    November 3
  • emiack76

    Would you know of any person or persons within your company that could answer? 

    Community manager, is that your actual job title? In your company. 
    November 2
  • emiack76

    what’s the chances today of telling me if the traction control nerf is going to be reverted.?
    November 1
  • isolaaa
    HI JENNY!! Is that possible to set sainz to renault, get off Palmer and put Gasly and Hartley in Toro Rosso?? The MOD is the web are really not good and shutdown the game. THANKSFULL
    October 31
  • emiack76

    If you’re the community manager? Couldn’t make a decision to answer my question? 
    October 31
  • Andrew7778
    I play f1 2017 on an Xbox one .... my career will not load from the saved file ... it shows it is there , then it gives options , to load it says hit the Y " yellow" button on the control pad .... I do but it just makes a small noise and nothing else ?
    October 30
  • emiack76
    It’s showing you’ve been activate so I would imagine that the question has registered. 

    Any chance of a response.?
    October 30
  • emiack76
    Will the medium traction control nerf be reverted to pre patch 1.9. 

    A simple yes or no? 

    I would then stop asking the same question for the past couple of weeks without response. 
    October 30
  • knight2009
    How can i activate Spectator UI on xbox
    October 15
  • JAS0N69
    Is there any chance of something being put in the game where you can download and share setups for the cars? It's just I play casually and don't have hours to tweak the car and get the right set up? Just a wonder. 
    October 3
  • matecross
    (F1 2017)
    September 27
  • Krisz0816

    Please check this video, and correct this fail..:)
    August 30
  • giwlleh
    Hello Jennyannem,

    i found a bug in F1 2017. I play on PS4 Pro with your latest Patch 1.07. Here the infos: I drive the first season with willians and winning the word championship. After the season on beginning Season 2 i change in my driver settings my starting number on the one (1) because i was world champion. (wondurfull made by codemasters). But now i dont have the number one (1) on my car. i have number zero (0). I changed to team mercedes. Please fix this bug. Im very dissapointed about that because Iam the wordchampion and i want to see my numer one (1) on my car.

    Please give me an short answer. 
    Greetings from Germany

    P.S: Thank you for the wonderful game. It is the best formula 1 game ever. I loved the slider for difficult. But please stay on to fis the bugs!! 
    September 22