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  • Atjays
    Hello Jenny. I am part of the 2017 Xbox beta and also getting the permission denied when trying to access the beta discussion forum listed in my beta invite. I was told you could assist with this.

    thank you!
    July 21
  • wvrmaster
    Hi, Jenny.

    I bought F1 2016 for PC and the game crashes all the time after I hear the businesswoman's message in career mode. I can not take it anymore! I took a photo where the game crashes.

    My DXDiag 

    Please fix this! Will there be another Patch for F1 2016 released? Thanks.
    July 20
  • yannick00g
    hi jenny is there any chance to have the f1 2017 beta? my pin is yannickPRO00 
    thank you so much
    July 20
  • DamienChrustek
    Hi Jenny.

    is there any chance to get single player access now??

    I'm just wondering if I can test it as well.
    July 18
  • Mcbound
    Hello, I'm doing the Ps4 beta for F1 2017 and wanted to write things I'd seen on the forum, I was told to contact you not sure what details you may need .
    July 17
  • f1racer09PRL
    Jenny I have no access to the Beta feedback forum from my email. Could u help me out please???
    July 17
  • Nsoo
    Could you approve me for the beta forum topic? 
    Thanks a lot. 
    July 16
  • FlyByNightt
    Hi! I was selected to be an F1 2017 Beta Tester, but I was on Vacation halfway across the globe hen I received the email. I came home excited to try it out today, only to see that it's telling me the code is no longer valid! 

    What can I do to fix this?
    July 16
  • thombrouwer90
    Hi Jenny,
    Unfortunately I have not been picked as a beta tester for 2 years in a row. If you are still looking for more beta testers, I would love to participate! Hit me up :)
    July 14
  • Lockheat
    I have another great PC driver for you to test the beta F1 2017.
    All required info is in hand so please send me a PM and I will provide you this info.
    Thanks in advance.
    Greetings Rob (Lockheat)
    July 14
  • blacotelli

    Looking through I've noticed there is alot of people having the same issue as myself of not being able to get into the beta forum? Any chance of a fix for this?
    July 13
  • Dafoerster1
    Can I still sign up to the F1 2017 beta?

    If Yes, can You send Me a Link to do this.

    Thank You for Reading this
    July 13
  • Lockheat
    Hi Mate, Friend of mine (also league driver wants to participate). PC Driver. 
    Youre site is down (error 404), so he can't sign up there.
    Nationality: Dutch
    Email: sjors98@ziggo.nl
    Name: Sjors van Vliet
    Wheel: Trustmaster T150+logitech G25 pedals
    PC CPU: I5    Graphics card: RX470

    Please let me know something, he is really enthousiastic about this.
    July 12
  • IcelandTBR
    'Hello Jenny, i've heard from a Steam friend there are more beta testers needed for F1 2017, and i'd like to Sign Up.

    Thanks for your time.

    Chris from USA
    July 12
  • JuIien2395
    Hello Jenny,
    Will we be able to post video from the Beta after the real stuff is done? Like a preview build for example like last year, so youtubers can show some footage of the game to the world.
    July 12
  • MettenNL
    Hello Jenny,
    Looking through your messages I see a couple of people with the same problem. I'm unable to acces the f1 2017 beta forum due to a permission problem. The Beta code worked just fine. Hope you can help me out. Thanks in advance. 
    With kind regards,
    July 12
  • Figui071C
    Hi Jenny, i've got a friend who loves your f1 games and  it would be a fantastic beta tester. His user is Josecv98
    July 11
    Hi Jenny I've got 4 people in my league that would like to join the beta program, what info do you need? Email and gamertags? Thanks.
    July 11
  • Hushi123
    I would like to recommend someone for the new beta list. He is on ps4 by the username of fifamaxim123. He is a pretty good player and has his own league. He is on vacation and can thus put in a lot of time into testing. Thanks anywAys,
    Dedicated f1 fan.
    July 11
  • Wielinga046
    Hi Jenny.

    Is it still possible to intoduce people so hé get acces to The beta ? For testing multiplayer 

    Many kind regards cliff 
    July 11
  • DrumTank1
    Hello Jenny,
    I uploaded a video of a league race From F1 2016 For the Playstation 4 that I participated in on Monday June 19th to YouTube, but it was taken down due to a Codemasters copyright infringement. I am not sure I understand why it was taken down. Here is a link to my video  Another video of mine was taken down as well, Here's the link ; 

    June 21
  • hunter1909
    Hello jenny,

    with the f1 2017 beta is everything fine, but I bought Dirt 4 yesterday and was shocked... I am using the Thrustmaster t500rs and had to notice, that this wheel is always reconnecting. I saw the problem the people talking about at the forum, but please tell me that you and your whole crew is working on that issue. Paying 70€ would be a huge bad investment. But the game looks amazing and I want to play it. Please tell me something. In best case that you are working on that issue.

    June 15
  • roberto28
    Dear Jenny,

    i was wondering why the official TV HUD is not included into the new game as the official F1 intro is?

    Thanks in advance!

    Robert  (The Netherlands)
    June 14
  • LesCook

    can you use F1 with three monitors#


    June 14
    Please provide a list of pro updates to your loyal fans.  Regards
    June 13
  • STIG90
    Hello . Is it possible to got a test code? 
    June 13
  • cheech219360
    sort the f1 general forum out thanks loads of spam post that has note todo with f1 
    June 13
  • d1go
    Good morning. I'm having the same problem of the other guys here. I would like to leave my feedback after the beta trial but I cannot access the beta drivers paddock ("Permission problem").
    If you can help me it would be highly appreciated. Thank you very much and have a nice day!
    June 5
  • XRP

    I participated in the F12017 closed beta. Where is the appropriate place on the forum to provide technical feedback on the game?

    June 2
  • Legard47
    Jennyannem... Can you please help.... I cannot get into the F1 2017 beta drivers paddock also the code that was emailed to me to download the beta version on the PS store is not working...   thank you in advance 
    June 2