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    May 25
  • Junddu
    I have the same issua as ConnorPearce. I have also been accepted for the first stage of the Beta programme. Still no codes for me neither. Would be very nice to get the codes as soon as possible.
    All codes should have been sent out yesterday right? Hope you get this fixed soon, thanks.
    May 24
    • ConnorPearce
      I know this is so frustrating knowing that most people have received their codes already. Ive tried contacting them several times today, what console are you awaiting for codes for?
    • Junddu
      Yes it is. I contacted them already yesterday via email but no one has answered me yet. I am using PS4, and you?
    • ConnorPearce
      I'm on Xbox was just curious if it was only on one platform that people had not received beta test codes but clearly not the case
    • Junddu
      I think the codes should be sent per email, so the platform is probably not the problem.
    • d1go
      Did you guys check if you ticked the box with the permission to be contacted by CM for the beta trial in your profile settings? This could be the problem...
    • Junddu
      Yes I have rechecked it several times and everything should be correct in my profile settings.
    • Junddu
      CM sended me the codes so everything is ok now.
  • nummer92
    Hey jenny! I dont have received my beta key yet. I already contacted you guys yesterday via email, and I was told I should send them my forum username and my email adress. So I did. But since then I heard nothing from them. So can you tell me please what I can do to receive my beta key? Tomorrow is a holiday in my country, so I would love to test the beta a lot.
    May 24
  • d1go

    Good morning Jennyannem. I don't know if you can somehow help me but I will try. Last month I've been selected for the F1 2017 beta testing program. My email is this one (balhrog@hotmail.it, my platform is PlayStation 4, my PSN ID: d1go). I've read that beta codes have been sent yesterday and I just realized that the box with with the permission to contact me via e-mail for the beta testing wasn't ticked. What can I do to receive my code? (I'm reading right now that other people are also having problems wih their codes, we just have to wait?).

    Thank you very much for your help and have a nice day.

    May 24
  • ConnorPearce
    Hello Jennyannem, i have been accepted for the first stage of the Beta Test and i am yet to receive my codes. Just want to know what i need to get them sent out to me, it would be greatly appreciated if you could help me fix this issue.
    Thank you,
    May 24
  • RICKWR88
    Hello Jennyannem. I have a question that you may have the answer for. I am the Owner of a F1 league and recently my drivers and I are victim of harassment from 4 players who contently changing their PSN Profile name every time we block them.Is there a way that we can block the IP Address of those players from joining our session no Mather what name they are using. I did contact Play Station and they told me to contact the game maker for this situation so I am kind of lost now.
    Can you help me with that please
    Thank you
    April 16
  • JamesPin23

    So my other account go into the beta, with the email 'sidewaysnismo@outlook.com' and I was wandering if you could change the email to 'jamespinsker@hotmail.com' as it is my main email, and I find it very hard to track threads such as that, on my business email. Many thanks

    April 14
  • galactikskull2
    would love to have signed up to the beta for f1 2017 but i missed the chance to sign up :(

    April 13
  • joe0503
    Hi Jenny....
    Just wondering when beta codes will be announced and sent out to those fortunate enough to have a code
    April 11
    • jennyannem
      Hey, those who are successful will be told shortly.
  • iCoffeeCat
    For the Android platform, I am using a Pixel C on Nougat 7.1.2 with the Vulkan API. Am a Registered Android Developer and have participated in many Alpha and Beta programs, both open and close, with and without NDA. This device runs on the nVidia Tegra X1 SoC and after a year on the market is still ahead of it's time and I believe would be a good candidate for the 2017 Release of F1 Racing.

    Glad to be of service

    March 27