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mtakalaGD New Car Smell


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  • Hoo
    Thanks for the info. I've passed this onto the code team. I'll let you know if they come back with anything.
    January 29
  • Hoo
    Hi there,

    Regarding your post about SimuCUBE support in F1 2017, it'd be great if you could share up the full crash log for us. Also, some additional information about where it is crashing would be useful:
    • When does the game crash (on startup, when setting up the action map, in game, etc.)?
    • Does it crash on a specific input like steering or throttle?
    • If the wheel crashes during Gameplay, it would be interesting to see if disabling force feedback does anything?
    • Does the device fully support direct input?
    • Did the previous firmware version support F1 2017? 


    January 29
    • mtakalaGD
      Thanks for contacting me.

      I can upload the full crash log in a few hours.

      Game works correctly in all configuration screens, but usually just freezes right after user is supposed to get control of the car. Sometimes, however, user can drive the car even for a minute or even two, but the crash is still happening.

      Crash is like a freeze, and requires a lot of alt-tabbing and magic dancing to get it to shut down.

      I have narrowed down this as follows: If I set my firmware to not send any positional updates (HID reports) to PC, the game does not crash. So its something to do with the reports, or how the firmware is sending them, or how F1 2017 is parsing them.

      Device does support most features of DirectInput. However, commands related to "actuators enabled / disabled / trigger enabled" are not parsed at the firmware side as of now. Another indicator that most of the things work, is that all other current FFB game titles are working well.

      Previous firmware for STM32F4 Discovery evaluation board was called MMOS, and it was made by some hobbyist. We designed SimuCUBE to be fully compatible with that firmware. Our own new firmware fully utilizes all peripherals on our SimuCUBE circuit board, and is much more integrated solution.

      Lets hope we can solve this issue, whether it is on our firmware side or in your excellent F1 game.