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  • Re: F1 2017: No night in Bahrein and Abu Dhabi on 25% races

    I remember even Test Drive Le Mans on Dreamcast used to speed up the day to night cycle for the 24 hour race when you chose to do the race in, say, a 10 minute time frame.

    Shame this feature seems to have been lost in this years F1 title. Not a deal breaker but does beg the question "why was it changed?"
  • Re: There are no more Safety Car or even Virtual Safety Car after last patch from 08.09.2017

    From yesterday I finished 10 races 25% lenght and there is no SC or VSC. You think that I am lieing? If You want do not believe me.
    Where are the savegame files do someone knows?
    I don't doubt you. I believe you. But it's not impossible to do 10 races without an incident that warrants a safety car either. I'm asking whether you are seeing big crashes / incidents which should bring out a SC but you're not getting it?
  • Re: Micro Machines World Series - v1.05. Found a bug? Post it here!

    I love all of your feedback though this forum has been dead for quite a while now. I'm not sure if this means that the entire game is going to just die off or whether we're ever going to see some updates.
    Just to comment on some things you noted (and add a voice to support them):

    - Lag is still a big issue. I've lost races due to it. My game slows to a crawl while everyone else just drives past me to victory.

    - They said they were working on a lobby ages ago... nothing mentioned about it since? Are we going to get it?

    - Drop / discard weapon button would be useful for sure. As it is I just keep firing the weapon until I lose it.

    - I'd love to see more leaderboards with performance stats, race wins, lap times etc. I mentioned something like this in an earlier comment I made.

    - Adding more tracks is an absolute must. There are only 9 tracks for online racing and 10 for local.

    - Getting rid of Battle mode... I can't see them doing that. However you've raised a brilliant point here. The whole game seems to have been built around the Battle mode (their big push towards online multiplayer arena gameplay) while the racing (the core ingredient that made previous MM games great) was a mere afterthought. It's a shame that they seemed to have prioritised Battle mode. Because the racing is brilliant fun. We desperately need more tracks. MM2 on the Megadrive had a good 30 tracks. This one - in 2017 with our 4K hardware and multi core processors - has 10. It's an area which badly needs some attention.
  • Re: F1 Game Noob needs a helping hand

    I can agree here. I was lost with a lot of the multi-functional display and pit radio stuff in particular. It has taken me several races just to figure most of those out. And even now when offered a suggested change of pit strategy mid-race, I'm still in a panic trying to say "yes" or "no" to it at full speed while trying to read the instructions provided on-screen. It just gets a bit crazy.

    A decent manual would have solved 90% of these teething issues. The tutorial videos are helpful, sure, but they don't go into enough detail.
  • Re: Why are people making such a big deal by the smallest of bugs

    I understand F1 2017 is not perfect but some people are to critical of what is one of the best games in the codemasters F1 series. I have over 7 hours of gameplay and the only bug i have encountered which i think for a game which released days ago is not bad at all. The fact people on this forum are threatning to boycott the game is insulting to the people that made the game. I know the online is messed up but codemasters are actively trying to find ways to address this and other bugs you may encounter

    I haven't seen any bugs as of yet. I've got well over 24 hours of race time in. 
    Same. Have not seen a single bug or glitch in the game yet and I have nearly 20 hours done myself. No idea what even a quarter of the people on here are complaining about!