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  • Re: Thanks Codemasters

    Going to add my voice of support for the game here too. I'm absolutely loving it so far on PC.
    The bug with the AI posting bulls**t lap times in Practice and Qualifying is irritating as hell but it's about the only complaint I have. I'm sure once they iron out most of the initial issues (most of which they've resolved already) this will be next on their list of fixes.

    Thanks for this years F1 release guys! Absolutely loving the classic cars, the R&D tree, the visuals are outstanding on PC and overall the game plays really well. Nice job!
  • Re: Why are people making such a big deal by the smallest of bugs

    I understand F1 2017 is not perfect but some people are to critical of what is one of the best games in the codemasters F1 series. I have over 7 hours of gameplay and the only bug i have encountered which i think for a game which released days ago is not bad at all. The fact people on this forum are threatning to boycott the game is insulting to the people that made the game. I know the online is messed up but codemasters are actively trying to find ways to address this and other bugs you may encounter

    I haven't seen any bugs as of yet. I've got well over 24 hours of race time in. 
    Same. Have not seen a single bug or glitch in the game yet and I have nearly 20 hours done myself. No idea what even a quarter of the people on here are complaining about!