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  • Re: The Formula 1 Stuff Thread

    Wow, I love all the hate for Ericsson from some people. Genuine hatred for someone who's cash has probably kept Sauber in the sport long enough for this to happen and give Leclerc his shot. 
    And he isn't even that terrible, he was only just beaten by Werhlein, and importantly, he wasn't crashing into anyone, just quietly going about his business. I'm actually interested to see how he might perform in a car that can actually do something, he's had awful back markers his entire career. I'm not expecting much of course, but after this display I really hope he surprises us, somehow.  

    And sure, I'd like to see someone with more potential in that car, but I really don't understand the vile attitude towards him from some fans.
  • Re: The Formula 1 Stuff Thread

    He's proud of that logo? Funniest thing I've read all day.
  • Re: 2017 Mexicolan Grand Prix

    Oh, and now he's gone and said this.

    What. A. *****.
  • Re: The Formula 1 Stuff Thread

    I do agree that Hamilton is arrogant. The way he talks I think is sometimes rude. He also seems full of himself. To me when I look at Hamilton with all the things he says, all of the constant parties, it seems to me he is just trying to fill his life with things that don't mean much. There was an article on F1 website about him living everyday as his last. It was kind of sad.
    First of all: Show me one of the great drivers on the current grid who isn't acting arrogant every now and then, has never spoken in a rude way and isn't full of himself. Secondly, what's the problem with him partying and enjoying his life to the fullest? He's young, healthy, rich and besides, damn successful in his job. If he can manage to cope with all the parties while still being at the top level in his profession (and no one would deny that this is the case), then good for him. Criticizing him for that makes you look jealous in my eyes. I personally think that people not living their life to its fullest even though they have the means to do so are inredibly sad creatures. Apart from that, why would you care about how he lives his life? Is he affecting your life in any way by doing what he's doing? 

    You know, whenever I read some weird explanations as to why certain people dislike him, I always wonder whether the people saying that are fooling themselves by not acknowledging that in actual fact there's another reason they feel so strongly about him. Or maybe they're fooling us? 
    Please don't play the race card. It's such an easy one to pull out and it just makes actual racism seem lesser when it is banded around all the time.

    Some people just don't like the party, celebrity life style. I'm sure some people didn't like Hunt for reasons like that, personally that type of lifestyle is not my cup of tea, and I don't think drivers should be playing celebrity. But, it isn't up to me, that's the way I see it. Plus I'm also not a huge fan of the relentless social media posting (Like #Blessed). It's probably good for the sport that he is always active, but it isn't my thing. Again though, I just decide to not follow him and I don't sit there angrily posting to him like a keyboard warrior.
    As a driver, I respect his ability, and that's what counts. Although I'm pretty tired of seeing him and Mercedes win right now, not afraid to admit that. Great driver yes, but lets take a year or two off from winning starting in 2018 please ;)

  • Re: 2017 Pooji TV Japanese Grand Prix

    Hughesy said:
    I think they really need to sort out the Virtual Safety Car. At the last one (and I think the first one too just don't have the numbers), Verstappen was 2.x behind Hamilton, but by the end Hamilton was ahead by 5.x. Had that not been the case, Verstappen might have had an extra lap or so to battle Hamilton for the win. I get why VSC Is a thing, and I think it's a good thing, but this isn't the first time the gaps haven't been kept. It goes both ways too.

    How are they actually enforced? Do the drivers just have a delta to follow? Or is it like slow zones at Le Mans where the drivers are actually speed limited?

    They have a delta to follow, each sector they have an earliest time of arrival. Brundle explained why there was a difference, but I forgot what he said as I’m suffering from a concussion.
    Vettel is on his last warning after he was late to the national anthem, one more warning and he gets a 10 place penalty.
    As if F1 could become more of a joke :lol:

    Punishments for things like that should stay away from the track, nobody at home cares, we just want to watch good racing.