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  • Re: MMXVII Formula 1 Grand Prix Predictor Forum Game

    Pretty sure I predicted every race as well, well done @mike96 and thanks for doing the final standings @DiRTKiNG808. Not sure if Chadwick did every round but myself and him should have 3200 points as a team!
  • Re: The Stuff Thread

    My original controller had that problem Hughsey, I thought it was purely an issue on the launch controllers? I got a second one a couple of years ago (It's the 20th anniversary Grey one) as a result of the rubber wearing off, and that one has been fine! 

    As for the hard drive space, I've not had any issues either, but then it isn't my main platform. I probably buy 1 or 2 games a year for it, such as F1 (You can delete that data every year and replace it with the new game) and I only buy that on PS4 because of league racing, if it wasn't for that I'd probably buy it on PC, if I bought it at all.

    I couldn't really justify purchasing a PS4 Pro based on those circumstances, as much as I'd like one at some point, I'd rather upgrade my PC's GPU to like a 1060 6GB (or even an 8GB RX 480, I have heard it might be a better long term card). I want to buy Kingdom Come Deliverance on PC, but I'm not sure if my r9 270x will be able to handle it that well, the rest of my PC is good enough.

    I was doing a benchmark test the other day and it said something along the lines of, my PC is running at 40% of the benchmark, but putting a 1060 in makes it up to about 80 something % instantly. So that's become a priority, I'm sort of wasting my CPU (i5 4760k, haven't overclocked it yet) on such an average GPU, a bottleneck I suppose. I'm probably making no sense at all to you :p 
  • Re: The Formula 1 Stuff Thread

    I like that idea actually, they could do something good with that.
  • Re: The Formula 1 Stuff Thread

    Jiggy said:
    AMS97KRR said:
    Jiggy said:
    Vile is an exaggeration, it's not like anyone wants him dead, it's just that Ericsson doesn't excite anybody and I personally want people in who can excite me. I do agree that it's because of Ericsson('s sponsors) that someone like Leclerc even has a spot right now, but beyond that, there's little to be thankful for.

    He's just a dull, completely average (in this field below average) driver who is in because of his money and who has nothing about him that hints at improvement. Filler. Nobody likes filler.

    Not to mention that the reason he was so close to Wehrlein at the end is in part because all the newer parts went straight to Ericsson and all the leftovers went to Wehrlein. Same happened to Nasr and then Nasr was the one to score points in Brazil. And it's frustrating when exciting talents like Giovinazzi basically has nothing going for him and we have to put up with Ericsson instead. In F1.
    Sure, nobody wants him dead but there's been some pretty harsh, rather unwarranted stuff thrown around about him.

    Like you said, simply put it's a boring choice, but that's no reason to be a d*** about it. I'd rather have had Gio this season to be honest, but equally I'd also  rather have had 10 teams than 9! 

    Every grid in history has had guys like Ericsson, just be thankful he isn't hitting people like Maldonado or that he is wasting a good car :)
    I doubt Marcus Ericsson will be in tears over it from his F1-seat.

    Like I don't know what comments you're alluding to when you say he's had unwarranted stuff said in his direction, but if it's this forum, a very lazy search shows the MBK-comment as the only anti-Ericsson comment and that post in itself is hardly anything excessive. And even if it was, who cares about being a ****? It's a throwaway-comment on a throwaway-section of a forum most people use to **** at Codemasters over whatever game they suck at. Even if he said something like Marcus Ericsson is a talentless spastic piece of ****, who cares? It has zero effect on his life.

    And well, you could say it affects your forum experience. But the comment wasn't excessive. So at that point, it's just making a big deal out of nothing really to take that as a vile example of pure hatred towards Ericsson and I'm just not following you on that one.

    It's an expression of disappointment and people should be able to express that without getting called out for no good reason really.

    Assuming the unwarranted stuff you're alluding to, is based on this forum, of course.

    About Ericsson, I really don't care about compromises or to be thankful that at least he's not this or that. On the grid, he's a waste of space. So I desire a situation where Sauber is there, but with a talented driver instead of Ericsson. That's nothing personal. That's just preferences.
    Nah it's not on here, various other places online. I didn't expect that level of backlash at the decision, I'm surprised that it surprised people since we know the owners(?) of the team are still his sponsor.
  • Re: Gran Turismo Sport: Does Anyone Own This Yet and Have You Played It?

    Hughesy said:
    Nope and I have no plans to. It has about as much content as GT 5 prologue. For online I’m sure it’s great, but I’m not paying to play a game online, as I already pay for my broadband. Honestly PD have lost it, they were once kings of racing, the GT series is what got me interested in racing games. But now it takes them 10 years to release games and they are somehow still unfinished. It only has 6 real world tracks, and most of what made GT special is gone.
    I haven't bought it for this reason. Although I've heard they're planning to release free content as time goes on, but then why release it so void of content? It looks like a good game for online racing but just so little else to do. I'd pick it up for £20 in its current state, not £40 + 

    If they had spent another few months adding in some more tracks and cars, I'd be right on it at release. Even a little more single player would be good. But nope, have to get it out just in time for Christmas I suppose.