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  • Re: DiRTy Gossip Thread

    dgeesi0 said:
    NDA... :D

    i would do it if it was from home. sadly it doesnt seem to fit in with codies :# :) downloading doesnt matter regardless of size. im surprised this isnt more flexable.
    Some of the equipment would literally not work from your home.  It really helps to have people sitting together for getting the work done, talking about a problem with other people face to face is a great way to get through it.  I have done some working from home on rare occasions and coordinating with headsets and it is not the same.

    It takes me ~10 minutes to install a PS4 build from the network, to do that at home would take longer as you would need to download it first and then install it.
  • Re: DiRTy Gossip Thread

    JZStudios said:
    JZStudios said:

    UE4 being free... makes me slightly concerned. You used to be able tell whether a tiny indie game in Steam was crap or not based on graphics/engine, but now you can't.
    This is super offtopic, but I disagree massively with this type of statement. I understand where it's coming from, it's harder than ever to differentiate between a successful, well-designed indie title and a bargain bin trash heap but the existence of free to use engines has been a massive boon for the games industry. Back in the mid-late 2000s any game using Game Maker to make a 2d experience was looked down upon because, of course, most Game Maker games were trash made in 20 minutes by some teenager but with games like Hotline Miami and Undertale being produced, that stigma is at least partially gone. With 3d titles, Unity was and is seen as a sign of a game's lack of polish or quality but with every year more really amazing titles like Subnautica pop up and show that the engine isn't at fault for that, and with time UE4 will have the same.
    The reality is that free engines mean that people who would've never made or finished a game can now do so, and that means, yes, people who want to make a completely amateur cashgrab with little to no inspiration can make games but so can amazing artists and dev teams who otherwise would've never had the chance. The things that make it hard for a consumer to differentiate between the two is a lack of filtering and selection for distributors (steam's given up on moderating games released on their system) and the abuse of the early access model to get away with basically never finishing a game rather than having a very clear plan and release path and simply using early access to get funds earlier than one would otherwise and get immediate, widespread feedback on the game itself. These are the problems the industry faces, not the proliferation of tools to make games.
    I again disagree. There's nothing wrong with Game Maker or Unity, but a few years ago you had to put effort into it for it look appealing in any way in order to make it stand out. Hotline Miami did that.
    My point is that you USED to have to either put in a decent amount of effort and create your own assets with a unique style, or buy nice assets, of which still had to fit a cohesive style.. Now, especially with UE4 any dingbat can "make a game" in 20 minutes and look visually similar to a better made game. There's still a slight variance in materials/models, but even triple A games fall into the Epic trap of using seemingly standard assets and materials... which I guess also says something there.
    I mean, I followed some tutorials for UE4, but I'm not putting them up on Steam for sale, while others are, and VISUALLY it doesn't look terrible at a glance. On the flip side, for the indie devs that ARE dedicated, UE4 being free is nice since it is a better platform than Unity, except they want your royalties.
    I like that there is now more to a "good game" than just shiny graphics, I have had plenty of great experiences from less shiny games (loving Moon Hunters right now).  There is a lot of asset flipping going on now, there is no denying it.  I think the Steam refund system is amazing (and as a console user I am jealous).  Pick up a game, try it for two hours and decide if it gets to keep that money or not.  For me I need to read some reviews, watch a few videos and hope they are all on the same mindset I am.
  • Re: Sale: 33% Off Dirt 4 - Steam Weekend Deal (ends Sep. 4, 2017)

    Still following the game since I love DR even sucking at it. Saw this sale but I will wait since DR is still very good to me :)

    But what really put me off is how ppl say this game sucks. I know two well know real life rally drivers approved the game but the way some reviews are just make it look like these real life drivers were hiding some failures in the game cause you know they were saying the game was awesome in videos and stuff now majority of ppl say it have a lot of flaws!

    Would love to get some dev come here and say something like: ppl just sucks the game is very good but yeah this will not happen hahahaha
    Give it a shot for an hour and a half, try some different cars and race types in freeplay, if you don't like it go for the refund.
  • Re: I am prepared to pay Dev's to get an answer.

    How much?

    As a serious answer, it is not a supported device and unexpected results may occur.  We had a massive overhaul of our input system from DiRT Rally to DiRT 4.
  • Re: DiRTy Gossip Thread

    Dytut said:
    BTW, has anyone actually found the pizza yet?
    We might have to start giving out clues if you guys don't hurry up.