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  • Re: Dirt 4 PS4 T500rs and TH8rs compatibility?

    The T500 is not currently supported.  If you disable the force feedback by switching it to PS3 mode it will work.
  • Re: Dirt 4 - T500RS Disconnection Issue on PS4

    RT87 said:
    Seems like myself and several others are experiencing random disconnections while driving a stage in Dirt 4 on the PS4, and after it's done spinning and it reconnects it doesn't calibrate properly (the gas or brake become either weak or don't not work at all, and/or the steering wheel range shrinks), so then I need to turn the steering wheel power off and on again to be able to re-calibrate it. This issue doesn't happen in Dirt Rally and other racing games.
    I replied in the PS4 issues thread, but that is for Rally.

    The T500RS is not on our supported peripheral list.  If you disable the force feedback the wheel will not disconnect.
  • Re: PS4 issues - please report here

    RT87 said:
    My T500rs keeps getting disconnected while driving a stage in Dirt 4. Haven't managed to finish a stage without a problem, and sometimes the calibration of the pedals doesn't work because they don't go to 100%. Haven't encountered this problem in Dirt Rally or other racing games. Seems a couple of others are experiencing this as well.
    The T500RS is not on our supported peripheral list.  If you disable the force feedback the wheel will not disconnect.
  • Re: Dirt4(ps4) Can't PLAY! T500RS disconnects, same spot, EVERY time:( HELP

    The T500 is not on our supported peripherals list.  We are aware of the problem and are working towards supporting it in a future update.
  • Re: DiRT Rally v1.11 patch - with update to Pikes Peak!

    CMMcBabe said:
    it's playable again, only my shifter doesn't work.
    Could you specify exactly what is not working with the shifter?  We are seeing some transmissions not being selectable, is that the same as what you are experiencing?
    This is simple, I do not have "H shifter" or "H shifter + clutch" in the available items in advanced settings. So I use paddles, sequencial. Same for the FFB settings, I can load an existing one, but otherwise its all grey and not selectable with the wheel. But I managed to do some presets with controller and load them after ;-) But with a good setting, all cars are really good to drive, and the FFB feels better than in previous versions. This let me hope for the future... 

    Thanks!  That is exactly what we were seeing.  We have a fix in the works that corrects this issue.  Thanks for the feedback on the FFB.