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  • Re: DiRT 4 - the Clubs patch [all platforms] - found a bug? Post it here!


    So....it's been nearly 3 weeks since you gave us all hope by stating you where aware of the 'flavour of the week" problem, and that you where investigating a fix.

    Are there any updates? Will it be fixed? Because if not, i will happily remove the disc from the case, and proceed to do my best impression of a professional discus thrower; hilarious spin and all.

    Having the game sitting there alongside my other games, is a hard task itself. Seeing it sitting there reminds me of all those races....all that time (most likely) wasted. 

    So can you please just inform us if it will be fixed. Or if you have begun the process of slowly but surely distancing yourself from it, until you bring out your next game, which, by the way, i will not be investing in; especially if you can't resolve an issue that YOU created.  
    Will be fixed :)
  • Re: Dirt Rally 2 News

    You could Count the amount of characters in the Body of the message.
  • Re: DiRT 4 - the Clubs patch [all platforms] - found a bug? Post it here!

    Aware of the Flavour of the Week problem, we are investigating a fix.
  • Re: PS4 issues - please report here

    Hi !
    Don´t know if this is the right forum to post, if it´s not please forgive me, this is regarding DIRT 4... I report that patch 1.05 on PS4 has possibly caused a bug that makes the trophy/achievement "Flavour of the Week" unobtainable, players from the community (including myself) noticed on a major trophy tracking website nobody in the world has unlocked the achievement since December 6. It would be impossible to assume nobody completed the weekly events ever since. I post the link bellow:

    Have anyone noticed it ? Please look into this, otherwise the platinum will also become impossible to unlock, it´s a nice feature I wouldn´t want to see broken.

    We are aware and investigating the issue.
  • Re: DiRTy Gossip Thread

    JZStudios said:
    What exactly is required to be a game tester anyways? I know it's not as much fun as you'd think, but I also don't understand the qualifications when it mostly seems like just dicking around trying to find bugs.
    Matt from the Best Friends Play started his own personal channel and does a series of "The Bug Report" where he talks about some of the games he playtested and it really just seems like dicking around trying to break the game and writing down what happens.
    A lot of patience.  It is a great job that I enjoy, but there are lots of negative words used with it.  You will be playing the same game somewhere between three to twelve months usually at forty hours a week.  The last few weeks before release are generally when you go "Oh yeah, this is the game we are making!", before that it always feels a bit more murky.

    The simple description is "call out everything that is wrong".  QA is not responsible for the issues being fixed, they put issues on a database and someone in development makes a call on what has to be fixed.  Some of this will be going through test plans (think massive Excel sheets), track checks (drive down one side of track, make sure everything collides, repeat for other side/direction) and some will be freeform bug finding.

    Good typing skills are required and you must be able to accurately describe what happened and break it down into a method of reproduction with as few steps as required.  When you report an issue a developer will assigned it and they need to get it to happen in order to fix it, having something vague and unclear means your issue runs the risk of being bounced back and wasting everyone's time.

    There is very little "just playing games", there is a lot of doing very specific tasks to check features are working.  There are a lot of tickboxes (did every car load?  Do all the liveries work?  Do all the sponsors work?).  Freeform bug hunting needs you to have a specific mindset of identifying a weak area and trying to unpick every little thread there, you are going to have to find ways of break something.  There is a lot of seeing issues when you are doing something else, you need to get those, reproduce it with as short a method of reproduction as possible and log it on a database.

    To all those asking, no it is not possible to work from home.  There is specific kit needed (test kits), you will need to regularly get new builds (which can be up to 50GB per platform, sometimes multiple a day), you will be updating shared spreadsheets on the network, logging issues on a database and talking to people is so helpful, IP whitelisting is needed for some equipment and that is not possible to get done for a home address.  If you are working at home and by yourself it makes it harder to evaluate how much you are working, especially if you are someone new.

    I have worked only at Codemasters and in different parts of the QA process.  I have done some publishing QA, a lot of compliance work and a good bit of embedded QA.  I can answer a lot of questions, but I will call out "NDA!  NDA!" if I have to.