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  • Re: Steering wheels to be slowed.

    emiack76 said:
    emiack76 said:
    Now medium TC is pretty pointless
    Learn to drive without it then.

    And no excuses, I've seen fast pad drivers without TC.

    Git gud.
    Just repeating the same thing! Kinda proves your missing the point. 
    You have no point in the first place. You're just shitposting as ever.
  • Re: I'm appalled...

    Nobody gives a **** about what you yourself want. Get over yourself and wait for the patch.
  • Re: rb 13 slow compared to rb 12 (Red Bull) (only in game)

    Max only won in Malaysia because Mercedes were massively off the pace and both Vettel and Raikkonen ran into massive issues. The car is clearly not there yet. Even at Suzuka, Hamilton got stuck in traffic and suffered from tyre problems late in the race, and when they cleared off and Alonso was no longer in the way, he destroyed Verstappen.

    The car should get a buff, but it's not a proper race winner yet. At worst, the Ferrari need a nerf as it's no better than the RB anymore.
  • Re: The new sound of F. I.

    Sounds extremely cheap, almost as if they used a significantly worse microphone than the one they usually do. If this is the case I'll withhold judgment until they get a better one, but if not, then it's pretty terrible.
  • Re: Gearbox wear totally ruined now

    What you have to realise is,, in your 1st season you have to throw r&d into durability... All the wear rates have been fixed in patch 1.9... Just suck it up and take the penalties later on in the year like most teams to IRL, your 2nd season will be better after you invest in the durability r&d
    Given how easy it is to make up spots at the start of the race, I'd say there's significantly more value in completely ignoring reliability throughout the entire game and just dumping everything into performance. You simply won't be hurt enough once you have to take some grid drops since you can take them all in one go at a circuit where you know you can pass easily in the first few laps, and the worse your car is, the less it affects you.