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  • Re: So since the teammate issue isn't getting fixed...

    They made two separate upgrade systems. One for the player and one for the AI. All upgrades are done correctly, but the two systems are not aligned.
    If the two systems are not aligned then that's code smell. Simple as that.
  • Re: So since the teammate issue isn't getting fixed...

    From what Jenny has said the AI get some sort of boost when you upgrade but not as much a boost as the player but when it comes to engines I really do not think this is even the case.
    Considering their pace rises just fine when you upgrade literally anything else, it's definitely bullshit.
  • Re: So since the teammate issue isn't getting fixed...

    Jobajub said:
    Am I missing something here, but why can't the non player driver at McLaren, which is where this issue seems to be most prevalent, not simply receive a small boost, that accounts for a few hundredths or whatever, in line with expected player upgrades?
    Because they have to train them or some crap. I dunno dude, you'd think they could just increase the top speed or something but I guess it's not that simple.
    That's how racing AIs work. If you, for instance, have Automobilista and look through some of its config files, you'll see that you can actually manually re-enable the process of getting the AI to learn the "ideal" (for it) line on each track, and that's pretty much how every competent racing AI is developed right now (hence why it always feels as static and unrealistic as it is and why the AIs almost never really exploit their individual car advantages as much as they should in areas other than the engine). Problem is, Jenny's comment proves that their individual implementation is absolutely mindblowingly bad if they really do have to redo the process for absolutely every combination imaginable, INCLUDING the upgrades, and in fact, it doesn't even hold water when you consider that the downforce and chassis upgrades are accounted for just fine. Like, if you were to bring the McLaren's Honda engine in line with something like the Mercedes, why the bloody hell would it lead to any deficiencies? It's no different from testing a car that's in between the Red Bull and Force India.

    This is either a bullshit copout because they just want to get this development cycle out of the way and want to use something that might "sound" reasonable, or they need to fire whoever did the AI code. Whatever the case, this is not acceptable by modern standards and CM absolutely need to be held accountable for this - even accounting for the fact that the yearly releases absolutely hurt how much they can test this stuff out (and the ones that require large periods of time to get right like this one are the first to suffer), this wouldn't be an issue if they got the code right in the first place, which, for the third year in a row, they haven't.
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  • Re: F1 2018 Game Ideas

    At this point we have manual pit limiters and dropping the clutch for exiting your box, now we just need manual pit driving, so you have to drive into your pit box 
    How would that work? What if you stop in the pitlane? What if you crash in your pit crew? What if you crash in someone during their pit stop?
    I think it would be too much to implement.

    My idea is that you never ghost so this is imposible to implement in the pits.

    Add a red flag for big crashes in tracks like Monaco. Now they ghost and your car can go through them.
    It's not like this isn't a thing in AMS or anything. Hitting your pit crew would be a bit harder to implement, but they could at least extend what they did in 2010 where you could drive too fast and push the guy down.

    The red flags not being a thing right now also puzzles me. They were in 2012 and they worked as intended, but then they were inexplicably removed after that and they haven't returned since.
  • Re: AI collision with the safety car MONACO

    SmiX said:
    It looks like the AI doesn't see anything and is blindly trying to go fast then suddenly finds an obstacle ... As if the detection of other cars/obstacles works only a few meters in front of the car. :-|
    Yeah, it's a classic case of an overly simple behavior that doesn't account for much. Something similar can also be seen on the same track, especially in 2016, when an AI comes out of the pits right in front of you or another AI - they will ALWAYS turn to the left side of the track, and if someone is there, they will crash, almost as if there is no mechanic in place to tell the AI "dude, somebody is going to be in the way, you should do something about it". The system needs a pretty massive overhaul, but that's not exactly easy to do when even with simplified AI physics a game like this is performing as many calculations as it is. This is also why they would often crash before turn 2 in Austria, among other cases - they simply react too late or not at all, which is a strong hint that the code behind the possible AI behaviors isn't complex enough.