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  • Re: Reverse TC nerf in offline modes.

    What's your point? I don't get it. Or are you just starting a new topic on the same issue (steering wheels need to slowed)

    he actually thinks he has more of an argument if he makes more than one thread

    just sit back and enjoy the ongoing comedy show
  • Re: Was it the right decision to give Max Verstappen a penalty after overtaking Kimi in the US GP

    This has nothing to do with the game, mind you. The correct answer is still yes though, as there is a significant difference between track extending within the limits set by the stewards and cutting a corner to gain a position in a situation where there was otherwise no space to overtake. Not only is there no inconsistency whatsoever, but the only other remotely applicable case in the entire race was that of Sainz, who backed out and did not overtake the car in front when he performed a similar corner cut.

    In fact, the drivers were informed of the situation regarding the track limits during the weekend and everyone went on to respect them... except for Verstappen in qualifying, who was actually warned before the race. Simply put, he should've known better.

    Unfortunately, because of the absolute mania surrounding the "show" that the sport somehow has to offer, a lot of otherwise knowledgeable figures have lost their minds, with Rosberg even being stupid enough to say that Raikkonen turned in on Verstappen, which was not the case. It's giving F1 a very bad image by catering to those with little knowledge of, and respect for, actual skillful racing within the boundaries set by the rules and primarily by the stewards. Little surprise, then, that it was Red Bull who voted to make the stewarding more lenient this year, which, after last year, is nothing short of lunatic malevolence.

    Turn on strict corner cutting rules and try doing what Verstappen did. If you're within the correct boundaries, you'll be fine. If you cut while only gaining a minor advantage, at worst you'll get a warning. But if you try to overtake, you'll rightly get told to give the position back, and since it was too late for Verstappen to do that, he was given a post-race penalty. It should be an open and shut case and frankly, it boggles my mind that some people think this is not the case. It doesn't even take much skill to know what the difference is and why inconsistency does not come into play here.
  • Re: Med TC nerf affected PAD ability to compete in time trials

    The lack of common sense here is more disturbing than even some of the other nonsense I've seen on here.

    It's a game. Games are supposed to reward skill. Assists go against that and exist to give a helping hand to those who really can't handle the challenge of driving without it, so they're naturally balanced in order to give players who take the harder route an advantage and those who don't an incentive to try and improve to such an extent that they can eventually perform well without it. You can even see this with the MP4/6 as the way the car shifts when you change gears with the paddles instead of the shifter is massively exaggerated to make up for the big time gain you otherwise get.

    That's literally all there is to it. Everything else is just pedantry and the thread really shouldn't have gone on for as long as it did.

    And no, drive the GT3s in AC with different levels of the traction control and then come back and tell me that it's always faster. You don't even have that going for you.

    Now stop shitposting.
  • Re: Time to say Thank you Codemasters

    emiack76 said:
    Speaking of laughing, here is coffer and his gem of reality. 
    Key difference being that I tend to know what I'm saying and only call out idiots, yourself included. And like with the others, that's all the attention I'm going to give you.