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  • Re: Is the game done!?

    mceci1 said:
    mceci1 said:
    FRACTURED said:
    mceci1 said:
    You have summed it up, 3 MONTHS, give it time. We still have until at least January mid Feburary to go my guess is before focus shifts. Iracing goes half a year and even longer with game breaking glitches, yet no one complains. Rfactor 2 is disgusting and one of the worst we have in sims/simcades at the moment and no one says a thing
    People who aren't playing those games aren't going to be complaining about them on Codies forums are they? Jog On.

    Not everyone is an armchair expert in a dark hollow house like most people seem to be on forums who do nothing but whinge
    You mean how you are now whinging about all the other people whinging?

    Am I now whinging about you whinging about other people whinging?

    If you see any negative comment, in particular one made more more than once about the same topic, as whinging why are you even visiting a forum?

    The essence of a forum is to discuss, to complain, to praise and and also to berate, to highlight specific issues, and in our own little way hold Codemasters accountable.

    Don't you agree?
    The problem is, a lot here don't actually do anything useful whatsoever, they complain about something, but don't go to the lengths to find out if its their fault or game, stupidity such as putting not enough fuel in or using the wrong tyres isn't codemasters at fault. It has its faults, but no where near as bad as others. I like Nascar heat 2, but far out, have you seen the issues in it. Project cars 1 and 2, borderline unbearable, yet people excuse it, rfactor 2, been around for nearly a decade and still incomplete, the WRC sagas, Moto GP. Games that have had issues, some where long lasting, but were fixed, others like rfactor 2 and Project cars are still a faulty fail
    Your argument seems to be "look, other games are terrible so why are you complaining?"
    And that's a very good point that he's making, regardless of any of the others alongside it. It means your standards are ridiculous right now and the problem lies with you. People are acknowledging the issues just fine, but it's only the vast minority that really cries about them the way you do. Most others either play on just fine because the game is plenty good, or they save their money and play another game, which is, even with its own bugs, likely going to also be plenty good for them.

    It's just gaming at the end of the day. If the series upsets you to such an extent that you use such ridiculous line breaks and even more ridiculous arguments, then you may need to take a step back and reevaluate yourself and the way you spend your free time, because CM's laziness and incompetence aren't even the biggest problem anymore.
  • Re: How did a F2002 mod from AC end up in F1 2017?

    Ho3n3r said:
    Coffer said:
    Only to be proven true later on in the thread.
    Yep, I stand corrected. My bad. Scummy of them to do that, and I'm not sold on their excuse to simply use it as a "reference" either. I said in another thread that I felt they had too many artists employed relative to the number of actual programmers given their slow rate of fixing and implementing just about anything over the years, but now I'm not even convinced that's the case anymore. Clear-cut case of lazy incompetence.
  • Re: Why has this lack of attention to detail been accepted as "normal" for over 8 years now?!

    You people really do complain about everything imaginable, don't you?
  • Re: McLaren Team Mate not getting engine updates?

    No sign of any comments in the technical section either. Sounds like they may have given up.

    TAKIINOUE said:
    Raalte said:

    But I doubt if we will ever agree. Seems your perception of a good driver is very different than mine. I see Senna as 1 of the greatest. You already said 5 names that you think are better. I fully disagree on that.

     Of course Senna is one of the greatest. The Benetton car of '93 was ahead of McLaren (they had the latest Ford engine all season, McLaren did not, even Schumacher boasted that their car was faster during the season), yet Senna won 5 races that year and Schumacher 1. 

     It is absolute insanity for anyone to think that Hakkinen or Lauda were better than Senna. Hakkinen had a few seasons where he lost to Coulthard (he was handed his first two career wins by Coulthard, otherwise he'd have been yet to win a race while DC had 5 wins) and was outqualified by Herbert early in his career. Even John Watson beat Lauda (both seasons) when they were teammates at McLaren. They were not on Senna's level, unless John Watson also was LOL.
    My implication isn't that he wasn't great, it's that he's not top 5 material. And with Vettel and Alonso also being better, he already has no place in there.

    Coulthard only beat Hakkinen when 1. Hakkinen had the same rate of engine failures as Vettel (2010) in 1997 when he lost several wins through no fault of his own, and 2. when Hakkinen flat-out gave up after Australia 2001. Outside of that, Hakkinen trounced him, and rightly so. And Coulthard himself was no slouch, and if he had returned to Williams in 2003 and replaced Montoya or Ralf he would've easily won the championship in what was by far the best car that year.

    Regarding Benetton, I'm talking about 1992 where there is no such excuse, and 1993 the rest of the car was miles worse than the McLaren.

    >Even John Watson beat Lauda (both seasons) when they were teammates at McLaren.
    Goes to show how individual seasons say nothing about the overall quality of a driver. In fact, this completely destroys your argument.

  • Re: How did a F2002 mod from AC end up in F1 2017?