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  • Re: F1 2017 what's the verdict?

    FRACTURED said:
    Its only like one month til Black Friday, also sounds like 1.10 will be the last or second last patch.  Some quotes from @CMRachel that lead me to believe this game is over and its time to focus on next year:
    Sorry I can't be of more help. I can't see something as complex as the AI being altered at the end of the development cycle.

    I found that the debris issue has already been logged and it's too late to fix it at this stage. But the dirt kick-up bug hasn't been found by QA yet, though it also probably won't get fixed either even if I can reproduce it.

    I see what the issue is but it's so minor that at this stage in development it's very unlikely to be fixed sorry.
    They see the Development cycle as including release and post release fixes. I don't understand sometimes why they don't try and implement fixes in 2017 as a means of testing them for 2018, rather than the status quo which appears to be "We'll fix the same issues every year post release rather than fix them one time in the game engine for good"
    If anything they've kept development going longer than in previous years. They can't fully focus on next year's game without ceasing development on the current one, after all. Bugs like the starting tyre one in 2016 are absolute once-in-a-blue-moon emergencies.

    And no, if you do that and interfere with some of the code already written for the next game you'll just risk ending up with spaghetti code at best and a broken game at worst.

    Changing the AI's behavior in a significant way really is something that is best left for next year too.
  • Re: Steering wheels to be slowed.

    emiack76 said:
    emiack76 said:
    Now medium TC is pretty pointless
    Learn to drive without it then.

    And no excuses, I've seen fast pad drivers without TC.

    Git gud.
    Just repeating the same thing! Kinda proves your missing the point. 
    You have no point in the first place. You're just shitposting as ever.
  • Re: Steering wheels to be slowed.

    emiack76 said:
    Now medium TC is pretty pointless since the 1.9 patch and majority of Pad users have been affected are codies going to address the balance of steering wheel vs Pad? 

    It’s pretty clear that the wheel is faster as it’s more precise and you can drive with much more consistency. Are they going to add a couple of tenths to wheel racers so Pad racers can compete online? 
    Not until the pad loses its traction and braking assists. It's only "slower" because it's less responsive in the center and doesn't turn all the way, which are mostly there to stop less skilled people from crashing (though imo they should still be lessened or removed altogether).

    Many of the faster players (like TRL Limitless) are using controllers and I don’t see them as being slower. In fact, I feel it is the other way around, that controller players have an advantage.
    Limitless is pretty slow this year. With the issues revolving around MP, most league racers aren't as good as they otherwise could be since there's less of an incentive to play the game right now.

  • Re: Working on 1.10 patch 24/7

    Where would we be without idiots who have no idea how companies run...

    Just wait. It's not difficult, is it? Be glad this isn't Dirt 4, which is all but abandoned in a decrepit state now thanks to F1 2017.
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  • Re: I'm appalled...

    Nobody gives a **** about what you yourself want. Get over yourself and wait for the patch.